Are all trailer axles the same

Are all trailer axles the same

When picking the suitable axle for your trailer you call for to consider the following:

The whole lots rating of the axle need to maintain the maximum automated teller machine rating. For countless axle trailers divide the automated teller machine by the range of axles to find out the very little whole lots ability of each axle.

Our axles have the sticking to ratings:

In Australia the maximum trailer dimension is 2.5 metres.

Determine the basic dimension of the axle containing conclusion of the pin. To do this wheels along with any kind of sort of facilities need to be removed. This is called a tip-to-tip measurement.

If you are unable to supply us with a tip-to-tip along with it is an existing trailer afterwards we will definitely call for a face to face measurement. We can afterwards workout a tip-to-tip from this.

Treatment from the face of the facility where the wheel screws on, to the face on the different other end of the axle where the wheel screws on.

Afterwards call us on 0732058846 with information on facility kind, birth kind along with the face to face measurement.

You are establishing a new trailer along with have in fact created the structure, to get an individually measurement abide by the sticking to activities. Please recognize you call for to have your wheel along with side for measurements.

A: Your structure dimension:

Are all trailer axles the same

B: The clearance in between the structure along with the wheel

Are all trailer axles the same

C: The backspace of the side. Location the wheel total amount with tire on a degree area with the within the side experiencing the degree area along with determine the variety from the area to the within the side.

Are all trailer axles the same

Tape-record the end results along with identified

A= Structure dimension = ______

B= Clearance = ______

C= Backspace = ______

( relying on the brakes you are using, your backspace could vary)

Face to face measurement = A + (B x 2) + (C x 2)

We furnish the sticking to axles:

Still vague of which axle matches your trailer? Please call our pleasurable sales team on 07 3205 8846, email us or see our patronize 4 Leanne Crescent Lawnton, northside of Brisbane.

Please be urged we market parts along with do not developer trailers. Full ADR trailer along with campers requirements are conveniently offered on the federal government sites.

What trailer facility do I call for to get?

The preliminary factor underway with getting a trailer facility is to find out which focus you call for to obtain for your trailer. Getting the correct facility for your trailer is much less difficult than you presume. The most basic ways to ensure you are getting the correct facility it to remove it from the trailer. Following you will definitely eliminate the front along with back bearings along with seal (without problems). As quickly as you eliminate the bearings you will definitely have the capacity to assess a number off the back of the bearing or determine the within dimension of the bearing.

Activity 1. The numbers on the back of a trailer bearing stand for a particular pin measurement, along with this is the most basic ways to find out the correct facility. If a number is not understandable on the bearing afterwards you will definitely call for a micrometer to determine the within dimension of the bearing.

Activity 2. Determine the correct seal. This is an essential part likewise considered that the seal is what help to preserve the oil within the trailer facility. Some seals have in fact numbers noted for easy cross suggestion, along with others ask for taking measurement. If you require to determine the seal afterwards you will definitely determine the within along with the outdoors dimension. There can be in between one to 3 seals that assist details birthing blends which is why simply using the within or the outdoors dimension is not recommended. Most of trailers will definitely take advantage of a traditional twin lip seal if they are using an oil application, along with those using oil will definitely call for a three-way lip seal and also also a unitized oil seal.

Activity 3. Evaluate to see the variety of studs hop on your facility. Trailer focuses attribute 4, 5, 6, along with 8 studs depending on the ability of the trailer axle. If you have a facility that has 5 studs afterwards there is a little bit a lot more work to, so move to Suggestion 4. If you have 4, 6, or 8 studs your work is done along with you have to have the capacity to get the correct facility!

Activity 4. Evaluate your screw pattern.




Precisely Exactly How To Order An Axle

1. Select your axle based upon today layout you currently lug your trailer. You prefer an axle that appears like the one currently under the trailer to remain free from any kind of sort of problems with clearance. Ensure to identify axle over or axle under springs when you pick your part number

2. We need your axle track measurement. This measurement is attracted from the face of one facility to the face of the different other facility where the side touches the facility. DO NOT action from the back of the facility or brake flange as this will definitely provide an incorrect track measurement. TREATMENT FACILITY FACE TO FACILITY FACE ONLY

3. The only different other measurement called for is the spring center. This measurement is from the center of one spring to the center of the in contrast spring. This is an actually important measurement as this is where your springs will definitely hinge on the axle.

( Quick Suggestion)

A basic ways to determine your spring center is to hook a tape beyond one spring along with action to the within the in contrast spring. This will definitely supply you a precise measurement.

End to Complete Pin Measurement

To do this collection, you require to attract the wheels off of both sides. Presently hook your measuring tape beyond one pin along with consist of the precise very same element however side. Please enable the sales person taking your order or when you place the order online that you are providing an IDEA TO concept measurement to see to it that Champ Trailer can create your trailer axle correctly.

What occurs if your axle is harmed.

If your axle is harmed past the spring, there is still dream. You can still get the facility face measurement provided:

  1. You are still able to take a spring center measurement.
  2. Amongst the sides of the axle is intact.

If that is true, take the spring measurement as above.

Afterwards, on the positive side, action from the spring center to the outdoors facility face. Multiply that measurement times 2 along with include it to the spring center measurement to get your facility face dimension.

If you do not happen to have the fixate the positive side of the broken axle yet the positive side is otherwise safe, you can still get the measurement.

Once Again, we assume that the axle is not harmed in between the springs. Get the spring center measurement as above. Presently, on the positive side, action from the center of the spring to the recommendation of the pin along with boost that by 2 along with add to the spring center measurement.

If any kind of among this mosts likely to all facility, supply us a phone conversation at Champ Trailers at 800-229-6690 along with we’ll appreciate to resolve your worries or tip you with it.

TrailerTek supply you with a considerable on-line collection of trailer axles, assuring we have the suitable axle for you along with your trailer. We furnish a full collection of weld-on stub axles of all measurements that can be obtained nevertheless or as part of a trailer axle bundle, total amount with facilities along with bearings.

Order your trailer axles today along with safe cost-free UK circulation on all orders over ₤95 Orders made before 2pm will definitely be sent the precise very same day!

Are all trailer axles the same

Are all trailer axles the same

Are all trailer axles the same


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What trailer axle do I call for?

It can be bewildering with a great deal of choices to chosen from, if you’re vague what axle is superb for your trailer afterwards get in touch with our pleasurable along with important team on 01962 77 49 88 or email us at [email protected]

Our axle variety includes both quit along with unbraked axles for you to pick, relying on the demands of your trailer. Most of our axles are bespoke, however we do furnish some standard-sized axles. To get more information concerning our made-to-order trailer axles, please call an individual of our team for help. Acquisition trailer axles today from TrailerTek for superb prices.


• Inflexible Axle & Guiding Axle
• Singular Tires with Countered 0
• 19.5″ or 22.5′ INTEGRAL Disc
• 9t Axle Lots

• Inflexible Axle & Guiding Axle
• Singular Tires with Countered 0
• 19.5″ or 22.5′ INTEGRAL Disc
• 9t Axle Lots

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SAF Facility System: Maintenance-free Wheel Birthing Development

A credible thing that has in fact been revealed above 100,000 over: The SAF facility gadget is a mobile facility along with bearings gadget. It is absolutely factory-adjusted along with surrounded. The facility gadget is maintenance-free.


Exciter ring along with picking up device proprietor are premounted at the production center.

Outstanding Corrosion Protection

We take advantage of superb therapy in enduring corrosion protection on particularly subjected parts, such as facilities, facility caps or screw web links along with wheel screws along with nuts.

Optimized with Production Center Requirements

Regular characteristics contain: constant bearings, ABV-preparation, bundled side system, information weight decline, cathodic dip covering treatment of axle along with wheel facility.

Are all trailer axles the same


Exciter ring along with picking up device proprietor are premounted in the production center. The ABS/EBS-sensor which could be retrofitted can regularly be activated with a simple along with secured plug web link.

Are all trailer axles the same

SAF Hubometer

With this hubometer the operating times of trailers can be videotaped particularly along with properly.
· assesses the details gas mileage of Trailers
· fundamental retrofit
· quick along with reliable mounting

Are all trailer axles the same


Tire climbing expense of living system for trailers along with semi-trailers.
Security along with preservation of the recognized tire anxiety in the Trailer.

Are all trailer axles the same

SAF Brake Chambers

The precise very same rigorous premium quality requirements place on our brake chambers when it pertains to all SAF components. We are using superb high quality indoor components for our brake chambers to see to it that you can rely upon the prolonged along with secured attribute of this component. The long lasting along with absolutely area covered realty uses added safety. For an included advantage the air web links are absolutely included on the SAF brake chambers.

Are all trailer axles the same

SAF Pad wear grabbing

For Variants with disc brake
· fundamental retrofit
· can be connected to the Trailer EBS or to a various control along with display gadget

Are all trailer axles the same

SAF Disc Brake SBS 1918 H0

For the 19.5″ variety
Lightweight along with flexible 19.5″ trailer disc brake for SAF 9 t axles.

· Unequaled lowered weight: 29 kg containing brake pads
· Relied On
· Easy to maintain

Are all trailer axles the same

SAF Disc Brake SBS 2220 H0

For the 22.5′ variety
Lightweight along with flexible 22.5″ trailer disc brake for SAF 9 t axles.

· Unequaled lowered weight: 32 kg containing brake pads
· Relied On
· Easy to maintain