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Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

4-Step Method of selecting the appropriate slicing concepts:

2. Metal Thickness

Smart. Extremely efficient. Transportable.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipIn latest occasions there’s been lots dialogue regarding the price of plasma-arc and laser processes for slicing and welding, nonetheless oxy-fuel continues to be in all probability essentially the most typically used method worldwide.

The gear is robust, easy to utilize and the value of entry is relatively modest. You should buy high-end oxy-fuel gear for $250 – $350. The gasoline cylinders could be rented, are moveable and, because of electrical power should not be required, you might scale back and weld just about wherever.

There are a selection of thousand sorts of frequent and specialty slicing concepts and welding nozzles accessible. Some are designed to cut off the underside of an I-beam or take away the highest of a rivet. Completely different concepts lengthen as a lot as 24” from the torch. There are concepts made to swimsuit into awkward places or scale back at odd angles, and prolonged lasting concepts with specific alloy placed on rings.

4-Step Strategy of Deciding on the Correct Chopping Concepts

Deciding on the precise slicing tip for the job is vital to effectivity and safety. It’s easy should you use the 4-Step Method, nonetheless you will need to understand these Four points about your problem and equipment:

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip1. Seat Kind

That’s determined by mannequin. You would know the producer or model of your torch and/or the half number of the slicing concepts it’s worthwhile to change as this determines the seat kind.

If this crucial step is skipped, harm to the gear or dangerous flammable gasoline leakage might end result. Tip seats fluctuate vastly with torch model (confirmed proper right here in yellow).

2. Metal Thickness

The thickness of the metal being scale back is crucial because of the center hole of the slicing and gouging tip is sized to ship the right amount of oxygen on the right stress for a specific thickness. The pre-heat orifice can be sized to take care of the right portions of blended gasoline to heat a given thickness of metal adequately. Oxy-fuel gear is ready to slicing delicate metallic from Three mm (1/8”) to 300 mm (12”).

3. Software program

Concepts are designed notably for the needs throughout which they’re to be used. There are utterly completely different concepts used for slicing, gouging, and heating. They could possibly be one piece of robust copper, or a two-piece hybrid with a brass inner piece and a copper outer piece. Some slicing concepts are particularly designed to utilize with automated slicing gear for high-pressure slicing that enables sooner, cleaner, further right cuts.

4. Gasoline Gasoline

There are numerous sorts of gases utilized in oxy-fuel slicing operations. Chopping concepts, designed in any other case for each gasoline gasoline, optimize how the oxygen and gasoline are delivered.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipThe most popular most-versatile gasoline, acetylene, could also be very easy to utilize for all capabilities. Pre-heat time for slicing and gouging is relatively temporary because of the flame temperature is between 5,600 and 5,800 F. However, this gasoline is the costliest gasoline accessible and is not in all probability essentially the most atmosphere pleasant for heating large areas.

Usually used as a generic title for lots of sorts of gases. These differ from specific gases, with their very personal chemical system, to gases that are primarily propane blended with ethylene or completely different chemical substances that sometimes burn hotter than propane. Chopping, gouging, and heating can all be accomplished with low cost effectivity. Pre-heat cases could be longer, nonetheless using the right tip design can take away this downside. Propylene yields flame temperature between 4,800 and 5,300F. This gasoline should not be sometimes used for welding.

Propane and Pure Gasoline:
Have flame temperatures between 4,500 and 4,600F and are the least expensive gases accessible. Propane might be essentially the most atmosphere pleasant for heating resulting from its extreme BTU output and the large heavy heating concepts that are accessible. These gases are often not used for welding.

Sources, References & Guides

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

Use our on-line catalog to hunt for slicing, welding, heating and specialty concepts.
Concepts could be searched by mannequin and tip half#; and each itemizing comprises particulars about gasoline gasoline, utility, choices and dimension.

Numerous of concepts for higher than 20 producers are listed on this catalog; along with Harris®, Esab®, Smith® and Victor®.

Tip orifice confirmed above at exact dimension.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipActually useful Best Practices:

For further particulars about slicing course of, procedures and safety practices the American Welding Society (AWS) publishes Actually useful Practices For Safe Oxy-fuel Gasoline Chopping Torch Operation.

Revised and expanded, this information describes the oxyfuel gasoline slicing course of and presents the most recent procedures and safety requirements, using terminology and practices acceptable with Worldwide Group for Standardization (ISO) paperwork. Illustrations current torch and nozzle configurations, and examples of production-cut surfaces. ANSI Approved. approx. 53 pages.

Overview of The Chopping Course of

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipYour oxy-fuel gear information will make clear modify the torch and regulators to understand the optimum flame for pre-heating and slicing. In case you don’t have a information you might acquire the ATTC gear information proper right here.

When metal is eradicated, as inside the slicing and gouging processes, it is first important to pre-heat the metallic to its’ kindling temperature. When the metallic turns into “cherry purple”, the added oxygen causes an exothermic response that removes the metal. The oxygen must be 99.9 % pure to provide a top quality scale back.

Counting on the mannequin and model of your torch, the pre-heat gases are blended in a number of strategies. Some torches are tube-mix whereas others mix the gases inside the head or inside the tip itself.

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Oxy acetylene gasoline slicing occurs when oxygen is directed to heated metal ensuing inside the metal burning or oxidizing away.

Oxygen is required to help any burning course of. Oxygen should not be flammable by itself, nonetheless, it can improve the tempo and stress with which burning takes place.

When combined with acetylene, the flame turns into hotter and combustion is faster.

An oxyfuel torch could be fitted with slicing attachments instead of using a welding head.

The slicing attachments may be utilized to cut metallic roughly 6 inches thick.

Oxyfuel slicing operations can use gasses corresponding to oxygen, acetylene, MAPP, pure gasoline and propane.

Oxyacetylene Gear Confirm Guidelines Incorporates:

  • Oxygen regulator
  • Acetylene regulator
  • Oxygen/Acetylene welding hose
  • Hose couplings
  • Single-purpose oxyfuel slicing torch
  • Cylinders and cart
  • Flash arrestor and look at vales (defending gear)
  • Flint lighter to ignite torch

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipOxy Acetylene Chopping Gear

Oxy Acetylene Chopping Torch

Oxy Acetylene Torch Varieties

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

The slicing torch (see decide 5-12 below), similar to the welding torch, has a tube for oxygen and one for acetylene. In addition to, there is a tube for prime stress oxygen, along with a slicing tip or nozzle.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipOxy-actyelene Chopping Torch Diagram – Decide 5-12

Tip: The tip (see decide 5-13) is equipped with a center hole by which a jet of pure oxygen passes. Mixed oxygen and acetylene gasoline pass-through holes surrounding the center holes for the preheating flames. The number of orifices for oxy-acetylene flames ranges from 2 to 6, counting on the goal for which the tip is used.

Oxyacetylene Chopping Tip Diagram

Torch Administration: The slicing torch is managed by a set off or lever operated valve. The slicing torch is furnished with interchangeable concepts for slicing metallic from decrease than 1/4 in. (6.4 mm) to higher than in. (304.Eight mm) in thickness.

A slicing attachment fitted to a welding torch quite than the welding tip is confirmed in decide 5-14.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipWelding Torch Chopping Attachment – fig. 5-14

To have the ability to make uniformly clear cuts on metallic plate, motor-driven slicing machines are used to help and data the slicing torch.

Straight-line slicing or beveling is achieved by guiding the machine alongside a straight line on metallic tracks.

Arcs and circles are scale back by guiding the machine with a radius rod pivoted a number of central degree.

Typical slicing machines in operation are confirmed in decide 5-15 and decide 5-16.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipWelder using an oxyfuel slicing machine to make a spherical bevel – fig. 5-15 Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipOxyfuel Machine for Making Quite a lot of Simultaneous Cuts – Fig. 5-16

Oxyfuel Chopping Tip Varieties

There’s every kind of slicing tip styles and sizes accessible to swimsuit quite a few varieties of labor. The thickness of the material to be scale back sometimes governs the variety of the tip. The slicing oxygen stress, slicing tempo, and preheating depth must be managed to provide slim, parallel-sided kerfs.

Cuts that are improperly made will produce ragged, irregular edges with adhering slag on the bottom of the plates. Desk 5-Three identifies slicing tip numbers, gasoline pressures, and hand-cutting speeds used for slicing delicate metallic as a lot as 12 in. (304.Eight mm) thick.

Oxyacetylene Chopping Data – Desk 5-3

Operation of Oxy acetylene Chopping Gear

Flame Chopping Metallic Plate

Oxygen Acetylene Welding Chopping Torch Video

Oxyfuel Working Steps:

Listed beneath are the working steps for oxyfuel slicing:

  1. a. Join the required slicing tip to the torch and modify the oxygen and acetylene pressures in accordance with desk 5-Three above.
    NOTE The oxygen and acetylene gasoline stress settings listed are solely approximate. In exact use, pressures must be set to impression the proper metal scale back.
  2. Alter the preheating flame to neutral.
  3. Keep the torch so that the slicing oxygen lever or set off could be operated with one hand. Use the alternative hand to common and protect the place of the torch head to the work. Keep the flame at a 90 diploma angle to work inside the course of journey. The inner cones of the preheating flames must be about 1/16 in. (1.6 mm) above the highest of the street to be scale back. Keep this place until the spot has been raised to a shiny purple heat, after which slowly open the slicing oxygen valve.
  4. If the scale back has been started appropriately, a bathe of sparks will fall from the choice side of the work. Switch the torch at a tempo which is ready to allow the scale back to proceed penetrating the work. A wonderful scale back will possible be clear and slim.
  5. When slicing billets, spherical bars, or heavy sections, time and gasoline are saved if a burr is raised with a chisel on the extent the place the scale back is to begin out. This small portion will heat quickly and slicing will start immediately. A welding rod may be utilized to begin out a scale back on heavy sections. When used, it is known as a starting rod.

Oxyacetylene Chopping Hose

Safety Practices

Regular requirements embrace (observe producers directions):

  • Always look at for tight hose connections and leaks
  • Blow out the cylinder price
  • Do not stand behind or in entrance of regulator when opening the cylinder price
  • First activate cylinder price after which modify the regulator stress screw
  • Slowly open the cylinder valve
  • Purge any oxygen and acetylene passages
  • Guarantee mixing know is off sooner than lighting torch
  • Delicate the acetylene
  • Certainly not use with grease or oil. Do not take care of with greasy gloves or oily arms. Oil and grease can develop to be explosive in hte presence of oxygen!
  • Do not substitute oxygen for air
  • Keep the work house clear
  • Remember that oxyacetylene turns into unstable above 15 PSI, do not use above this diploma (oxygen max is 40 psi)
  • Do not resolve up provides with gloves after slicing

For Additional Learning

About Jeff Grill

Jeff Grill hails from Prolonged Island, a 118 mile stretch of land that begins merely off the coast of Manhattan and stretches deep into the Atlantic ocean. He has on a regular basis been eager on welding from an early age and has the cuts and bruises to point out it as he received all the way down to work with a variety of metals.

Acetylene is no doubt one of many industry-standard methods of slicing of all the Industrial Thermal Chopping Processes, nonetheless when Propane (LPG) was launched to the market the complete thermal slicing course of modified and the battle between Propane (LPG) and Acetylene was born.

Which gasoline really Cuts greater?

Let’s go on and speak about some advantages and drawbacks of our contenders…



• Acetylene produces the preferred flame temperature for oxy-fuel slicing and welding

• The hotter temperature creates a sooner piercing of provides

• Oxyacetylene may be utilized on web sites with no power present

• It is pretty a versatile course of and may be utilized to weld most metals.


• Acetylene weld strains are rougher in look and wish further ending

• Acetylene is unstable and expensive

• There are further issues of safety with oxy-acetylene because of there is a naked flame.


• Propane has greater full heat combustion

• Oxy propane is simple to accumulate and cheaper

• Propane is further regular.

• Propane produces a lower flame temperature

• There’s elevated pre-heat time

• Flames are a lot much less focused, resulting from this truth if incorrectly used, piercing is slower

• Propane can’t be used for gasoline welding as a result of it doesn’t have a reducing zone

Listed beneath are some particulars and customary misconceptions regarding Propane (LPG) and Acetylene:

– Most neutral flame temperature of acetylene in oxygen is about 5720 F.

– Most neutral flame temperature of propane in oxygen is about 5112 F

Nonetheless they’re saying that the excellence doesn’t matter, what really points is the thermal output

– BTU’s of Acetylene is roughly 1470 btu’s per cubic foot.

– BTU’s of Propane is roughly 2498 btu’s per cubic foot.

Acetylene may burn hotter and can pre-heat metal sooner, nonetheless does that suggest that Propane gives off a lot much less heat? Not totally true, with the right parts, set-up and data, it’d match-up and even perform greater than acetylene in positive conditions. Inside the welding {{industry}}, the overwhelming majority of preheating is accomplished with Oxygen / Propane. This could be a fact. They don’t do it just because it’s cheaper nonetheless because of the accessible heat from propane is much higher. In case you’d choose to have the selection of welding alongside along with your torch organize, then it’s best to bear in mind acetylene organize.

With all the particulars, advantages and drawbacks it’s nonetheless not convincing that you just go for one over the alternative. That’s because of the reason is plain and simple, the advantages depend on the type of work or how you will use it for a specific problem.

There are very utterly completely different experiences and opinions, nonetheless inside the case of evaluating acetylene and propane as slicing fuels, there’s no denying that every can efficiently scale back a number of metal of various thicknesses. In case you’re taking the time to decide on up the appropriate gear to your propane organize and scale back with the sting of the flame (comparatively than in direction of the centre, which is frequent with acetylene), you’ll have the flexibility to cut back with none trouble. That’s the place the difficulty lies as Propane releases solely a small proportion of heat inside the inner flame cone (decrease than 10%), so lots of the heat inside the flame is located inside the outer cone. Acetylene releases just about 40% of its heat inside the inner flame cone.

When you communicate to metal staff and welders, you’ll uncover that many retailers and scrap yards use propane, together with curiosity welders and metal staff. By learning a barely utterly completely different methodology and selecting up the appropriate torch concepts, hoses and regulators, you’ll have the flexibility to start slicing with out an extreme quantity of of a distinction compared with acetylene.


Acetylene will ignite at mixtures from 2.5% to 82%, Propane is 2.1% to 9.5%. From these figures, Acetylene burns ahead of Propane. From this, we’d offer you a conclusion that Acetylene is approach further dangerous than Propane, acceptable? Nonetheless that is not the case and nor the rationale for accidents in most reported explosions.

Let me give you a simple analogy of safety. Will you keep and carry a scorching pan alongside along with your bare arms? I think about your reply is “NO” correct? WHY? Because of you acknowledge it’s scorching, and also you acknowledge that you just’ll get your arms burned correct? So what are you going to do to hold and carry the pan? Perhaps seize a pot holder or gloves. The equivalent principle applies should you’re working with acetylene and propane. They’re every flammable gasoline and can pose an vital menace to you and other people spherical you. The one answer to forestall that’s to have everyone acutely aware of the potential dangers that it’d convey and have all of them equipped with the appropriate safety gear and operational procedures.

Australia works exhausting for the safety of everybody, so in case you need some advice or offers for welding throughout the Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast . and so forth. from safety gear, teaching, operation procedures and further, please don’t hesitate to contact us at QWS Welding Present Choices, and look at on our broad collection of merchandise and help that we offer.

Choices – Safety Focus

This baker’s dozen report of concepts from ESAB NA will assist make torch slicing a safer and further productive course of.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

Each July, specialists from ESAB NA, Denton, Texas, attend the Annual Ironworker Trainer Teaching Program at Washtenaw Group College, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Ironworkers from the U.S. and Canada attend this “apply the coach” event.

Certainly one of many programs ESAB conducts focuses on oxy-fuel teaching, which covers vital safety pointers, right gear setup, slicing advice and correct shutdown procedures.

I’ve compiled 13 concepts that cowl highlights from the oxy-fuel teaching class:

1. Stand aside – When slowly opening the cylinder valve, on a regular basis stand to the side of the regulator. Inside the (extraordinarily unlikely) event that the regulator fails, it could possibly be most liable to fail in a approach that directs the stress of the gasoline inside the course of the regulator bonnet and stress adjustment (PA) knob. Then, open the oxygen cylinder valve all the way in which wherein, nonetheless solely open the acetylene valves one-half to 1 full flip. Open alternate gasoline cylinder valves all the way in which wherein.

2. Leak check out – Use a wrench to tighten all metal-to-metal connections, along with these between the gasoline hoses and the torch. Subsequent, leak check out these connections by saturating (not wetting, nonetheless saturating) them with leak check out fluid and anticipating rising bubbles. Use accredited leak check out decision.

3. Correct dimension tip – For the proper scale back prime quality, use the appropriate tip dimension for the metal thickness at hand and modify gasoline stress in step with the tip charts to your specific mannequin of slicing outfit. Remember that motion fees may fluctuate between producers, so seek the advice of with the tip chart in case you’re not conscious of a torch.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

4. Stress drop – When using slim diameter and/or prolonged lengths of hose, bear in mind that the gasoline stress will drop by the purpose it reaches the torch. Yow will uncover stress drop charts inside the Victor gasoline gear catalog, each on net web page 12 of the print mannequin or on net web page 16 of the PDF found at (Victor is an ESAB mannequin of slicing and welding gear.) Compensate for the stress drop by rising the regulator provide kilos per sq. inch gauge (PSIG) to ensure back-of-the-torch stress meets slicing tip requirements.

5. Gauges on the take care of – In case you always scale back at prolonged distances out of your cylinders, affirm the exact stress drop to your rig. Join stress check out gauges and phrase the excellence between stress on the cylinder outlet and on the torch; enhance PSIG on the regulator until the gauges on the torch match the desired stress.

6. Brace your self – In regardless of method attainable, help your slicing hand alongside along with your free hand. A scrap yard worker may accomplish this by bracing his or her free hand on a piece of scrap.

7. Capable of pierce – Sooner than you might pierce metallic with the slicing flame, you have to to ensure the metallic has reached its kindling degree. Whereas a reddish-yellow color is an efficient indicator, you might confirm the temperature by barely depressing the slicing oxygen lever. If the metallic varieties slag immediately, you might completely depress the lever. If not, launch the slicing oxygen lever and protect the preheat flame considerably longer.

8. Spiral out – When piercing, start inside the center and work outward in direction of your slicing path.

9. Torch peak – Normally, keep the torch so the inner cones of the acetylene flame are merely off the slicing ground. That talked about, alternate fuels are further forgiving in torch peak.

10. Roll in, roll out – When slicing thicker metal, “roll” the torch into the sting of the metal after which convey it perpendicular. On the end of the scale back, roll the torch outward to help assure a transparent sever.

11. Lighting alternate fuels – You in all probability have trouble lighting the torch, keep it in opposition to the plate at a 45-degree angle so the plate “traps” the gasoline. As quickly as lit, introducing the preheat oxygen can extinguish the flame. If it goes out, relight the torch and keep the tip in opposition to the plate at a 45-degree angle and slowly introduce preheat oxygen until the flame snaps into place.

Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tip

12. Secured cylinders – It’s all too easy to neglect to secure cylinders when shifting them spherical a job web site. In case you don’t have a cylinder cart helpful, try using a reinforcing column instead.

13. Oxygen first, gasoline last – Victor recommends shutting off the torch oxygen valve, then closing the torch gasoline valve. This technique leak checks every valves every time the torch is shut down. A snap or a pop signifies a leaking oxygen valve, whereas a small flame on the end of the tip signifies a gasoline gasoline leak.

People who choose to be taught by video can attempt the winner of the I-beam plasma slicing contest at

For companies that have to host a training class, ESAB’s Victor mannequin provides an academic DVD, which contains 36 minutes of seen instruction, an trainer data and scholar reference provides. To accumulate a duplicate, contact your native ESAB guide and request literature merchandise No. 65-2505.

The creator is senior product supervisor, gasoline gear, with ESAB NA, headquartered in Denton, Texas. He could be contacted at [email protected]

In relation to securely brazing with oxy-acetylene torches, let’s check out two crucial factors: safety gear, plus procedures for protected operation. Can acetylene be used with any oxy fuel cutting tipThat’s extreme enterprise: arc rays and sparks might find yourself in lack of sight, fume inhalation may end up in lung harm, and completely different accidents might trigger burns, fires, or explosions. See American Nationwide Necessities Z49.1, Safety in Welding, Chopping, and Allied Processes OSHA Safety and Nicely being Necessities, accessible from the U.S. Authorities Printing Office, Washington, DC 20402.

Safety Gear
Together with gloves, eye security, and related safety gear, let’s speak about these crucial components:

Cylinders – Oxygen and acetylene are saved in separate cylinders and by no means combined until the torch tip is ignited. Oxygen cylinders, typically painted inexperienced, embrace oxygen compressed as a lot as 2,200 psi (kilos per sq. inch). Oxygen is a gentle compound by nature, nonetheless any oil or grease which is offered in touch with the oxygen will burst into flames. Because of this truth, protect arms and gloves freed from these provides sooner than coping with cylinders.

Acetylene gasoline cylinders are compressed at solely about 250 psi, which is much lower than oxygen tanks. However, not like oxygen, acetylene is comparatively unstable and, resulting from this truth, should not be launched into the torch above 15 psi. As a further precaution, cylinder valves must be open no more than 1.5 turns, inside the event an operator ought to shut a valve quickly.

Regulators – Put in on the cylinder, regulators administration every the stress of the cylinder and the outlet stress ensuing within the torch. Flip keys, or knobs, on the regulators allow adjustment of the outlet stress. As soon as extra, the setting must be no more than 15 psi for acetylene. Search the recommendation of torch manufacturing for proper stress settings for acetylene and oxygen.

Confirm Valves – From the regulator, the two gases journey by look at valves, which make sure that the gases could be shut off inside the event of backflow. Alternatively, look at valves could be positioned between the gasoline hoses and the torch. Please phrase that look at valves can stop reverse gasoline motion, nonetheless they can’t stop flame inside the event of a flashback.

Flashback Arrestors – Flashback arrestors forestall fireside from flowing once more into the cylinders, which is ready to in another case lead to an explosion. Flashback arrestors embrace cut-off valves with low melting components. When triggered by flame, they readily shut off the gasoline present and thus extinguish the flame. Every look at valves and flashback arrestors must be examined or modified typically to ensure they’re working appropriately.

Safe Operation
Together with using safety gear, staff ought to use protected operation to forestall flashbacks. Keep acetylene and oxygen separate until the torch is ignited. When starting a torch, the acetylene valve must be opened first. Subsequent, the torch must be ignited, after which oxygen could be launched. Please phrase that opening every gasoline valves earlier to ignition might trigger gasoline backflow into each gasoline hose, leaving the system vulnerable to flashback.

After use, it is vital that every gasoline strains be emptied separately-one at a time-through the torch. If this “bleeding” of gasoline strains is accomplished concurrently for oxygen and acetylene, any stress distinction between the gasoline strains will set off backflow of 1 gasoline into the alternative line, so this must be prevented.

Flashbacks may even be introduced on by brazing with quite a lot of torches, concurrently, on one half. If using twin torches to heat both facet of a part, do not purpose the torches at each other, nonetheless comparatively, angle each torch in direction of the half. If one torch must set off flashback inside the completely different, operators will hear a loud hissing sound and can immediately flip off the gasoline by closing first the acetylene valve after which the oxygen valve.

The oxy-acetylene torch system is an important software program, used typically inside the brazing {{industry}}. Make certain that all operators are using safety gear and practising protected operation as described in in the meanwhile’s posting. That’s essential to forestall doubtlessly deadly explosions and to maintain up a protected workplace setting. Let’s be careful in the marketplace!

See our web page for further knowledge on right brazing procedures. Don’t hesitate to contact Lucas-Milhaupt if we could be of extra assist, or in case you want help with brazing merchandise or related corporations.