Can solar power a refrigerator

Can a 100 watt {photograph} voltaic panel run a fridge?

Can solar power a refrigerator

It’s 100 watts. It has 2 batteries that attempt to care for charged at 50% and above. It has about: 600 – 700 watts per day on frequent. It would run the fridge for a day nevertheless it takes 2 days to recharge the batteries accordingly.

Can a 300 watt {photograph} voltaic panel run a fridge?

A 300-watt panel that receives Eight hours of daylight per day will produce nearly 2.5 kilowatt-hours per day. If we multiply this by 365 days a yr, we get {a photograph} voltaic output of about 900 kilowatt-hours per yr. … On this event, a 300 watt {photograph} voltaic panel wouldn’t be sufficient to vitality that fridge.

How briskly will a 100 watt {photograph} voltaic panel worth a battery?

A 100 AH battery will solely provide you with about 40 minutes to 100 amp of use. It’s best to make use of amp-hours to learn how fairly a bit your battery is charging as correctly. For a 100 watt {photograph} voltaic panel, we already know that it produces 8.33 amps. On this case, 1 amp of present flowing for 1 hour costs the 1 amp-hour battery.

What measurement {photograph} voltaic panel do I’ve to run a fridge?

Can solar power a refrigerator

Every panel can produce 1 kWh per day. So that you simply actually need 1.1 {photograph} voltaic panels to make a fridge work.

What number of {photograph} voltaic panels does it take to run a freezer?

An impressive and environment nice frequent {photograph} voltaic panel generates about 30 kWh in a median month. A suggest fridge makes use of an estimated 57 kWh; the freezer about 58 kWh (115 kWh total) each 30 days. Should you divide these, it provides you a median of three.83 {photograph} voltaic panels.

What are you able to run off a 400 watt {photograph} voltaic system?

What might presumably be a 400 watt {photograph} voltaic panel?

  • an inverter for a TV is charged with a laptop computer pc computer,
  • a good-sized, energy-efficient fridge,
  • recharge a bunch of small units on a USB like telephones, tablets and lighters,
  • let your roof wind in the midst of the day and night time to cease the condensation,
  • maintain a composting bathroom fan working 24/7,

What home gear can run on picture voltaic vitality?

Itemizing of {photograph} voltaic power merchandise

  • {Photograph} voltaic charger.
  • {Photograph} voltaic telephone charger. Strawberry Tree.
  • {Photograph} voltaic hearth.
  • {Photograph} voltaic power waste compaction tank.
  • {Photograph} voltaic kitchen.
  • {Photograph} voltaic dryer.
  • {Photograph} voltaic powered fan.
  • {Photograph} voltaic oven.

Can we run fridge on picture voltaic vitality?

Can solar power a refrigerator

A solar-powered prepare relevant for the utilization of fridges requires a wide range of units along with {photograph} voltaic panels. Batteries are wished to guard vitality that the fridge will use at night time or when clouds block the picture voltaic. A instrument commonly known as a price controller will clear the circulation of vitality from the panels to the battery.

What number of volts does a 300 watt {photograph} voltaic panel produce?

Energy Performance of the 300 Watt {Photograph} voltaic Panel The an equivalent 300 watt panel produces 240 volts, which equals 1.25 Amps.

Can I profit from automobile battery for {photograph} voltaic?

Every type of battery has a particular carry out. Whereas a automobile battery helps begin a automobile’s engine, it might not meet the needs of a solar-powered dwelling. … Two sorts of deep cycle batteries are used for {photograph} voltaic. These embrace lithium-ion and lead-acid batteries.

Does {photograph} voltaic work at night time?

As talked about above, {photograph} voltaic panels don’t produce electrical vitality at night time. Nonetheless they’ve an inclination to supply additional vitality in the midst of the day when the picture voltaic rises. To steadiness factors out, and maintain electrical vitality working after darkish, {photograph} voltaic prospects use every {photograph} voltaic battery banks to retailer power or web metering.

How extended will a 12 volt battery run a fridge?

Can solar power a refrigerator

If disconnected from the car, a 12-volt, 50AH equal, flooded lead-acid battery-powered car and an inverter of sufficient measurement (1,500 watts minimal) can vitality a fridge for about 11 minutes as quite a bit as 50% discharge, and approx. 21 minutes till the battery is totally discharged.

What number of batteries does it take to run a fridge?

Minimal Energy Required for a Residential Fridge The minimal vitality to carry out solely the residential fridge for 24 hours is six AGM batteries for an entire of 600 amp hours (300 ah usable). PLUS you want 600 watts of {photograph} voltaic power on the roof to recharge the batteries all via daylight.

Can I run a fridge off an extension twine?

So long as the extension twine is sturdy sufficient to supply sufficient vitality to the fridge and isn’t too extended, utilizing one won’t be dangerous. A 14-gauge, three-wire conductor with a copper wire extension wire that isn’t than 20 ft ought to fulfill the necessities for lots of residential fridges.

How extended can a deep cycle battery vitality a fridge?

12V at 100Ah is 12 100 = 1200 Wh or 1.2kWh. So that is the utmost quantity {{of electrical}} vitality devices that your fridge can use in 24 hours (permitting for any lack of inverter effectivity). When figuring out these components, you’ll generally should base it on not discharging the battery by bigger than about 50%.

The primary query I get requested repeatedly is “Can I vitality my fridge utilizing {photograph} voltaic?”

Quick reply is NO. Your fridge is designed to run on propane gasoline or shore vitality.

Typically, most RVs embrace a 3-way fridge. Which means the fridge operates every on propane gasoline or AC electrical that’s equipped from shore vitality or a generator. The “3-way” refers once more to the battery vitality (DC electrical) that’s used to vitality the digital ignition that lights the pilot on the propane fridge. So actually a 3-way fridge every operates on AC electrical or propane gasoline. Some manufactures now current a residential type of fridge that operates solely on AC electrical equipped from the onboard generator or from shore vitality. Residential fridges are additional environment nice, nonetheless, they require shore vitality or a generator. Whereas on the freeway, such a fridge receives its vitality from an inverter that converts DC electrical vitality from the batteries to AC electrical vitality to vitality the fridge. As rapidly as parked, the fridge needs to be plugged in or it’s going to rapidly drain your batteries. DC fridges are manufactured to be used in off-grid properties. Definitely one in every of these fridge is additional environment nice if all of your vitality comes from {photograph} voltaic and saved power in your batteries. Typically, DC fridges will not be utilized by RV producers due to they’re dearer and the RV producer assumes it is doable you will be utilizing shore vitality or a generator.

Until you reside fulltime in your RV and design a particular refrigeration system it’s best to plan on working your RV fridge on propane gasoline.

How fairly a bit {photograph} voltaic is required to run my fridge?

Here’s a simplified event for a “residential” type of fridge equipped with a current fifth wheel RV trailer:

5 hours daylight per day for San Diego (quantity utilized in {photograph} voltaic calculations)

Full picture voltaic, no shading, no clouds, zero days of autonomy

No phantom tons of in RV (actually there are fairly just a few phantom tons of that deplete battery vitality)

18 cu. ft. residential fridge, 8.5 amps, 115 volts, 60 Hz

The fridge is rated at 8.5 amps x 115 volts = 977.5 watts. A typical assumption for a residential fridge is that the compressor motor will run 1/Three of the time (that is assuming it’s working in an ambient temperature of 70 ranges.)

978 watts X 24 hours/day x 1/Three operational time = 7824 watt-hrs/day.

Batteries shouldn’t be discharged beneath 50%, attributable to this fact, chances are you’ll require 2 instances the saved vitality performance.

7824 watt-hrs/day x 2 = 15,648 watt-hrs/day

Based completely on a 12 volt battery system, the amp-hours of storage performance shall be:

15,648 watt-hrs/day / 12 volts = 1304 amp-hrs

The AGM 8A27M heavy-duty, deep-cycle, RV/Marine battery I’ve on my net web page has a reserve performance of 175 amp-hrs. Subsequently, the variety of batteries required shall be:

1304 amp-hrs / 175 amp-hrs/battery = 7.45 = Eight batteries

The variety of 160 watt panels required might presumably be:

7824 watt-hrs/day / (160watts/panel x 5 hours daylight per day) = 9.78 = 10 panels

Together with the Eight batteries and 10 panels, a pair sufficient sized worth controllers and a Good Battery Charger would even be required for this event.

As you would possibly even see working an infinite fridge on merely {photograph} voltaic can flip into very costly. I see a pair utterly utterly totally different picks:

Design a bit smaller {photograph} voltaic/battery system and plan on working the generator a pair hours day-after-day and putting in a wise battery charger so the batteries are appropriately topped off (This vogue it is doable you will get via the night time with out the generator. Based completely on the assumptions above, chances are you’ll nonetheless require 6-Eight batteries and 6 panels.)

Take away the residential fridge and alter it with a 3-way fridge that makes use of propane gasoline, then design a system which can carry out most the entire thing in your RV whereas boondocking (furthermore the fridge and AC unit. Four batteries and three panels would most actually do.)

Add a small 3-way fridge to your RV (maintain the big fridge for generator/shore vitality,) carry out solely that fridge on propane whereas boondocking, and design {a photograph} voltaic/battery system primarily based completely on no fridge requirement (Four batteries and three panels.)

Clear and inexperienced power is the hope for the long run. Whereas the considered a self-sustaining dwelling that runs on {photograph} voltaic power might presumably be very tempting, understanding your particular person home’s vitality necessities is important to working high-energy units like fridges.

A 100W {photograph} voltaic panel won’t run a fridge. A fridge requires quite a few fastened power, which a 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel cannot present. {Photograph} voltaic panels can solely receive a certain quantity of vitality, and a 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel is insufficient. It’s unlikely {{{that a}}} 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel will run a fridge apart from there are specific methods in-built that will collect and reserve power for later use.

A fridge can run off {a photograph} voltaic panel if in case you’ll have a wide range of panels and an inverter system with a battery. To go searching out additional about this and utterly totally different methods to run massive home gear in your personal dwelling, continue learning.

How Fairly a bit Vitality Do Fridges Want?

Most individuals know that fridges use fairly just a few electrical vitality. Newer fashions have gotten additional energy-efficient whereas furthermore incorporating additional selections.

For these attempting to keep away from losing on electrical vitality, the primary thought most are instructed to evaluation is home gear. Older home gear, notably fridges, use quite a few vitality. Many individuals are pleased with their decades-old “retro” fridges, nonetheless these are the worst home gear to have relating to power effectivity.

Vitality-efficient fridges can use as little as 225 kilowatts a yr, nonetheless in addition to they price some massive cash (present). Decrease price fridges would possibly save on electrical vitality prices, as many use roughly 500 kilowatts a yr.

For individuals who wish to make use of {photograph} voltaic panels to vitality their full dwelling, energy-efficient fridges are important. Since water heaters and fridges use principally in all probability probably the most power inside the house, these home gear take up many of the vitality from {photograph} voltaic panels.

Water heaters and fridges use an identical expertise to carry out. Each use quite a few vitality to achieve a optimistic temperature, they usually additionally proceed to keep up up that temperature with out utilizing an excessive amount of power afterward. Nonetheless, any time there is also quite a few utilization, vitality necessities improve.

When a fridge is opened for too extended, or when one issue heat is added to it, the facility consumption will enhance to make up for the change in temperature and stabilize the temperature as rapidly as as quickly as additional. This fastened want for vitality is what makes picture voltaic vitality lower than splendid.

A fridge cannot run off {photograph} voltaic panels solely. All via cloudy days and at night time, {photograph} voltaic panels cease producing power, so fridges cannot run with out an correct battery for power storage, leaving the meals inside in some hazard.

If you’re utilizing a smaller fridge on {a photograph} voltaic panel, chances are you’ll want additional success. Examine “Can You Run a 12-volt Fridge from a {Photograph} voltaic Panel?” to look out out if smaller home gear can carry out with {photograph} voltaic panels.

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How Fairly a bit Vitality Can a {Photograph} voltaic Panel Produce?

There is no such issue as a set quantity of power that’s produced by {a photograph} voltaic panel. The manufacturing relies on a wide range of variables, such on account of the native climate, the state of affairs, and the angle of the {photograph} voltaic panels.

{Photograph} voltaic panels don’t perform individually, so one {photograph} voltaic panel won’t be sufficient to run many home gear, least of all a fridge. For additional particulars about what number of panels are wished to run a fridge, strive “How Many {Photograph} voltaic Panels Does It Take to Run a Fridge?”

When judging the effectivity of {a photograph} voltaic panel, the wattage is essential. The DC vitality produced by {a photograph} voltaic panel is the height wattage. {Photograph} voltaic panels carry out at their peak after they purchase a minimum of 1000 megajoules of {photograph} voltaic power (present).

The precise quantity of power generated by {a photograph} voltaic panel relies on the wattage of the panel. The extra panels, the extra vitality produced. Costlier dwelling methods have between 60–70 panels and can produce between 260–400 watts of vitality.

Smaller {photograph} voltaic methods at dwelling can have as few as 10 panels and nonetheless create a major quantity of vitality, relying on the vitality of the {photograph} voltaic panels.

Vitality Produced from a 100W {Photograph} voltaic Panel

Should you analysis an gear, it’s going to state what the wattage of the product is. A 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel ought to technically be sufficient to supply vitality to mild up 10 10-watt bulbs (present).

Most home fridges use between 100–250 watts of vitality, indicating {{{that a}}} 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel is sufficient to vitality an environment nice fridge mannequin. Nonetheless, fridges that use as little as 100-watt are generally smaller fridges, akin to bar variations.

This calculation solely works in a super setting, and {photograph} voltaic panels not sometimes purchase the proper ambiance for power manufacturing. Fridges require a relentless present of vitality to perform optimally, and even all via daylight, power manufacturing merely will not be fastened.

When {a photograph} voltaic panel stops producing vitality all via quite a bit a lot much less splendid native climate circumstances or in the midst of the night time, the fridge wouldn’t get sufficient vitality. Completely totally different methods are wished to retailer vitality for utilization all by the day to have the flexibility to make use of {photograph} voltaic panels to vitality a fridge.

Smaller, quite a bit a lot much less environment nice {photograph} voltaic panels can’t be used on this regard, as there should be a further of power produced to be saved for later. Nonetheless allow us to overview what sort of methods can be utilized to care for fridges working all by the day.

Can solar power a refrigerator

Picture voltaic vitality is popping into an growing variety of widespread amongst Indians, notably as a solution to vitality family home gear, akin to freezers, which deplete quite a few electrical vitality. Nonetheless, you’ll want to take into consideration methods to rearrange the appropriate picture voltaic vitality system to make sure that you renewable power working your freezer.

In case you’ll have an on-grid {photograph} voltaic system, and you’ve got questioned “ how fairly a bit picture voltaic vitality I’ve to run a fridge ”, you’ll be utterly joyful to know which you will carry out a freezer in a easy methodology. You merely ought to contact a supplier of {photograph} voltaic panels and have them prepare the an equivalent at your particular person home.

Nonetheless, in case you may be reliant on an off-grid {photograph} voltaic system that you simply simply put in your self, it is very important take into account these essential elements to have the flexibility to make sure that your freezer stays purposeful even all via cloudy days.

Figuring out the Energy Consumption of {Photograph} voltaic Freezers and Fridges

Your freezer’s nameplate ranking label will higher than seemingly carry out the facility consumption particulars. It is doable you will examine the physique of the fridge for this label, which mentions the voltage and present necessities of the machine. Multiply the 2 values, and this offers you the required variety of watts.

For instance, in case your fridge mentions 4.5 amps of present and 120 volts, your requirement for the picture voltaic vitality gear in watts might presumably be 540.

Battery Measurement for {Photograph} voltaic-Powered Fridge Freezer

Spherical 1400 watt-hours of vitality is maybe saved in a medium-sized battery. Because it’s urged that you simply simply maintain your batteries a minimum of half full on a regular basis, you’ve got received spherical 720 watt-hours of vitality that’s usable.

Make sure that you just choose a battery with excessive performance due to the picture voltaic won’t shine every single day.

Bear in mind: Should you’ll want to run your {photograph} voltaic freezer for Four days, and the machine takes up 840 watts a day, it is very important generate and retailer spherical 3400 watts a minimum of.

Inverter Necessities

An inverter turns DC from the daylight into usable AC. Choose an inverter that has a excessive effectivity ranking, in any other case you will find yourself with quite a few wasted power. It’s price noting that low worth, inefficient inverters would possibly price you spherical half of {{the electrical}} vitality that you simply simply generate.

Battery Calculation for {Photograph} voltaic Panel Freezer

Enormous batteries are additional sturdy and last additional, so it is very important prioritize on the lookout for them. Though the smaller batteries are cheaper and extra compact and higher suited to a conveyable {photograph} voltaic freezer , they’re unreliable for long-term use.

If you need 3400 watts, you want Three batteries of 1400 watt-hours every. If you wish to be on the protected facet by actually not utilizing the batteries earlier half their performance, chances are high excessive chances are you’ll require 6 batteries.

Bear in mind: Don’t be part of many batteries in parallel, as a result of it is detrimental to battery successfully being.

What number of {Photograph} voltaic Panels are Wished for Powering a Fridge Freezer?

On a median sunny day, with 5 hours of sunshine, chances are you’ll find yourself producing spherical 375 watts. It is on account of a 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel can generate 75 watts/ hour {{of electrical}} vitality.

Subsequently, you require 8-10 devices of 100-watt {photograph} voltaic panel to run the freezer do it’s important to have to generate 3400 watt-hours over 4 days.

Pricing Particulars of the {Photograph} voltaic System

An off-grid setup for working a solar-powered fridge freezer is nice for you, notably do it’s important to reside in a distant home or face many vitality outages. Nonetheless, in case you don’t fall beneath these classes, chances are high excessive chances are you’ll uncover it to be a limiteless funding. That is after making an allowance for the price of {photograph} voltaic panels, batteries, inverters, and so forth. merely to run a freezer. In that case, you is possibly elevated off with an on-grid system that makes use of {{the electrical}} vitality grid as a backup.


Whereas it will not be simple to go looking out out methods to run a freezer on picture voltaic vitality, chances are you’ll very nicely purchase that by following the directions given above. Nonetheless, to grasp optimum effectivity, be certain you utilize the appropriate elements and carry out the calculations meticulously.

Should you want additional steering or wish to buy a component for making your imaginative and prescient of {a photograph} voltaic freezer a actuality, be utterly joyful to attain us .

Can solar power a refrigerator

The very very very first thing that normally pops up into your concepts after you resolve to change over to picture voltaic vitality is normally the priority surrounding cost-effectiveness. Nonetheless, in distinction to the same old present {{of electrical}} vitality, picture voltaic vitality is certainly cheaper and, in some strategies, additional helpful than the sooner.

So, you actually could shock why picture voltaic vitality is cost-effective and the way in which wherein fairly a bit vitality the house home gear eat whereas utilizing {photograph} voltaic power. For instance, let’s consider a fridge on account of it is seemingly in all probability probably the most important and largest dwelling home gear that normally require quite a few vitality to run.

Now, how fairly a bit picture voltaic vitality do I’ve to run a fridge? Let’s uncover out relating to the vitality consumption of a fridge intimately to know the variety of {photograph} voltaic panels required to vitality the an equivalent.

  • 1. How Many {Photograph} voltaic Panels Do I Ought to Energy A Fridge?
    • 1.1. 1. How To Calculate Fridge Vitality Requirement?
    • 1.2. 2. Battery For Working A Fridge
    • 1.3. 3. Quantity Of {Photograph} voltaic Panels Required For A Full Sized Fridge?
    • 1.4. 4. Quantity Of {Photograph} voltaic Panels Required For A Small Fridge?
  • 2. Conclusion

How Many {Photograph} voltaic Panels Do I Ought to Energy A Fridge?

Can solar power a refrigerator

1. How To Calculate Fridge Vitality Requirement?

To calculate “what number of {photograph} voltaic panels do I’ve to vitality a fridge”, we first ought to calculate the flexibility required by the fridge. Utterly utterly totally different electrical home gear use utterly utterly totally different parts of vitality to run and efficiency, distinguishing the kind of cash put behind every of them. Equally, in distinction to your frequent small indoor lights, a fridge can eat much more vitality to perform appropriately, relying upon just a few elements such on account of the frequency of its utilization, the amount of meals put in it sometimes, and the kind or mannequin of the actual fridge. Thus, to look out out the quantity of vitality required to run the fridge appropriately, you need to calculate how fairly a bit power it sometimes requires to perform primarily. There are Three strategies of producing acceptable outcomes:

  1. The Direct Technique: All producers label their fridge fashions with an power ranking sticker on the fridge door, which is normally in kWh and may fluctuate from wherever between 200 kWh to 600 kWh. Thus, that is the means you’re supposed to go looking out out the watts of the fridge mannequin. For instance, if the annual power ranking is 365 kWh, you need to divide it by 365 days. Subsequently, the highest consequence obtained shall be 1kwh per day.
  2. The Oblique Methodology: In case you fail to look out the flexibility ranking label on the fridge, it’s best to go forward and uncover out the quoted vitality ranking talked about moreover the product serial quantity. Happily, it’s evaluated and added in watts for comfort.
  3. Multiplying the Voltage: One totally different methodology of doing that is by multiplying the voltage with the required amps of the fridge to build up the value of vitality.

Now that we’ve got received the strategies, the following step might presumably be to calculate the variety of hours you need your gear to run per day to multiply the hours and the facility, lastly producing the required worth. Thus, this worth will decide the variety of {photograph} voltaic panels required to run your fridge.

2. Battery For Working A Fridge

Can solar power a refrigerator

Now, let’s come to the principle situation. Transportable {Photograph} voltaic panels or any {photograph} voltaic panel for that matter cannot work with out direct daylight hitting them to ensure that them to generate {photograph} voltaic power in return. This clearly paves the trail for activating your fridge strictly in the midst of the hours contained in the daytime.

So, what relating to the nights? To have the luxurious to vitality your fridge in the midst of the night time, you need to prepare {a photograph} voltaic battery to retailer the {photograph} voltaic power in the midst of the day and launch it in the midst of the night time to care for your fridge working.

Subsequently, prior to hurrying to the shop to purchase {a photograph} voltaic battery, it is important consider that your battery performance needs to be succesful to care for the kind of vitality required to run your fridge for all of the night time.

  • There are batteries obtainable with utterly utterly totally different voltages, akin to 12v, 24v, and 48v, relevant for quite a few home gear. To run a fridge, a 12v battery could be in all probability probably the most acceptable choice.
  • Subsequent, it is important measure the amp-hours of the battery, which signifies its performance and what number of amperes it might present to your fridge.
  • If suppose, the working watts of the fridge is spherical 200 watts, all of the of watts per day is maybe calculated by multiplying 200 watts inside 24 hours. Thus, you’ll get the highest consequence as 4.Eight kWh (4800 Wh).
  • Thus, it is doable you will work out all of the amperes by this system: 4800Wh ÷ 12V = 400Ah.

3. Quantity Of {Photograph} voltaic Panels Required For A Full Sized Fridge?

To hunt out out the variety of {photograph} voltaic panels required to run a full sized fridge, you’ll have to carry out the an equivalent calculations as talked about beforehand. It’s critical to say that vitality output and fridge consumption sometimes fluctuate. Nonetheless, to have an understanding, let’s use the tactic:

(Wattage × Hours Used Per Day) ÷ 1000 = Day-to-day Kilowatt-hour (kWh) consumption

4. Quantity Of {Photograph} voltaic Panels Required For A Small Fridge?

In case you resolve to chop again your power consumption to an extent, deciding on a small fridge could be in all probability probably the most acceptable choice. For instance, the Midea requires solely 80 watts to carry out.

Since a small, energy-efficient fridge makes use of little or no power, the usual {photograph} voltaic panels can present an environment nice quantity of vitality to run them. As with every utterly totally different gear, you’ll have to have a look at your explicit individual’s handbook to see what number of kWh your fridge makes use of as in contrast with what number of watts you’re getting out of your {photograph} voltaic panels, worth controller, and batteries collectively. You’ll get the required end consequence through the use of the an equivalent calculations above.


Thus to conclude, though it might look like a chore to go looking out out the quantity of vitality required to run a fridge primarily based completely on calculations and evaluation, by inserting ample take into consideration deciding on the appropriate elements and precise calculations, one can merely uncover out the required particulars. Nonetheless, do it’s important to don’t should calculate, on the lookout for {a photograph} voltaic powered fridge is a bigger dedication.

Can solar power a refrigerator

Warren has frequently been fascinated with renewable power and has managed to reside in a home that’s 100% powered by {Photograph} voltaic power. With the assistance of his net web page, he targets to jot down content material materials supplies which can assist most people convert to renewable power and save on pricey electrical vitality prices, whereas furthermore serving to the Earth maintain alive.