Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

When it is time to clear your picket deck in preparation for refinishing, a chemical deck brightener utilized by hand-scrubbing will not do the job of deep cleansing, nonetheless a strain washer will.

A strain washer is a simple machine which is able to clear very accurately with solely water. Nonetheless, it would correctly destroy your deck if it isn’t used appropriately. It is a instrument that’s extraordinarily environment friendly sufficient to etch brick, nonetheless inside the appropriate palms, it may be delicate sufficient to scrub siding. In case you happen to utilize it with an excessive amount of jet strain or place the tip too near the bottom of your deck, you in all probability can deeply etch the picket and set off the fibers to splinter. Take a while to grow to be accustomed to the machine prior to you unleash that cleansing vitality in your deck.

Watch Now: Discover ways to Appropriately Stress-Wash a Wooden Deck

A strain washer has many makes use of all through the house, nonetheless for a lot of who favor to not non-public one, you in all probability can regularly lease one from a house enchancment coronary coronary heart or instrument rental outlet. The same old price of a rental for in the end is $40 to $100.

What You may Want

Devices / Gadgets

  • Stress washer with a fan tip or rotating tip
  • Sheets of plastic (elective)
  • Random orbit sander (elective)


  • Deck stripper/brightener (elective)
  • Sandpaper (elective)


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Choose a Tip and Stress Setting

Select the suitable strain setting and spray tip in your software program program:

Use the underside doable strain that’s nonetheless surroundings pleasant. Stress for mushy picket (like cedar or pine) have to be at about 500 to 600 kilos per sq. inch (psi); tougher woods could tolerate additional strain, nonetheless you shouldn’t go greater than 1,200 psi.

Use a fan tip with a 40- to 60-degree unfold. A rotating tip will be relevant for a lot of who use it fastidiously.

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Study the Stress Washer Settings

Utilizing a strain washer takes slightly little bit of apply. Study your strain and its effectiveness in an not merely seen space, very similar to a stair tread or nook. In case you happen to search out it compulsory to alter slightly little bit of picket since you etched it, a stair tread is easier to alter than a flooring deck board.

Begin with the strain at 500 to 600 psi. Enhance the strain incrementally till you uncover the right setting for correct cleansing.

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Energy Wash the Deck

Work together the set off whereas holding the wand tip only a few ft away from the deck flooring, then decrease the wand nearer as wished. Try and not get nearer than 6 inches otherwise you would in all probability harm the picket.

Clear the deck with a sweeping movement, and avoid the tendency to pivot alongside collectively along with your arm, which could end in ​an inconsistent distance between the spray tip and the deck flooring. Attempt to protect a unbroken distance by transferring your arm laterally backwards and forwards.

Clear the deck boards from the home outward. Work with the grain by feathering the spray lengthwise, parallel to the deck boards, and overlapping every space barely. The goal is to grasp even cleansing with no “scorching spots” or seen cleansing edges.

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Apply a Chemical Stripper/Brightener (Non-obligatory)

If the picket is badly darkened or stained with mildew, washing with a deck-cleaning determination that choices sodium hydroxide might help brighten it. Search for a product designed for brightening deck picket and to be used in a strain washer, and assure your strain washer permits for the consumption of cleansing decisions.

Combine up the reply as truly useful by the producer. Apply the stripper determination inside the equal approach as when strain washing with plain water, then rinse by washing as quickly as further with plain water. Stripper/brightener merchandise are inclined to roughen up the picket fibers, so you’ll usually ought to sand the deck completely prior to re-staining or sealing the picket.


The chemical substances in deck strippers/brighteners are poisonous to vegetation, so be sure that to protect shrubs and yard vegetation all through the deck with sheets of plastic prior to utilizing the stripper with a strain sprayer.

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Sanding After Washing

Ideally, vitality washing a picket deck won’t destroy the picket and etch or erode the softwood fibers. Nonetheless, when picket will get moist, the fibers could grow to be raised, making a hard flooring. It is a particular draw back on handrails, the place the raised fibers can result in splinters. Be sure the picket is dry prior to sanding.

You could have only a few selections for remedying this draw back. In case you happen to did an unimaginable job of vitality washing with minimal harm and as well as you merely wish to clear the deck, you could have the power to get away with a spot-sanding correct proper right here and there. Nonetheless when you’re going to refinish (re-stain or reseal) the deck, you may wish to sand your full deck to create clear boards with little to no splintering. Sanding furthermore opens up the picket’s pores so the picket soaks up the sealer or stain frequently.

When sanding, don’t use very constructive sandpaper, since this may clog the pores of the picket and forestall the stain/sealer from readily soaking in. For the handrail, use no finer than 100-grit sandpaper. For the deck flooring itself, use 60- to 80-grit sandpaper. High-of-the-line sander to make the most of for a picket deck is a random orbit sander with a 5-inch sanding pad.

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Information To Stress Washing A Picket Deck

Stress washing presents an environment nice and simple technique to maintain exterior surfaces shiny, clear, sanitised, and looking out as new as doable all by way of the years. Not all decking is created equal. Most decks are fabricated from picket and this may current some factors with arduous water and harsh chemical substances inflicting picket improvement. Fortunately, strain washing a deck is achievable with absolutely no dangerous outcomes if the fitting of chemical substances meets a gifted course of.

KJC’s strain washing service ensures that the right set of merchandise is used to match the fabric of your deck alongside facet the right strain to avoid damaging most picket varieties. The tactic for deck strain washing may probably be damaged down in a number of easy steps.

Put collectively Your Stress Washer

Since picket decking may probably be a extremely delicate flooring concerning strain washing, deciding on merely the right nozzle and velocity of strain is vital to avoid any potential water harm. A 15-degree nozzle is an surroundings pleasant nozzle to start out with as this may increasingly more and more permit a sturdy and thorough preliminary cleansing of the deck.

It would be best to take away as tons flooring particles off of the deck to make the precise strain washing deeper and additional accessible to lifting sturdy grime. A rotating nozzle will be nozzle to ponder as this may increasingly more and more permit the water to rotate in a spherical sample which is ready to enhance particles elimination by a considerable margin.

Select Detergent and Start Washing

Our service employees could select to utilise a detergent for decks which have deeply ingrained grime or stains, in another case, picket decking doesn’t mainly want detergent. Though some detergent and cleaners are notably formulated for picket, there may be regularly an even bigger menace of damaging picket with cleaners than there may probably be with concrete.

As rapidly as a result of the detergent has been utilized with frequent overlaps to ensure that the chemical has penetrated into the deck, this may increasingly more and more normally be left to take a seat down and soak for ten to fifteen minutes. After a soaking interval, the employees will then start the strain washing course of. Utilizing a rinse setting, with the perfect strain setting, the employees will begin from the perfect of the world and work their approach inside the path of the underside utilizing a sweeping movement.

As quickly as further, the utilization of detergent for picket decking is totally elective, nevertheless when your deck is badly stained, it will actually be probability to ponder. The washing course of for picket decking could take a bit longer than concrete on condition that course of will needs to be watched fastidiously to ensure that no harm is being triggered to the picket.

Defend your decking

After the washing course of is full and the deck has accomplished drying, making use of staining and sealant is elective. Most picket decks will look nearly practically pretty much as good as new after strain washing; nonetheless, a sealant or defending reviving product, very similar to these created by the corporate Osmo, is certainly useful merchandise so as in order so as to add to your deck.

A sealant will definitely be truly useful for the aforementioned restorative properties it gives along with an added diploma of safety in your deck from future stains or photograph voltaic harm. Our service employees will apply a particular chemical coating to the picket decking with a paint curler as rapidly as the bottom is totally dry. After twenty-four hours, your deck is ready-to-use as quickly as further.

Ceaselessly Requested Questions

Is It Alright to Stress Wash a Wooden Deck?

Stress washing a picket deck could possibly be a roll of the cube so far as those that assume it have to be accomplished usually and people who truly actually really feel that it isn’t compulsory so long as the deck is taken care of. The enlargement of fungus and discolouration are two factors that incessantly can ravage picket decking, on account of this reality, your deck have to be strain washed, notably if the deck is beneath direct daylight.

The principle difficulty to stop any harm from strain washing to the picket is to substantiate the washing course of is carried out with satisfactory distance between the nozzle and the deck. The flexibleness of the water can warp or water-log the picket if the technique shouldn’t be accomplished appropriately. Widespread, if the technique id carried out appropriately, it’s completely protected to strain wash a picket deck.

Should You Stress Wash a Deck Ahead of Staining?

Staining is an excellent income so as in order so as to add to a picket deck because of it truly brings out a luminous color and shine. Staining will be an effective way to waterproof a picket deck, which gives an additional layer of safety along with bringing out the best of the deck’s colors. Cleansing and strain washing a deck prior to staining is totally compulsory.

You do not wish to make use of staining to a unclean deck as this may increasingly more and more set into the stain and in no way be the slightest bit alluring. Furthermore, if any grime is caught to the deck to start with, making use of staining will merely make the grime look good, versus the picket.

How Typically Should You Stress Wash Your Deck?

Stress washing a picket deck shouldn’t be mainly unhealthy for the picket decking; nonetheless, it is best to solely operate to carry out this course of possibly as rapidly as per yr on basically essentially the most. Wooden may be very delicate to arduous, extraordinarily environment friendly water and you do not need to repeatedly strain wash the deck as this may increasingly truly harm the picket.

In Abstract

Stress washing picket decking is solely as simple a course of as strain washing concrete. Along with staining or sealant to the deck after the technique could have the deck trying as new because of it was the day you had it put in. Permit our devoted employees of execs to ship as soon as extra the splendour to your deck. We’re going to service most areas all alongside the South Coast.

You may additionally be fascinated with our strain washing and jet cleansing service in Hampshire . Title or full our contact selection for a free quote.

Are you overwhelmed by the soiled state of your deck? Has a mysterious ‘gunk’ on the deck’s flooring began to destroy your exterior house’s as rapidly as fairly look? You is extra more likely to be tempted to resolve the problem by taking an have an effect on washer to your deck and aggressively spraying it down, nonetheless vitality washers can actually do additional hurt than good for lots of deck offers.

Hurt Attributable to Energy Washing Your Deck

Wooden decks are notably inclined to vitality washing, on account of the strain exerted by the ability washer can result in splintering. If there may be any space on the deck the place the picket is already starting to separate aside, vitality washing it ought to exacerbate the issue and set off the break up space to increase.

Wooden isn’t the one decking provides that could possibly be absolutely broken by vitality washing. Softer offers, very similar to PVC, can primarily be ‘engraved’ by an have an effect on washer if the strain is ready too excessive.

It’s furthermore a nasty thought to make the most of an have an effect on washer on a composite deck on account of the ability washer can actually take chips out of the composite provides. To make factors even worse, harm launched on by vitality washing shouldn’t be usually lined all through the warranties for composite decks, so for a lot of who do harm your deck earlier restore, you’ll be paying out of pocket to revive it.

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

When Is Energy Washing Okay?

There are a number of conditions when it may probably be okay to make the most of an have an effect on washer in your deck. Decks fabricated from ASA, which is unquestionably a high-end capstock, are normally a little bit of extra forgiving when vitality washed. Wooden and composite decks also can normally be cleaned with an have an effect on washer, nonetheless solely in case you’ve got gotten educated doing it.

When deciding on educated to vitality wash your deck, don’t merely select any individual out of your native vitality washing company—select any one that notably has expertise vitality washing decks. She or he should make use of a comparatively low pressure-setting (more than likely not more than 1500 PSI) and a giant fan, with the ability washer held on the very least two ft off the underside. This might probably be a superb technique to deep clear your deck and get embedded mud out, nonetheless you don’t wish to have educated vitality wash your deck too incessantly (yearly is mostly ample). For more than likely basically essentially the most half, you in all probability can clear your deck generally with out utilizing an have an effect on washer.

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

Cleansing Your Deck and by no means using a Energy Washer

The very important issue to sustaining your deck in good state of affairs for years is to remain on extreme of the cleansing. In case you happen to haven’t already made washing your deck part of your frequent family cleansing routine, it’s time to start out. At a minimal, set a operate to scrub your deck each two weeks.

Fortuitously, primary deck cleansing isn’t too delicate. The one offers you’ll want are a brush, a hose, a bristle brush, and a biodegradable cleansing determination. Dish cleaning cleansing cleaning soap should work constructive in your deck, though some householders use a mix of powdered laundry detergent (with out bleach) and water.

Begin by clearing any exterior furnishings and completely completely different gear out of probably the greatest methods and sweeping any particles off of your deck. If leaves incessantly fall in your deck, it’s attainable you have to to brush it off additional incessantly, on account of when leaves get moist, they’ll depart a hard-to-clean residue on the deck’s flooring.

After getting swept your deck, you in all probability can start cleansing it utilizing water, your cleansing determination, and a bristle brush. Study your cleansing determination on a small, inconspicuous patch of your deck first, merely to substantiate it doesn’t depart a stain. When you begin scrubbing your full deck, you’ll want to make use of some elbow grease, nonetheless you furthermore don’t wish to scrub so arduous that you just merely scratch or splinter your decking provides.

After scrubbing your deck, rinse it off alongside collectively along with your hose, after which merely let it dry prior to transferring furnishings and completely completely different units as soon as extra. This cleansing routine will protect your deck trying good and may forestall you from needing to incessantly attain for the ability washer.

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

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Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

Decks are one issue which is able to merely be uncared for in a home-owner’s busy life. In case you happen to’re open air tons, it’s attainable you’ll not uncover the grime. Or it’s attainable you’ll assume it’s not correctly nicely definitely worth the time, effort and cash to scrub it. However that’s not true in the least. Cleansing your picket deck have to be a part of its upkeep. It’s greater than solely a makeover.

Defending it clear (and sealed) furthermore retains the picket from rotting, warping, splintering and buckling. It is going to probably save money and time on ER funds by sustaining you from tripping on a free board or slipping on slimy mould. Plus, it ought to lengthen the lifetime of your deck so that you just’re not out a complete lot or tons of to alter it.

Wooden decks have to be resealed each 2-Three years with a high quality water or oil-based stain to stop harm from the local weather. However for the stain to work effectively, it is very important present the picket an intensive cleansing.

High-of-the-line methodology to do this? A strain washer, in actuality!

Try our top-rated electrical and gasoline vitality washers.

Step One: Security measures

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

Suppose security first. Stress washers may probably be harmful to each your self and surfaces on account of maximum strain water streams they produce. Listed beneath are some security tricks to bear in mind prior to you get began:

  • Actually not contact the strain washer spray. Don’t diploma it at kids or pets every. Vegetation may be broken, so use warning if utilizing close to flower beds and completely completely different landscaping.
  • Positioned on defending gear. No shorts and flip flops. Suppose security goggles, work gloves, enclosed footwear (ideally steel-toed boots), ear safety (notably with gasoline vitality washers), and pants.
  • No ladders! Stress washers can produce a excessive kickback stress, which may result in a nasty fall. Go for extension wands to realize excessive areas as an alternative. Or establish educated cleaner.

Step Two: Put collectively the work space

Take away all objects from the deck, together with furnishings, grills, toys, vegetation, and so forth, notably inside the event that they’re fragile. Sweep off any free mud and particles very similar to leaves and sticks. You in all probability can see set-in mud tons simpler so that you simply in all probability can focus on these areas whereas washing.

Cowl exterior lights, vents, and shut your home house home windows. Cowl shut by vegetation and shrubs with a tarp to stop harm from the cleaning cleansing cleaning soap.

Relying on how earlier or weathered your deck is, look for any protruding nails. They’re sometimes tripping hazards, can injure your ft and exacerbate picket warping. Now’s the right time to reset them. Purchase a drift pin (

$5 – $20) from a ironmongery retailer. It’s a cylinder formed blunt instrument that permits you to hammer down nails with out making dents all through the picket. You merely set the pin over the nail and hit it with a hammer. Voila!

Step Three: Scrub down the picket

Wait a minute – isn’t that the strain washer’s job? Efficiently, constructive and no. It should rely on how soiled the deck is. If there’s no mildew, tree sap or completely completely different embedded grime, you in all probability can probably skip this step. In case your deck is dirty, time to clean.

Add deck cleaner to the strain washer cleaning cleansing cleaning soap dispenser. It’s best to positively’re utilizing a cleaner that’s protected in your picket. Change your strain washer tip to a soaping nozzle or setting. Activate the machine and spray the cleaner all through the deck. Let it sit for a couple of minutes to interrupt up the mud, nonetheless don’t let it dry.

Use a stiff artificial long-handled scrub brush to loosen the grime, paying particular consideration to corners and completely completely different arduous to realize areas. Smaller brushes can also be compulsory for tight areas.

Step 4: Energy wash the deck

Can you clean decking with a pressure washer

Swap to a wide-angle (40 – 60 diploma) nozzle. One factor stronger will harm the picket. Begin spraying about 2 ft from the deck flooring. Change nearer as wished, nonetheless not more than 6 inches away from the bottom.

Begin with a sweeping movement alongside facet the deck closest to the home and sweep outward. Overlap every spray stroke to cowl the sweep marks. Change alongside the size of every board (with the grain). It should do a better job of eradicating all cleaner residue so it gained’t deteriorate the picket.

Defend the equal distance from nozzle to the deck flooring for mounted outcomes. For corners, work from the nook outward to avoid pushing grime into them. Use a L formed sweep – a protracted stroke into the nook, then a brief stroke out with the grain.

Step 5: Sand and stain

Let the picket dry for 24 – 48 hours. In case you happen to search out out to reseal the deck, it is best to sand it first with 60 to 80 grit sandpaper or an orbital sander. Sweep away all picket mud, then observe the producer’s instructions for whichever stain you select.

Step Six: Take pleasure in!

That’s it – repeat this course of each couple years or so for only a few years’ price of outside enjoyment!

Decking is a unbelievable addition to any yard, nevertheless it completely wishes extra care and a highlight to maintain it trying its most attention-grabbing. Fortunately, deck upkeep doesn’t have to be troublesome. With the right deck cleansing merchandise, you in all probability can completely rework the seems to be like of your decking – and protect it purposeful for years to return.

Whether or not or not or not your deck is trying a bit worse for positioned on in another case you merely wish to spruce up your patio for summer season season, we’ve obtained you lined! Our helpful knowledge will present you learn to clear yard decking effectively in a number of simple steps.

When to scrub your decking

Since your deck is uncovered to the local weather year-round, frequent upkeep is vital to its longevity. In case you wish to protect your decking in tip-top sort, give it an intensive cleansing on the very least as rapidly as per yr.

An annual wash can breathe new life into your deck, defend the integrity of the picket, and in the long term assist to stop expensive repairs.

Discover ways to clear yard decking in 5 easy steps

Step 1: clear and put collectively the world

Begin by clearing the entire gadgets from the bottom of your deck. Take away one factor which is able to get in your approach – from massive patio furnishings to small potted vegetation and the entire gadgets in between

Subsequent, seize a brush and gives your full space an intensive sweep. Brush away mud and leaves, and pay particular consideration to any nooks and crannies the place particles can accumulate.

Step 2: hose or strain wash

Use a strain washer or yard hose to loosen and rinse away any mud or grime. Objective the sprayer straight at rigorously dirty spots to take away as tons particles as doable.

Merely be aware: for a lot of who’re utilizing a strain washer, this step needs to be accomplished with excellent care. A strain washer can shortly harm the picket if used too fastidiously, making it even tougher to scrub or address. Select the underside setting and depart on the very least a number of ft between the spray nozzle and the bottom of your deck.

When you’ve addressed more than likely basically essentially the most problematic areas, make sure to spray in between the decking boards to rinse away any remaining twigs, leaves or grass.

Step 3: scrub and rinse

To avoid damaging your decking, create a fragile cleansing determination with heat water and liquid dish cleaning cleansing cleaning soap. Alternatively, it is important use a speciality picket deck cleaner.

Saturate the bottom and scrub the deck with a stiff-bristled brush or sponge till the cleansing determination begins to lather. Let combination stand for five to 10 minutes (or observe the directions on the deck cleaner label).

Lastly, rinse with clear water and depart the deck to dry.

Step 4: address mould and algae

Inside the case of mould and algae, the best resolution to clean decking is with a able to make the most of a concentrated disinfectant therapy like Patio Magic! Prepared To Use Spray. Not solely will this system take away cussed stains, nevertheless it completely furthermore protects mould and algae re-growth from accumulating finally.

Merely spray the therapy onto affected areas and let it dry. There’s no ought to strain wash or scrub beforehand, so it’s the right technique to revitalise and protect your deck with minimal effort.

Step 5: reseal

It’s regularly a superb suggestion to reseal the deck after you give it a deep clear. Some sealers could embody a waterproofing agent or mildew safety, so make sure to search out your selections and uncover the best product in your deck.

Sweep the deck as rapidly as additional to take away any mud or mud which may have collected whereas it was drying. Then, apply the sealer based totally on the producer’s directions. Let the sealant coat dry utterly prior to transferring furnishings and equipment as soon as extra onto the deck.

The following concepts will guarantee your deck is trying spotless and summer-ready in a short while!