Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

The food preparation area along with living-room are where I invest a lot of my waking personnels, so I have actually in reality been focusing on setting up work in those areas. The largest drag for me in our cooking area is that it is a lotion along with brownish paradise. Together with this lady suches as superb white kitchen location places. I began with among one of the most easy dealing with, repainting the wall surface area area from a yellow lotion to the whitest white I might get. The staying off-white culprits are the storeroom, counters, along with backsplash. Those will definitely be a little bit far more of a work to look after, nevertheless I intend to make the adjustments establish you back efficiently. Repainting the storeroom would definitely be amongst among one of the most run, so I selected to initially do the backsplash or counters.

For the adjustments we are most likely to do on the backsplash we will definitely require to make use of some not maternity risk-free points, which is not an option presently. So counters it is!

The counters being done might absolutely make one of the largest adjustments, as an outcome of the fact that while various aspects are lotion, the counters are dark brownish. (I get the allure of preferring to conceal dust, nevertheless the multicolor appearance of these make it so I need to anxiousness to enlighten if they are cool while rubbing them!)

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

I have actually in reality seen a variety of concrete counter improvements (I discovered this collection’s tutorial most practical) along with mostly all of them remain in grey concrete. I was simply satisfied to reveal a white concrete choice. All white emergency situation facility’ rying consider our home, please. (Not really, nevertheless kind of.)

You can reveal the grey concrete like anywhere, in addition on, along with a 10 added extra pound bag is just $30 Together with for property owners like me that simply appreciate amazon prime you get the cost-free circulation along with it shows up quickly. White concrete is a little bit harder to reveal, nevertheless the best cost I sourced was right below at $40 a bag along with $1250 for providing me 2 bags. (Together with it still came quickly!) Fretting $30 far more to have white rather than grey, nevertheless to me picking in between those tones is not in addition an alternative.

At the start of our task, I attempted something brand-new along with kind of officially enter up an overall little file along with launched it out. I took a look at along with born in mind out a products listing, detailed therapy, time price quote, along with developed you back approximate. It operated to prepare my pointers along with our routine. Although the info was currently generally in our heads, launching out a paper replicate made the collection of the task added clear along with much less made complex for both people. I assume I will definitely do it for far more work in the future.


These things are for around 32.5 square feet of counter top.

  1. Ardex plume surface concrete (2 10 added extra pound bags)
  2. Recognizing container
  3. 60 along with 220 grit sandpaper
  4. Trowel
  5. 12 ″ drywall blade
  6. 4 ″ putty blade
  7. 1 quart 511 impregnator sealant
  8. 1 quart safecoat acrylacq


8 job days plus 3 days for last recuperation

  1. Friday– Preparation operate in enhancement to initial layer of concrete
  2. Saturday– 2nd layer concrete
  3. Monday– 3rd layer concrete
  4. Tuesday– 4th layer concrete
  5. Wednesday– Extremely initial layer 511 impregnator sealant
  6. Thursday– 2nd layer 511 impregnator sealant
  7. Friday– Extremely initial layer acrylacq
  8. Saturday– 2nd along with 3rd layer acrylacq


To prepare on your own for concrete, we did an extensive cleaning along with massaging up of the laminate counters. Later on we neglected with 60 grit sand paper to severe them up. For each and every layer of concrete, we blend the concrete powder with water in our container along with expand onto the counter with the drywall along with putty blades. Later on we allow that layer entirely completely dry over night.

This photo needs the initial layer, prior to fining sand. If you attempt this task, take heart that the initial layer takes absolutely the lengthiest to use!

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

At the beginning of the sticking to layer we fined sand one more time with the 60 grit sandpaper, vacuumed along with tidied up to maintain clean, along with used an additional layer. We did 4 layers over 4 days. Our sink boosts, so we picked to not eliminate it along with simply use the concrete equally as along its sides.

For protecting, we took advantage of 2 layers of 511 impregnator sealant, which we cleaned on along with allow entirely completely dry for 24 personnels in between layers. That was followed by 3 layers of acrylacq, which asks for 12 personnels to recoup for every single as well as additionally every, as well as additionally after that 3 days for a last therapy after the last layer. When that was total, we had our counters back! This noted right here photo needs the 511 impregnantor along with prior to the acrylacq.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Prior to we placed on the 511 impregnator along with it was simply raw concrete, I obtained a decrease of water on the counters along with it soaked up quickly along with left a wet area that called for to entirely completely dry. After making use of the impregnator, I sprayed a decrease one more time (oy!), nevertheless it beaded up on top of the seal (superb!). Containing the acrylacq afterwards just made them a great deal extra shiny along with challenging.

I am so crazy! The lotion components in the space are still undesirable, nevertheless the counters being altered declines their influence. I am changing our entrance carpets because of this moved that red persian in appropriate listed below. I assume it helps avoid from any type of type of kind of lotion along with white clashing throughout this in-between stage.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Ardex concrete: $9558
Miscellanous devices: $3424
511 Impregnator Sealant: $2511
Safecoat Arcylaq: $4190

Just concerning $200 of what looks like entirely brand-new counters is the best! Together with I really like concrete.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Since it has a little of an organization feeling, I am exceptional with blemishes or acnes it might acquire. (Which while still suching as to have superb aspects, is the frame of mind I attempt along with have concerning all my factors.)

Backsplash along with storeroom I am coming for you, potentially in the autumn. In addition to afterwards I can bid bye-bye to a dine in table we have which is an off white hand me down that matches the initial appearance, nevertheless is not where I am taking it in right listed below. (White island with butcher block, YES.)

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Today I am sharing a do it by yourself for a job that I have actually in reality been preferring to provide YEARS! To be real, I have actually in reality been a little frightened to tackle this collection, nevertheless I figured my butler’s kitchen location was the ideal location to attempt it out. The counter tops were a red brownish. In my cooking area, I repainted my counter tops to look like marble. Yet in addition for this little location, I selected to do a do it by yourself white concrete counter tops. Below’s the in the past to run your memory- Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

After repainting the storeroom, right listed below’s where we were-Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Enable’s beginning with the video clip tutorial so you get an introduction on what I did. Later on, I’ll dive in with far more details noted right here:

If the video clip does not run right below, you can see it on YouTube right listed below. P.s. I’m attempting to construct that internet sites up, so if you would definitely subscribe, I ‘d really value that!

thingsCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

  • Summary (Flexy Bo Binder)
  • White Concrete (Canvas Micro-Topper)
  • White Shade Lots (to make the concrete as white as practical)
  • Trowel
  • Trowel Shiny
  • Reward Fining Sand Pad
  • Satin Concrete End Up

task 1- sand the tile/laminateCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Begin by fining sand the floor covering ceramic floor tile or laminate (I make use of the Reward Sanding Pad). You prefer to severe them up so the concrete sticks in improvement to practical.

task 2- Prime the counter tops

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Prime the counter tops by repainting them with Flexy Bo Binder. Once again, this will definitely assist the concrete to stick to the floor covering ceramic floor tile or laminate.

task 3- cover the counter tops with a slim layer of concreteCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Mix the concrete with the white shade pack (to make the concrete as white as practical) along with include water. I took advantage of a low-cost container along with a little trowel for blending. The consistency must absolutely be that of pancake batter. If you are doing a larger location, you can prefer to make use of a drill mixer.

I understand blending concrete can appear challenging, nevertheless it’s simply containing water along with mixing till it looks superb. It’s rather exceptionally easy to see when you require a great deal extra water and also also added concrete. See my video clip for just specifically just how it need to absolutely look.

For covering floor covering ceramic floor tile, begin with a slim layer to simply load the concrete lines. After the concrete has in reality dried out, give any type of type of kind of unequal locations a fantastic sanding.

task 4- proceed layering concreteCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Repeat task 3. Layer the base concrete with thicker layers. Once again, I understand this can appear hard, nevertheless it’s similar to frosting a cake. Protect having a look at it till it’s smooth. I guarantee, you can do it!

For me, the prominent side of my counter leading begun as an advanced bullnose. It was really tough to cover with concrete! What functioned ideal for me was to blend a numerous collection of concrete a little thicker than the top. I layered it till it was level. I greater than most likely called for to do 6 layers to get it superb along with level. I waited 8 personnels in between layers so it took a variety of days to finish.

I’ll be real, there were a variety of components where I was worried that I would absolutely not get my counter top to a facet where I would definitely value. Yet I continued along with the appeal of concrete is that it is versatile. You can constantly include layers along with sand down where it isn’t specifically just specifically just how you favor.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

You can see the prominent side accumulated a bit a great deal extra appropriate listed below. One element concerning concrete is that top quality isn’t the precise appearance. There will definitely constantly be some variants along with little unequal locations which need to absolutely be authorized.

BUT, I did reveal that making use of Trowel Shiny assisted make a very smooth surface! You simply placed it in a spray container along with spray it on as swiftly as the concrete has actually in reality been shovelled on. Utilize the trowel over the sprayed on trowel slick along with you’ll get a beautiful surface.

I assured to use handwear covers when looking after the concrete to conserve my hands from drying. Likewise, I constantly had a ground towel on the flooring covering considering that concrete dropped on the flooring covering each of the min when attempting to look after that leading side.

task 5- one last sandCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Maintain layering the concrete till you value with it. Like I stated, it greater than most likely take me 6 laters since that leading side was hard. After you value with it, sand that react to cover like shocking! I invested a minimum of a personnels fining sand to get it superb along with smooth. There was dirt throughout, nevertheless isn’t it looking rather?!

Side note, I’ll have a tutorial for the all-natural herb backsplash tomorrow! I repainted over the mirror so it looks a large amount various currently.

task 6- leading layerCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Concrete requirements to be secured to avoid it from locations. For that, I chose a satin surface so I took advantage of Aqua-Thane. I blended 4 components of container A to 1 component of container B. Later on I simply rolled it on over all the concrete equally as. I waited 4 personnels after the initial layer as well as additionally after that end up with a 2nd layer.

afterCan you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Listed Here it is, looking superb along with rather! I am really, really pleased with just specifically just how it ended up! There are some variants, nevertheless I assume it simply divulges the uniqueness! I’ll divulge all of it styled tomorrow. It acts along with smooth to the touch (not chalky like prior to the leading layer).

Allow me understand if you have any type of type of kind of concerns!

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete This blog post includes some associate web web links for your simpleness. Look into this web site to examine my complete disclosure technique.

If you like it these do it by yourself white concrete counter tops, pin it for future recommendation! Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

That does not favor their food preparation area to look like something from a publication?

Home repair work take a big quantity of cash money along with function. Occasionally, you can reveal ideas online, along with in addition budget friendly methods to give your home a face-lift. Below is what you’re gonig to require:

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Workshop B Imaginative Juice

If you are considering upgrading your counter tops, the cost of brand-new ones might be a little challenging.

In comparison to getting brand-new ones, why not simply make your exceptionally possess? It’s a lot less intricate than you assume, along with it will absolutely not spend a large amount. These concrete counter tops can boost the appearance of your home along with will absolutely not develop you back a large amount of money.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Concrete Store

If you are most likely to make your exceptionally very own counter tops, you require to ideal devices for the task.

According to Charming Flaw, you will definitely require:

  • ” Container for blending. I had the ability to manage with a little one-gallon tub.
  • ” Trowels. I wind up making use of a plastic putty blade nevertheless additionally take a look at a drywall taping blade.
  • ” Orbital sander along with sandpaper in a collection of grits.
  • ” Sponge
  • ” Concrete
  • ” Painters Tape
  • ” Plastic handwear covers, solid glass, mask
  • ” At first, I took advantage of the drill along with paddle for blending, nevertheless as I accompanied it was a lot less made facility to blend by hand.”

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Gigatrike

The therapy is rather really simple, nevertheless you might require a little assistance.

Below are the tasks for making these amazing counters.

Task 1: Tidy the workplace. You can not run along with make counters if there is factors throughout. Cool whatever off the counters along with the wall surface area area along with flooring covering around them. You need to absolutely additionally make use of a cleansing service to cleanse the location completely.

Task 2: Sand today counters. You require to severe up the location to make the concrete stay with it much much better along with to have an also location to manage. You need to absolutely additionally get rid of any type of type of kind of points of laminate that are damaged or harmed.

Task 3: Tape off the locations around your counters. You do not prefer to get the concrete on your counters or wall surface area area. Painters tape includes ideal. If you are worried you might be untidy, you can get rid of ground towel or plastic.

Task 4: Abide by the instructions along with blend the concrete. Use it to the counters equally as with a putty blade. Enable it to entirely completely dry along with use an additional layer. You might prefer to thoroughly sand the counters in between layers.

Guideline 5: Once the last layer has in reality dried out, you will definitely require to return along with tidy up whatever. Sand down the items along with ravel the sides. If there are drips, eliminate them. Ensure the counters are degree along with equally as covered.

Task 6: Utilize the sealant. This will definitely protect the concrete along with safeguard it from tarnished along with issues. Use it equally as with a brush along with certify it to entirely completely dry completely. Once it has in reality dried out entirely, get rid of the tape, along with prepare your counters generally. You can utilize them similar to you would definitely any type of type of kind of various various other type of counter.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Home DIT

Concrete counters are advanced along with lasting.

They can last you for numerous years along with are exceptionally easy to cool. You can make use of concrete color to transform the shade of the concrete prior to you use it to the counters, so it can match all your various various other food preparation area format. It might take a variety of days to end up the task, when you are done, you will definitely have in fact utilized your cooking area a new appearance.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Do It Yourself Network

It’s a fantastic concept to manage one counter each time so you still have space to prepare food if required.

Because Of The Reality That they do not take substantial to finish, you can end up the whole cooking area in much less than a week. Do on your own a support along with initiative this out prior to you head out along with invest a big quantity of cash money on brand-new counters.

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Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete Charming Flaw

This lacks a question the best (along with the really the very least expensive) strategy to upgrade your laminate counter tops.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Countless Numerous Many Thanks to Joanna Gaines, there’s a listing of interior decoration components that have in reality injury up being really renowned: Fixer Upper followers understand the developer suches as to make use of city floor covering ceramic floor tile, relocating barn doors, shiplap, along with concrete counter tops in her repair work. Yet, if you prefer to replicate Joanna’s format in your exceptionally very own cooking area, the latter will absolutely cost you.

Concrete counter tops can develop you back anywhere from $70 to $90( and also also added) per square foot, according to HGTV. In addition to in addition, concrete can be really examining to coordinate with, making it an instead tough seek to do it by yourself– nevertheless not if you utilize this smart hack, contained on Hometalk along with developed by homeowner Libbie Burling from Wyoming, Michigan.

Libbie intended to upgrade her cooking area along with update her laminate counter tops. After cleaning Pinterest for concepts, she was motivated to attempt to develop “synthetic” concrete counter tops making use of FeatherFinish Area along with Skimcoat, a cement-based item used to fix flooring.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

While this strategy does not develop thick along with pure concrete counter tops in your cooking area, it does make use of light layers of repainted on concrete, which belongs of concrete, to develop the lovely along with phenomenal appearance of a concrete.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

If you prefer to attempt this by yourself food preparation area counters, make use of a little mobile vacuum cleaner to purchase the concrete dirt as you sand it, motivates Libbie. She thoroughly smoothed the location with sandpaper in between each layer of FeatherFinish (straight: she defines it obtains really untidy).

Libbie signals that determination is a need to for this do it by yourself task. “I generally tend to enter along with desire complete satisfaction principle,” she defines. “Well, this was just amongst those work where I called for to minimize, take my time, along with take a breath. The FeatherFinish quickset is an item that enhances itself so placing it on in really slim layers along with permitting them to entirely completely dry completely in between each layer is very important.”

See the total concrete counter leading tutorial, along with far more of Libbie’s reminders, on Hometalk.

Can you cover laminate countertops with concrete

I was desiring to have my backsplash achieved in time to take some “after” photos of my counter, nevertheless that task is simply taking as well extensive to finish, so I’m obtaining this blog post up anyways, discussion would definitely backsplash on complete display screen!

I’m exceptionally satisfied worrying this do it by yourself for a variety of components. Not just does it develop a very exceptional surface that’s a little organization, a little different, a little farmhouse, nevertheless it’s quickly, rather really simple, along with it’s AFFORDABLE. That last one is really crucial to us as an outcome of the fact that we simply do not have cash money to spray on brand-new counters (along with to be real, the variable our backsplash has in reality browsed thus for basically 3 months arises from the fact that I have in fact not had the ability to invest for the floor covering ceramic floor tile).

I did a little research study on what item I intended to make use of. Initially I had actually in reality implied on doing walnut butcher block counters in our cooking area nevertheless considering that we weren’t changing the storeroom I was worried that getting rid of the initial counters would definitely harm the storeroom. We’re additionally considering ultimately placing this home up for rental price along with I was worried that an added high upkeep item like butcher block would absolutely not get on additionally with occupants. Concrete dealt with both of those issues, together with the monetary trouble additionally. Butcher block (in addition the phony Ikea factors) was around $3 – 400, which is exceptionally budget friendly contrasted to a big quantity of counter choices supplied, nevertheless this skimcoat item just cost me $173 That’s a cost I can maintain.

Because of the reality that I would definitely currently repainted the storeroom a dark grey, I was worried that doing the regular grey concrete shade would definitely simply produce technique too much grey in the location along with make it absolutely really feel as well exceptional (as in exceptional toned, not such as. exceptional cool), along with I would definitely simply seen a pal do white concrete counters along with pleased because appearance, so I occurred the look for a skimcoat item that would definitely permit me to do white concrete.

I discovered what I was looking for with Straight Color Styles Inc. They do a concrete overlay item that is particularly developed to skimcoat formica counters, which is what we had. I acquired their DCI Concrete overlay, with smooth structure, white base shade, along with contained the Pearl shade pack, which was implied to make it a great deal extra white (I absolutely did not make a collection of it without the pearl shade contained, so I doubt just specifically just how white the white base would definitely lack it, nevertheless I assume it would absolutely greater than most likely be plenty white if you intended to lose out on that particular. It developed you back $1095 a great deal extra). I additionally acquired the 550 Water Based matte Polyurethane Concrete Sealant in the Matte surface (I absolutely did not desire glossy counters). Together with I consisted of a Magic Trowel as an outcome of the fact that I absolutely did not have a trowel to smooth describe. I absolutely did not determine that I need to absolutely have in fact additionally acquired a review sealant which need to absolutely take place prior to the 550 Water Based Sealant, so I would definitely recommend obtaining that along with well as using it prior to the 550 sealant. Our counter is functioning penalty, nevertheless, with 2 layers of the 550 Water Based Polyurethane Concrete Sealant.