Can you put hot pans on cambria

Cambria FAQs

What’s Cambria?

Cambria is a pure pure quartz surfacing product and one in every of many hardest and commonest minerals on earth. It may probably provide various makes use of for you in your home or a enterprise home. Cambria may be utilized for showers, moist bars, floor tile, self-importance tops, counter tops, fireplace surrounds, and so forth. Cambria is maintenance-free, and the designs have a pure appear and feel of granite and completely different quarried stones. Nonetheless it’s power and sturdiness excessive all of the items.

How does Cambria study to granite & completely different quartz surfaces?

Cambria is fabricated from pure quartz, one in every of many hardest minerals on Earth, with superior effectivity and sturdiness. Cambria appears and seems like granite, nonetheless you’ll get the next power, plus you get the advantage of it being repairs free and nonporous. To clean, merely wash with warmth water and a delicate cleansing cleaning soap, when wished. It’s stain resistant and in no way should be seal or reconditioned.

Granite is barely fabricated from about 40% to 60% quartz. It’s moreover a porous stone and might must be sealed recurrently. Granite can take up meals and liquids, in all probability staining your counter tops and risking bacterial growth.

What are the distinctive benefits of Cambria?

There are 6 choices that stand out to us.

STRENGTH – Being stronger than granite and having diamond-like hardness, Cambria has superior power and sturdiness.

DESIGN – With over 120 designs obtainable, Cambria’s designs are distinct and boast a extremely pure magnificence and provide a variation of quarry reduce stone.

CARE & MAINTENANCE-FREE – No sealing or sharpening required. Merely wash it with warmth water, use light cleansing cleaning soap if desired.

FOOD SAFE – It is nonporous and is NSF 51 licensed for meals and splash zone use, making it probably the most safe flooring for our prospects.

STAIN RESISTANT – Cambria is a product that may resist stains from widespread merchandise from spherical your property, like tea, espresso and wine.

GUARANTEED – Cambria is obtainable with a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY.

Does Cambria require care and maintenance and is it resistant to flooring hurt?

With Cambria, you don’t should seal it, polish it or recondition it. Sustaining collectively together with your Cambria is care-free. If desired, you can merely wipe it down with warmth water and a delicate cleansing cleaning soap. In distinction to granite, it would not require the widespread sealing and might resist stains.

Being further resistant and durable than completely different stones, it might be damaged by drive as no stone is unquestionably chip-proof. Be careful with objects hitting the perimeters or near sink or dishwasher.

Does Cambria stand as much as heat? Can I put a scorching pan or pot on it?

It’s advisable to utilize trivet or scorching pad when transferring direct heat to your Cambria flooring. With sudden changes of temperature, pure stone surfaces can be damaged. When using small kitchen house gear or transferring heat from pots and pans, Cambria couldn’t stand as much as that heat. We advise using a scorching pad or trivet to protect your flooring.

Is Cambria safe for meals preparation?

Certain! Cambria is an NSF 51 licensed for meals and splash zones in industrial kitchens along with nonporous. That’s the most safe countertop for meals preparation.

NSF Worldwide is The Public Effectively being and Safety Agency™

Is Cambria a inexperienced product?

Being licensed by GREENGUARD, Cambria is a low-emitting product. It is acceptable faculty environments and indoor air top quality, confirmed with exams which have independently established that Cambria surfaces emit no harmful emissions.

A Cambria counter excessive is a manufactured product combining pure quartz (derived from granite) with a binding, coloring resin. Due to this fact the title. “quartz” countertop. This course of sorts a tough, low-maintenance, high-performance flooring very similar to a granite countertop.

Cambria counter tops provide a great deal of design latitude with a broad and evolving color-palette that features engaging patterns not found with completely different quartz countertop producers.

SlabВ thickness isВ each 2cm or 3cm (an identical to granite) with potential edge dimension as a lot as 6cm with laminated countertop edges.

This fluctuate accommodates 14В edge stylesВ along with sophisticated, “fancy” edges and other people for aВ thick/heavy slab look.В

Cambria is a unbelievable different to your kitchen counter tops, kitchen island or rest room self-importance. Tile may be obtainable, for partitions and showers.

Like all man-made quartz surfaces, Cambria counter tops cannot be used exterior for an outside kitchen. The resin that binds the quartz will yellow with publicity to the photo voltaic and UV rays. Quartz counter tops often should not impervious to wreck as many assume.В

Cambria Countertop Colors

Cambria countertop colors now amount aroundВ 100 obtainable in a broad fluctuate from whites to black, blues, browns, greens and most shades in-between.

Pattern choices for В quartz counter tops (whether or not or not Silestone, Zodiac, Caesarstone or a Cambria counter excessive) was fairly restricted to secure colors or a extremely uniform speckled pattern.

Many appreciated such patterns for the consistency, nonetheless many found the dearth of movement boring.

Cambria has responded to market requires addingВ natural-looking patterns that further realistically resemble the depth of granite along with refined marble-like patterns.В

In any case, further pure equals further movement.

Movement vs. consistencyВ has on a regular basis been a matter of personal model.

In any case, the advantage of a relentless Cambria counter excessive pattern (or granite pattern)В isВ minimizing visibility of seams.

Slabs with a relentless patternВ can be merely matched up and never utilizing a shift inside the pattern or color on the seams, whichВ is often a concernВ with granites which have a variety of pattern movement.

В AВ goodВ fabricator can match quartz/granite slabs to take away a color/pattern shift and an obvious seam, so this has in no way been quite a bit a difficulty inside the commerce.

Hiding seams isВ merely easier with fixed patterns whetherВ granite or quartz counter tops.В

So, in case you’re deciding. movement or consistency. don’t let the seam issue trouble you an extreme quantity of (whether or not or not granite or the model new pure Cambria counter excessive patterns) and easily associate with what you want.

Cambria Care & Cleaning

Resistant Not Invincible. Cambria counter tops are terribly resistant to chemical compounds, heat, scratching and marking (an identical to granite counter tops), nonetheless.

A Cambria counter topВ (like a number of quartz countertop) is not heat, scratch or stain-proof.В That’s important to know.

The reality that you simply don’t have to seal quartz seems to information many to think about it’s inconceivable to wreck. Not true.

Certain chemical compounds (like bleach) and meals merchandise akin to, wine, vinegar, tea, juice, espresso, soda, some fruit and veggies can stain or discolor the ground if these substances often should not promptly cleaned up.В

Really, it’s not quite a bit to worry about. The truth is that such occurrences are unusual and completely on white colors.В You’d should try pretty onerous and be very neglectful to do any precise hurt, nonetheless it is potential, so don’t let the promoting and advertising mislead you.В В

On a regular basis use slicing boards for meals prep, trivets beneath scorching pots and pans and wipe up spills sooner than they dry.

Every single day cleaning on quartz counter tops is a snap. Scorching water and a sponge are satisfactory for shielding points tidy. For further thorough cleaning that may depart the ground protected and looking its biggest use stone cleaner. Cambria counter tops are largely quartzВ (stone)В after-all.

Stone cleanersВ perform significantly better than generic cleaners, and you’ll avoid aВ in all probability eternal chemical stain that will occur with some merchandise on quartz counter tops.

I like this Granite & Marble Cleaning Spray, which provides superb outcomes and cheaper than others.

Do not use abrasive powders akin to Comet or abrasive scubbing pads.
For further Do’s & Don’ts and fundamental granite/quartz countertop repairs, go to the Care & Cleaning net web page.

Worth & Totally different Quartz Countertop Decisions

Totally different producers akin to Zodiac and Silestone make primarily the an identical product as a Cambria counter excessive. They’re all quartz counter tops made simply concerning the an identical technique.

Silestone is by far the chief of the market with further distributors, a further atmosphere pleasant manufacturing course of and additional colors to pick out from, nonetheless the look, actually really feel and efficiency of the product isn’t any “greater” than the others.

Worth of Cambria counter tops is akin to placing in a mid-range granite. One revenue is that all colors are the an identical worth. Rely on to pay between $50 -В $125 sq.В ft. counting on edge ingredient, cutouts and completely different variables.В All completely different quartz countertop producers are moreover within the an identical ballpark.

Deciding whichВ mannequin to buy will attainable come down to color choices and availability from you native fabricator or distributor. Silestone offers further colors nonetheless, Cambria counter tops provide fully completely different colors and distinctive patterns,В so it is attainable you will have to strive all companies.

Cambria vs. Granite

It’s All Promoting and advertising. No matter convincing promoting and advertising messages by makers of quartz counter tops, there isn’t any essential distinction regarding effectivity, function, cleaning or worth between granite and Cambria counter tops or completely different producers of quartz counter tops.

on Quartz vs. Granite along with cleaning and sealing can be found on the countertop comparability net web page.

What’s Cambria Quartz?

Cambria Quartz is a pure, quartz surfacing product that has various makes use of in your home or enterprise akin to counter tops, floor tile, vanities, fireplace surrounds, moist bars, showers, and so forth. Cambria Quartz is pure, pure quartz, one in every of many hardest and commonest minerals on Earth. A couple of of Cambria Quartz’s designs have the pure appear and feel of granite, marble and completely different quarried stones, nonetheless choices superior effectivity because of its power and sturdiness. It is nonporous and will not take up meals and liquids like granite does. And higher of all, it is maintenance-free.

How does Cambria Quartz study to granite?

Cambria Quartz is 93% quartz, a pure stone. Quartz is the terribly onerous mineral that gives Cambria Quartz its power. Granite is barely about 40% to 60% quartz, along with completely different softer minerals and impurities. With Cambria Quartz, you get the texture and seem of granite, nonetheless get hold of greater power and the advantage of it being nonporous and maintenance free. Merely wash it with warmth water, and use a delicate cleansing cleaning soap if desired. Cambria Quartz is stain resistant and in no way desires sealing or reconditioning. Granite is a porous stone and should be sealed recurrently with a chemical remedy. It may probably take up liquids and meals, risking potential staining and bacterial growth all through the countertop.

How is Cambria Quartz fully completely different from completely different quartz surfaces?

Cambria Quartz is the one American agency inside the quartz surfaces enterprise. Cambria Quartz’s design selections are moreover significantly fully completely different, reflecting our information and responsiveness to {{the marketplace}}. Furthermore, Cambria Quartz is a family-owned agency with larger than 60 years of manufacturing experience.

Is Cambria Quartz made or manufactured in a plant?

The Cambria Quartz facility produces pure quartz into slabs by combining pure quartz with a small amount of pigment and resin. By means of the recombining course of, we’re able to recreate slabs which may be nonporous, sturdy and compact.

What are the distinctive benefits of Cambria Quartz?

BEAUTY – Cambria Quartz is accessible in further than 100 designs. These distinct designs boast the pure magnificence and variation of quarry reduce stone.

STRONG – Diamond-like hardness, superior power. Cambria Quartz is stronger than granite.

MAINTENANCE-FREE – No sealing or sharpening required. Merely wash it with warmth water, use light cleansing cleaning soap if desired. It’s that straightforward.

FOOD SAFE – Cambria Quartz is nonporous and is NSF 51 licensed for meals and splash zone use. Rest assured, there is not a safer flooring for patrons.

STAIN RESISTANT – Cambria Quartz will resist stains from widespread house items akin to espresso, tea and wine.

GUARANTEED – Cambria Quartz moreover offers a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY.

Does Cambria Quartz require care and maintenance?

No, defending with its care-free promise, Cambria Quartz requires no sealing, sharpening or reconditioning…ever. Merely wipe with warmth water and use light cleansing cleaning soap if desired. Due to its nonporous nature, and in distinction to granite, it does NOT require widespread sealing and is stain resistant.

Is Cambria Quartz resistant to flooring hurt?

Cambria Quartz is sturdy and additional resistant to flooring hurt than completely different stone. Nonetheless, all stone can be damaged by drive and no stone is chip-proof. Objects hitting edges, considerably at sinks or dishwashers, may set off chips. Though a minor knife slip will uninteresting the knife and by no means harm Cambria Quartz, no stone flooring is scratch-proof. Flooring markings are further seen on monotone designs than multi-colored surfaces.

Does Cambria Quartz stand as much as heat? Can I put a scorching pan or pot on it?

Pure stone surfaces can be damaged by sudden and/or quick change of temperature, notably near the perimeters along with direct and/or sustained heating of the very best. Cambria Quartz couldn’t stand as much as the direct change of heat from pots and pans and completely different cooking fashions akin to electrical frying pans and griddles, and some crock-pots or roaster ovens and heat lamps. Because of this truth, utilizing a scorching pad or trivet is on a regular basis advisable to forestall heating the product.

Is Cambria Quartz resistant to staining?

Cambria Quartz’s nonporous and nonabsorbent flooring is resistant to staining and eliminates the need for any sealing. Its nonporous flooring moreover vastly reduces the potential for bacterial growth from meals absorbing into your countertop.

Is Cambria Quartz safe for meals preparation?

Certain, Cambria Quartz is nonporous and is NSF 51 licensed for meals and splash zones in industrial kitchens. There is not a safer countertop for meals preparation. NSF Worldwide is The Public Effectively being and Safety Agency™

What variety of designs is Cambria Quartz obtainable in?

Cambria Quartz is accessible in further than 100 designs. View our COLLECTION to see the variety of our design selection.

Does the color go everywhere in the Cambria Quartz product?

Certain, Cambria Quartz’s pure quartz and rich colors go everywhere in the material.

What kind of sink can I exploit?

Cambria Quartz may be utilized with any under-mount or drop in sink, along with stainless-steel, cast-iron, porcelain, or secure flooring. Farm sinks can even be used.

Do you provide a warranty? What does the assure embrace?

Cambria Quartz offers a LIFETIME LIMITED WARRANTY for product defects for as long as the distinctive proprietor owns the product.

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Can you put hot pans on cambria

Can you put hot pans on cambria

Kitchens really are the middle of the home. They’re one of many important important components when searching for a house. Kitchens are moreover one in every of many few investments in home enchancment you’re further vulnerable to see a return on.

Cambria Quartz is an efficient countertop selection that has many added benefits to house owners other than being beautiful. Beneath we’ll concentrate on just a few of the professionals and cons Cambria counter tops provide.

Cambria is pure quartz that’s pure and generally is a notably onerous mineral. Cambria Quartz is the engaging outcomes of a producing course of that creates a stone of most power.

In case you are looking for to remodel your kitchen there are good causes to resolve on Cambria Quartz to your counter tops. It’s already a extraordinarily widespread different for these which may be remodeling. Though it’s not a household title, like Granite or Marble, however with so many positives it will be shortly.


As talked about, Cambria Quartz is awfully onerous. This makes for very sturdy counter tops. The ground could also be very resistant to chips and scratches.

Cambria counter tops have a 25-year, or lifetime, assure. Totally different trendy countertop selections, like Granite, solely provide a 10-year assure.


There are quite a few good ideas for kitchen remodels. A couple of of them include together with a pop of color to your kitchen. Cambria Quartz is right for that. It’s out there in various fully completely different color selections and patterns.

There are over 100 fully completely different color selections of Cambria Quartz to pick out from. These embrace neutrals and pastels, to vibrant and loud colors that create a beautiful assertion piece in any kitchen.

Some selections even mimic pure stone. From the elegant marble look to a full secure color, Cambria Quartz has the kind you’re trying to find.

Many house items emit air pollution inside the air of our properties. These dangerous pure compounds can negatively have an effect on our properly being if they aren’t filtrated accurately. It is important to solely have household furnishings that retains us safe.

Considered one of many benefits of Cambria counter tops is that the GreenGuard Indoor Air Prime quality has licensed Cambria Quartz as a low-emitting product. Which implies that Cambria Quartz has been acknowledged as an indoor supplies that is safe. No need for expensive air filtration or air movement strategies due to the counter tops.

If that isn’t enough, Cambria counter tops have moreover been licensed by NSF Worldwide as a safe flooring. The non-porous flooring it has doesn’t current a habitat for micro organism, mould, and mildew growth. You can slice and chop greens and raw meat with out having for a slicing board.

Cambria Quartz is cleaner than granite and marble counter tops which have a porous flooring.

Low Maintenance

Cambria Quartz counter tops are moreover very low repairs. It is stain-resistant, so that you simply don’t need to fret about these espresso rings or wine spills. These usually occur in Granite and Marble as a result of the acid corrodes the porous flooring inside the stone.

Cambria Quartz can merely be cleaned with a small towel or paper towels and warmth water if these accidents do happen. Its anti-bacterial flooring moreover signifies that you simply don’t should spend money on cleaning offers with harsh chemical compounds.

There is not a need to shine or reseal Cambria Quartz every couple of years. Cambria Quartz will hold its shine all by its lifetime and look merely as new as a result of the day it was put in.

The benefit-of-use Cambria Quartz offers house owners makes it a perfect option to your kitchen rework.

In case you are nonetheless contemplating, must I exploit Cambria Quartz? Let’s concentrate on just a few of the cons of this supplies to greater assist your decision-making.

No matter all the positives that Cambria counter tops provide, there are some negatives to think about. It’s important to concentrate to those so that it would not catch you off guard when you schedule a session to your mannequin new counter tops.

Elevated Worth

In case you’re doing a side-by-side comparability between the worth of Granite and Cambria Quartz, you’ll uncover that Quartz is costlier. It costs further per sq. foot than Granite.

It’s important to note that this larger worth is found initially. The up-front arrange worth and the related charge per sq. foot are costlier nonetheless when you take into account the value of repairs and repairs, Quartz can actually end up saving you money over its lifetime.

In case you’re desirous about Cambria Quartz we have accessible selections. Uncover our fully completely different financing selections to see what works biggest for you and your family members.

Seen Seams

Cambria Quartz goes by the use of a producing course of that creates personalized sizes and cuts for counter tops. Normally it’ll require that two stones be molded collectively to type a secure block.

With this, there is a seam that is left behind. The seam is often very skinny and inconspicuous. When kitchen units and utensils are positioned, the seams often go unnoticed.

Seam placement can differ in an effort to cowl it further, nonetheless there’s no technique spherical having them. Cambria Quartz counter tops can have seen seams. Notably on lighter and solid-colored countertop selections.

A lot much less Heat Resistance

No matter being a extremely onerous flooring, which makes it very sturdy, Quartz simply is not very heat resistant. Inserting a scorching pot, baking tray, or scorching pan will hurt your countertop. You might should assume twice sooner than quickly placing that scorching plate from the microwave down on Cambria counter tops.

Bear in mind to replenish on scorching pads and heat security to position out scorching dishes. Even prolonged publicity to sunlight may set off discoloration and marks. Cambria Quartz simply is not advisable for outdoor counter tops because of this.

If a particular part of the countertop is uncovered to sunlight from a window or entryway, there can be discoloration in that half.

Considering Cambria Quartz?

Given its sturdiness, safeness, low repairs, and customization selections it is easy to see why more and more extra house owners are deciding on Cambria Quartz for his or her kitchen rework. It is a superb selection for lots of kitchen life.

As with most countertop provides, it does must be professionally put in. Contact us at current to further uncover Cambria Quartz selections and acquire a free estimate.

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Can you put hot pans on cambria

The kitchen is generally a home’s hottest room. By extension, it is also the busiest room. However, it might be basically probably the most dangerous home on account of heat publicity. This brings the precedence of sustaining counter tops given the number of capabilities they serve and offers the hazards they face with scorching objects, meals spills and stains.

A countertop can add to the aesthetics of a home. Nonetheless how do you assure sturdiness given the current objects which can encounter the countertop? Protect learning for some pointers.

Can you put hot pans on cambria 405 Midday

Considering a model new kitchen countertop? Proper right here’s why it’s best to get a heat-resistant one.

  • If a countertop is resistant to heat, it is further resistant to flames. Since most fires start inside the kitchen, getting a fire-resistant countertop significantly reduces the potential of small fires spreading.
  • Heat-resistant counter tops are a lot much less vulnerable to wreck from malfunctioning kitchen gear. For instance, if a slow-cooker spills or overturns, it is further vulnerable to set off burns on a non-heat-resistant countertop.
  • Heat-resistant counter tops final extra and often should not hurt inclined, saving you pointless costs in repairs or different.

When you’ve gotten been considering switching up your countertop, you’ve got attainable found about quartz counter tops in your evaluation. With the big choice of colors and designs, you’re constructive to hunt out one factor that matches the aesthetics of your property or kitchen.

Can you put hot pans on cambria 406 Clearskies

Quartz counter tops are heat resistant. Nonetheless how quite a bit heat can it take?

Are quartz counter tops heat resistant? Certain nonetheless not heat proof!

Whereas a quartz countertop is heat resistant, it might be damaged if uncovered to an extreme quantity of heat.

Quartz counter tops are made with as a lot as 90% quartz. The rest of the material is pigments and resin. As a result of the resin can solely stand as much as roughly 150 ranges, placing extraordinarily widespread provides akin to a pan instantly out of the oven will burn the countertop and set off eternal hurt.

Errors happen, so it is attainable you will place a scorching pan in your quartz countertop and see prompt scorch marks in your countertop, usually brown or yellow. This does not indicate that the countertop is completely ruined. It’s a signal of a resin burn, which professionals can usually – though not on a regular basis – restore.

You may also uncover that moderately scorching pans and pots may set off discoloration in your quartz countertop if left on the ground for prolonged intervals, which is why a scorching pad or trivet ought for use.

Can you put hot pans on cambria 406 Clearskies

Listed below are some strategies to forestall heat hurt in your quartz countertop:

  • Defend your quartz counter tops from extreme heat with scorching pads or trivets. When you understand that placing a scorching pot in your quartz countertop can break it, you can usually overlook. For efficiency, protect these defending objects near the vary to avoid by likelihood placing scorching objects on the counter tops.
  • Use coasters. Whereas it is unlikely that tea and low mugs will burn by the use of your quartz countertop, you do not need to menace it. Using coasters will defend your counter tops from any burn and might help hold them over time.
  • Do not await spills to dry. Clear them immediately. Spills are common, notably inside the kitchen. If you is also tempted to finish your meal and wipe the spills later, you do not need to attend it out if the spill is in your quartz countertop. Be cautious of acidic substances akin to espresso, soda, wine and cooking oils. Wiping these spills sooner than they dry ensures they don’t stick or stain.
  • The sort of countertop cleaner points. For optimum repairs of your quartz countertop, be selective with the sort of cleaner you utilize. Warmth, soapy water will do the trick. Alkaline extreme merchandise like bleach, acidic cleaners like degreasers and glass cleaners can significantly harm your quartz countertop.
  • The sort of cleaning material moreover points. Using an abrasive scouring pad will scratch the ground of your quartz countertop. For durability, use a delicate material or sponge. Get a slicing board. It’s tempting to utilize a kitchen countertop as a slicing board. Whereas the quartz countertop is strong, using it as a slicing board will depart disagreeable slicing marks.
  • You might have to rethink standing or sitting in your quartz countertop. Whereas a quartz countertop is strong and durable, do not use it as a sitting or standing software program.

Can you put hot pans on cambria405 Midday


Quartz kitchen counter tops are heat resistant and may defend in direction of the unfold of fireplace. Nonetheless, additional warning must be taken as a result of the counter tops can get damaged from publicity to further heat. Ensure you use heat protectors akin to coasters, scorching pads and trivets to protect the counter tops from heat hurt.