Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

If your wall surface surface areas in your home are horrible or monotonous as an outcome of plaster that is previous its prime or otherwise to your choice, you can cover the plaster with drywall. It’s as simple as merely putting the drywall sheets right over old plaster.

By using some sheets you can conceal old acnes without a large amount of issues.

5 Quick Tips Pertaining To the Installation of Drywall over Old Plaster

1. Expense

If you are challenged with redesigning plaster or taking care of plaster wall surface surface areas, it may be much less expensive to merely put drywall right over it. Its expense makes it a favored alternative for countless home proprietors. Establishing drywall will perhaps be much less expensive along with faster than working together with plaster wall surface surface areas.

2. Design along with appeal

Drywall will absolutely be smooth, structured, along with beautiful when installed by expert installers. It’s harder for novices to get the identical result as specialists, specifically when it comes time for mudding along with taping. Drywall can be painted numerous times to obtain any type of sort of look you want.

3. Insulation structures

When the drywall is installed in a home it helps to keep the location temperature degree whether it is comfy or cold along with improves insulation. This will absolutely help you increase your power efficiency, minimized your power rates, along with keep the interior temperature degree stable.

4. Fire resistance

Drywall will absolutely decrease the spread of fires in frameworks. Drywall is generally rated for controling the spread of fire for 30 minutes. There is special drywall (Kind X) that you can obtain with a rather different core, that is rated for one human resources of controling the spread the fire.

Simply just how the fire resistance of drywall contrasts to plaster is not a fundamental problem. Vintage plaster installed on lumber lath was a tinder box. Presently plaster is installed sometimes on steel lath which is a numerous story.

5. Easy to establish along with solution

Drywall is fairly extremely simple both to establish or solution. That asserted, the mudding along with taping are harder, along with you need them done well to have a professional-looking job. Nevertheless, if you wait for an adjustment, placing drywall over tired plaster will absolutely give you an advanced, modern, awesome, along with beautiful look.

Turner Bros Professionals Ltd. has in fact been providing steel-stud structure, drywall, along with acoustic ceiling remedies for house along with organization applications in the Vancouver area considered that1932 The company is family-run with 4 generations of the member of the family meant in organization.

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

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If the plaster wall surface surface areas in your home are uninviting or additionally expensive to take care of, you can cover them with drywall along with start fresh. Drywall calls for a sturdy substratum, so fasten loosened up plaster back to the lumber lath strips behind it with plaster screws. Plaster screws have a washer-type installment that helps quit the plaster from fracturing. Mess up any type of sort of crumbled plaster off the lath along with fill the resulting hollow with an area of drywall. When old plaster is sustained, the wall surface surface areas are generally audio enough for new drywall.

Detach the wall surfaces, windows and doors trim along with crown molding in the location with the degree end of a bar. Contact number the back of each product of trim to help you re-install the things appropriately.

Eliminate electrical face layers covering electric outlets along with light switches with a flat-head screwdriver.

Locate the wall surface area studs behind the plaster with a stud finder. Stud finder treatment differs rather by manufacturer, nevertheless several are battery powered. As a stud finder is passed throughout a wall surface area, the enhanced wall surface area density that reveals a stud is shown by lights or sounds from the stud finder. Adhering to the manufacturer’s operating instructions, find the studs throughout the location along with mark the locations near the lower side of the wall surface area as close to the floor covering as viable. If doing away with the wall surfaces subjected part of the wall surface area studs at the floor covering level, you do not call for to keep in mind the studs on the wall surface area.

Location a row of 1-inch-thick boards on the floor covering along the base of one wall surface area. Transfer the stud locations from the wall surface area straight to the boards on the floor covering, keeping in mind the tops of the boards with a pencil. These boards are furthermore spacers that create an advancement space in between the reduced side of the drywall along with the floor covering.

Develop the extremely initial sheet of drywall versus the wall surface area along with rest the reduced side along with the row of spacer boards.

Insert 2-inch drywall screws using the drywall along with ideal into the wall surface area studs behind the plaster with a power drill along with a Phillip’s- head screwdriver bit. Make use of the stud marks on the spacer boards as a stud location introduction. Location screws around 6 inches apart along every stud, nevertheless do not place screws closer than 3/4 inch from the sides of the drywall.

Hang the remainder of the drywall on the wall surface area, leaving a 1/8-inch location in between sheets, up till you reach conclusion of the wall surface area. As you resemble an obstacle such as an electric outlet or light switch, action along with mark the location of the obstacle on the drywall along with eliminate the opening with a power blade.

Get the spacer boards after the wall surface area is complete, along with relocate the boards to the adhering to wall surface area.

Scrape out the old stud location marks on the boards, make new stud marks as needed, afterwards continue hanging drywall around the location likewise.

Things You Will Definitely Need

Boards, 1 inch thick

Drywall screws, 2 inch

Power drill with Phillip’s- head screwdriver bit

Oftentimes, plaster is much thicker than you comprehend. If 2-inch drywall screws do not buy the studs behind the plaster, longer screws have to function.

Total the drywall with drywall joint compound along with joint tape as you would absolutely with any type of sort of different other drywall arrangement.

Reinstall the trim things in the identical order that you removed them. Often, you will absolutely call for to minimize a few of the wall surface along with crown molding locations at the ends where they please in sides. The additional thickness of drywall lowers the location of the location. Make these trim cuts with a miter saw, reproducing the angles of the first cuts.


Make use of the slim drywall. Incredibly thick drywall will likely require you to reorganize the existing electrical boxes, called gang boxes, in advance to bring the cutting edge flush with the drywall. With thinner drywall, you can generally chill out the screws on a receptacle by around 1/2 seek to transfer the receptacle in advance rather. If you are not comfortable working together with electric power, use an electric service provider to close down the power before you begin working along with to make necessary adjustments after you are finished placing the drywall.

Some installers hang drywall without doing away with the wall surfaces along with the doors and also home window trim. This sort of arrangement, which butts versus the trim instead of ideal behind it, is immediately popular as an inaccurate faster means. Cut molding requires to fit satisfied with the airplane of the wall surface area, not recess right into it.

In countless older residences with plaster wall surface surface areas, wall surfaces were customized grated for your residence. Damaged wall surfaces may be expensive to transform, along with require a professional millworker’s capability.

Think of the sincerity of the plaster before hanging drywall over it. Generally, plaster that continues to be in superb trouble is a much harder along with additional safe wall surface area item. Oftentimes, drywall disagrees with of your house. Plaster that simply has a number of divides is extremely simple to repair with a skim layer of surface area plaster.

Released on Last updated: November 5, 2019

For years, plaster wall surface surface areas can become uninviting as an outcome of either discoloring or your typical wear and tear. Repairing your plastered wall surface surface areas can be relatively expensive. Instead, save some money by covering them with drywall. They’ll look better, they’ll be much more effective, along with you’ll keep a lot more cash in your pocket.

Guarantee your plaster is properly safeguarded

Because a sturdy substratum is required to fasten drywall properly, it is necessary that you connect any type of sort of loosened up plaster to the lumber lath strips. Guarantee you use plaster screws to secure the plaster properly

These screws have special setups that eliminate the chance of the plaster fracturing. If you see any type of sort of falling down plaster hanging from the lath, ensure to scuff it off You’ll afterwards plan to use a thing of drywall to fill deep space.

Gather the needed tools

When you comprehend that the plaster fastened to the lumber lath is sustained as long as it can be, you can afterwards start consisting of a new drywall over the top of the plaster. To do this, you’ll call for the sticking to tools:

  • 2-inch drywall screws
  • 1/2 inch thick drywall boards (either 4-by-8 or 4-by-12 sheets)
  • 5-gallon container of Joint compound
  • Bar
  • Liquid nails
  • Determining tape
  • Stud finder
  • Electric saw
  • Flat-head screwdriver
  • Pencil
  • Power drill accompanied with a Philip’s- head screwdriver bit

Eliminate the trim

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

When you have in fact gathered all the needed tools, you can begin. You’ll plan to start by doing away with all the windows and doors trim, the wall surfaces, along with the crown molding Make use of the degree end of the bar to get this done.

In Addition To this, use the flat-head screwdriver to remove all the electrical outlets along with light switch faceplates Guarantee you take your time when doing this, so you do not harm or crack any type of among the things.

Locate the studs behind the plaster wall surface area

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

With the stud finder, locate the studs in the wall surface area behind the plaster. When you find a stud, use your pencil to note it’s location Nevertheless, when you note it, do it as close to the floor covering as you can get

Do this for every single solitary stud in the wall surface area you’re taking care of. Presently, if the studs became subjected near the floor covering when you removed the wall surfaces, you will certainly not call for to note their location with a pencil. You can presently see where they are.

You could furthermore analyze this article to find the techniques for discovering studs without a stud finder.

Cut your panels

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

Activity along with minimize all your drywall sheets to measurement. You’ll need your gauging tape along with an electric saw to do this. It is necessary to evaluate along with minimize your drywall sheets right. This will absolutely prevent you from shedding unnecessary time, campaign, along with money.

You’ll presently plan to minimize openings in drywall for electrical boxes along with lights. There are a variety of different tools you can use to finish this, containing handsaws, jigsaws, along with specialized saws. The significance is to minimize the sheets, so they properly fit concerning the sides of the doors, residence windows, along with around the bend. Taking advantage of a chalk line when making prolonged cuts is incredibly valuable.

Once they are minimized, you can use a drywall rasp to clean the sides When you put the panels as long as fasten them, a sharp blade features well to reduce any type of sort of sides that are additionally restricted.

Bear In Mind That you must not screw the drywall before reducing these elements You call for to check out the fit before you press the drywall to the wall surface area.

Attach your drywall over the plaster

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

Taking advantage of a caulk tool, make use of a philanthropic amount of Liquid Nails to the surface onto the wall surface area. When fastening sheets of drywall, frequently ensure you start in addition to the wall surface area, along with frequently place your drywall sheets level This is among one of the most effective methods to fasten drywall over plaster.

Start in addition to the wall surface area, positioning the extremely initial sheet of drywall up till it’s flush in the leading top side. You could call for an aiding hand to do this, so if you have a friend or family member that can help you, it’ll be a a great deal less complicated job.

When you have in fact put the sheet of drywall in the ideal location, connect it right into the studs with the 2-inch drywall screws Guarantee your screws are spaced out by 18- inch besides each various other along with ensure you countersink every screw.

Adhering to, fasten your cut-to-size sheet of drywall at the end of the wall surface area. After you have in fact place your 2-inch drywall screws, see if there is an area in between the leading along with minimized drywall sheets. Usually there will absolutely be an area in between these 2 sheets

Figure out the location needed to be filled with the gauging tape along with minimized a thing of drywall to match that nullify. Make sure the sides of this product together with the leading along with minimized sheets are all flush with each different other.

Tape along with mud all the openings, sides, along with different other acnes

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

Considering That you have all the drywall up, taping along with mudding is the adhering to task. With a premium quality compound, fill in all the openings along with sides, tape all the sides along with joints, along with handle any type of sort of different other acnes you occur to see When taping degree joints in between the wall surface area panels, several specialists suggest utilizing a fiberglass balance tape.

When you have in fact utilized the tape, fill in the joints with the compound you chose. It is essential to simply make use of a slim layer along with carefully sand in between each layer you make use of Permit your compound totally dry and also after that improve your wall surface surface areas any type of sort of methods you choose. It’s your location, so get cutting-edge with it.

In addition asked, simply exactly how do you conceal old plaster wall surface surface areas?

Utilize a layer of overview to the wall surface area to safeguard the compound before covering with paint or wallpaper.

  1. Factors You Will Definitely Need. Dust mask.
  2. Guideline. A skim layer can cover most horrible plaster surface with the exemption of treats ceilings.
  3. Referrals (2) This Old Home: Specifically Exactly How to Deal With a Plaster Ceiling.
  4. Worrying the Author.
  5. Image Financial Debts.

On top of that, can you establish drywall over plaster ceiling? Hanging drywall over old plaster is incredibly common. If the existing strapping is securely protected to the ceiling, you have to have the capability to hang sheetrock I use 3/8″ rock frequently over plaster wall surface surface areas along with ceilings The weight is not an issue.

In addition asked, simply exactly how do I hang something on a plaster wall surface area?

Method 2 Device to Heavy Picture

  1. Determine where to hang your photo.
  2. Location painter’s tape over the mark.
  3. Location another little tape listed here the opening.
  4. Extremely meticulously puncture an opening right into the plaster.
  5. Hammer an assistance right into the wall surface area.
  6. Manage the screw right into your assistance.
  7. Clean the area.
  8. Hang up the photo.

Do plaster wall surface surface areas call for overview?

Plaster wall surface surface areas are additional in jeopardy to wetness than drywall, along with demand excellent overviews Oil-based overviews are one of the most reliable option for old wall surface surface areas They have costs discolor blocking capacities, along with will absolutely keep any type of sort of old stainings from hemorrhaging using to new paint.

Amongst the fastest approaches to cover old, damaged, or broken plaster wall surface surface areas is to hang drywall over them. Taking advantage of 1/4-inch sheets, you can cover old acnes without consisting of too much additional surface area task. Nonetheless before you choose to go obtain a stack of drywall, permit’s take a little closer think about a few of the scenarios where this may be additional handy than trying to take care of the existing wall surface surface areas.

Drywall Over Damaged Plaster

If you have in fact broken plaster, you can try to repair it. It is viable for an unskilled homeowner to take care of the divides, nevertheless to get a smooth look that mirrors the first wall surface area, you will perhaps call for to find a professional that focuses on wandering plaster wall surface surface areas. Amongst the aspects that several people choose to just hang drywall over a damaged plaster wall surface area is considering that these plaster specialists are expensive, along with they are getting additional expensive as there are much less along with much less of them. If you plan to keep the sincerity of an old home along with can spend for the per hr cost, naturally have them redone– nevertheless if you merely want a neat look that you can do by yourself, hanging new drywall may be one of the most reliable solution.

Drywall Over Paneling

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

There are a variety of approaches to look after paneling. 35 years back, timber paneling was a prominent product taken advantage of to total interior residence. It was generally dark along with established a warm room that was matched by all-natural colored carpets along with home furnishings. That craze– the bright side is, some would absolutely declare– has in fact continued. Nevertheless, if you are adhered to wall surface surface areas covered in dark paneling, there are a number of options easily offered to catapult you right into the 21 st century. One is to just paint the paneling. Guarantee you prime it at first considering that the paint will certainly not stick fairly perhaps to the slick, laminated paneling surface. The second option is to hang drywall right over the top. When finished properly, this will absolutely give you the neat smooth look that offers a pallet for the extreme locations that manage today’s improving layouts. As well as additionally unlike paint, the paneling will absolutely be totally hidden, without grain or joints exposing using.

Drywall Over Damaged Drywall

The last situation that could require you to hang new drywall is when you have in fact tried to remove relentless wallpaper from existing drywall. Did all the face paper of the drywall succumb to the wallpaper? Do you have big brown locations that are flaking? While these can be skim covered along with repaired, it is incredibly hard to get them looking like new, so this is a fantastic situation in which to take into account re-hanging the drywall.

Tips to remember When Hanging Over Existing Wall Surface Surfaces

When you have in fact made a decision to take place along with re-hang, there are merely a number of simple factors that you call for to remember before you start.

Electric Parts

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

Each of your electrical outlets along with light switch boxes are presently more than likely to be 1/4-inch additionally quick. They were installed to make certain that they would absolutely fit flush with the first wall surface area, and also currently you are making the wall surface area 1/4-inch thicker. No need to panic. You can obtain developments for these boxes at your area home improvement store, along with they aren’t hard to establish.

Door Jambs along with Windowsills

An added feature of your home that will absolutely call for to be broadened is the jambs of the doors along with residence windows that jump on the wall surface area you are re-hanging. The identical idea utilizes similar to the electrical boxes. You can obtain developments in the molding location of your area home improvement store along with minimized them to the dimension you call for as quickly as you get them home.

One of the most considerable problem, specifically if you have in fact tarnished woodwork, will absolutely be getting the jamb developments to match the first jambs when you blemish them. You might take into account doing away with a little product of your woodwork along with taking it to the store with you so you can get a precise match.

Molding along with Trim

Can you put thin drywall over plaster walls

The last indicate remember before beginning is that your wall surfaces, chair rails, along with crown moldings will absolutely require to be removed along with re-cut. If you make sure when removing them, there is no factor that you can not re-use them. You merely call for to bear in mind that for every single solitary wall surface area you re-hang, the boundary of the location gets 1/4-inch smaller sized, along with the trim things will absolutely require to be cut properly before you can reattach them.


Hanging new drywall over existing wall surface surface areas is incredibly similar to hanging drywall in a new structure arrangement. Among one of the most significant difference is that you can not see the studs to comprehend where to put your screws. If you accept spend the money, you can settle this problem by acquiring a stud finder along with keeping in mind where it detects studs after you set up the drywall. If you can not find a commendable stud finder or do not plan to spend the money, you can furthermore fight this problem by making little marks on the ceiling beforehand that mark the location of the upright studs. Do what you call for to do when it comes to boosting the wall surface area below considered that you will absolutely rapidly be covering it up in any case. This treatment is sensibly simple with wall surface surface areas that are paneled considering that you can truly see the first nail openings with the naked eye. Just abide by the openings to the ceiling along with make a mark. If you do not have paneling, you can generally assume that there is 16 inches in between the studs, nevertheless it is an outstanding pointer to find a stud, evaluate it off in both guidelines, and also after that exam to see where the adhering to one is. This will absolutely save you a large amount of migraine headache after you have in fact started hanging your new things.

Go look at the location you plan to remodel. A rapid examination requires to help you figure out if you plan to repair what you have, or re-hang the location. Regardless, start making an approach. Jobs like these can work wonders as you try to find to update your room along with increase the worth along with appearance of your home.