Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Wallpapering over hardwood paneling is viable, although you require to prepare the paneling suitably to ensure the wallpaper sticks which you do not punch openings in the paper in the locations where the grooves are. This is perhaps genuinely remarkable info considering precisely just how tough it can be to do away with the paneling.

Perfect Wallpaper for Hardwood Paneling

One of the most efficient paper for covering hardwood paneling is the long lasting option. It will absolutely give you a lot less concerns, especially if you have shallower grooves in addition to choice not to caulk. Tough wallpaper will absolutely be more challenging to pass through in addition to much less made complex to adjust as called for. There are 2 numerous other benefits to this details wallpaper.

  • You can use it as a base layer for an additional decorative wallpaper.
  • You can acquire a vacant wallpaper that you can paint on, which is ideal if you are the imaginative kind or if you desire to consist of a mural to your wall surface area.

Preparation Job

The amount of prep job you require to do will absolutely rely on precisely just how deep the panel grooves are. For the greatest end results, you can caulk the grooves (regardless of precisely just how surface), yet if the grooves are higher than a quarter of an inch deep, you call for to caulk them to prevent puncturing the wallpaper.

Regardless of the deepness of the grooves, you will absolutely call for to clean up down the wall surface surface areas to make sure that they are clean (no mold and mildew as well as mold, dirt, or dust). If you require to caulk the grooves, enable the caulk totally dry before cleansing down the wall surface surface areas.

Eventually, you call for to consist of a latex overview over the panels, enable the overview totally dry as well as later on consist of an acrylic-emulsion sizing. These activities will absolutely make the panels’ surface rougher to make sure that that wallpaper sticks a whole lot a lot more comfortably.

Make Use Of the Wallpaper

It is frequently best to consist of a large wallpaper level before consisting of an additional decorative wallpaper. If you are establishing a base layer in addition to you hang it level, you will certainly not have the problem of overlapping joints with the decorative wallpaper.

The decorative wallpaper is put up in a similar way you would absolutely hang it over numerous other wallpaper. No special task is required currently if you have in fact presently covered the hardwood panel with a resilient wallpaper. If you consist of a wallpaper that you can paint on, make sure the paper is totally dry before you start paint.

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Are you looking for pointers on precisely just how to hide your old hardwood paneling? Well, listed below are some remarkable approaches to hide hardwood paneling in addition to transform your old timber paneling right into something modern in addition to brand-new.

1. Repainting Old Hardwood Paneling

As they mention, paint is amongst one of the most practical in addition to affordable approaches to bring back any kind of kind of location.

Recommendation: placed on safety and security as well as safety and security clothing when using paint, paint thinner in addition to repaint cleanser. Open doors, residence windows, in addition to numerous other exhaust systems in your residence. Guard surface by placing documents or a ground fabric around your paint area.

Preparation Job

Before you start painting hardwood paneling, prepare the area at first. Location documents or a ground fabric on the floor covering where you will absolutely be operating.

Location hiding tape along the area of the wall surface area or area of the home furnishings that you do not desire to be painted.

If there is old paint on the surface of the hardwood panel, remove this layer with some paint post professional dancer in addition to a paint cleaner tool.

Utilize the paint post professional dancer as received the product tag in addition to delay till the solution features. You will absolutely see that the paint post professional dancer has in fact worked when the paint begins to bubble. After 15 to 20 minutes, the old paint prepares to be removed. Use rubber handwear covers to protect your hands. Use the degree tool to do away with all the paint from the panel.

After you have in fact removed all the paint, use sandpaper (220 grit) to sand all the surface of the panels (simply if the paneling is severe to the tough).

You will absolutely see there are divides, nail openings in addition to numerous other imperfections along the hardwood grain. You should certainly fill these with hardwood filler. You can acquire paintable hardwood filler in lots of tools stores. Utilize the hardwood filler along the areas where there are imperfections, afterwards sand with 220 when totally dry. You could call for to make use of the hardwood filler numerous times to acquire a smooth ideal wall surface area. Hereafter, you could presently utilize your preliminary layer of paint.

Paint, last but not least

Begin paint from the top of the panel downwards (not like the picture listed here) in smooth in addition to additionally strokes. If you are working together with larger panels, a roller would absolutely be better so you can preserve time. For hardwood paneling along residence windows in addition to entries, you should certainly make use of a 1-inch brush.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

After you are done with the preliminary layer, allow it to totally dry completely for pertaining to a human resources or 2. Utilize the adhering to layer of paint when the preliminary layer has completely completely dry. Darker paneling could require a lot more layers as the hardwood will absolutely absorb your paint quickly.


Make sure consisting of means way too many layers. Oftentimes, the hardwood paneling could take in a whole lot paint that it starts to rive from itself. You can make use of hardwood sticky to put it back with each various other if this happens.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Notice the dark upright areas on this picture, the leading layer truly rived in addition to “gurgled” up

What else can you completed with hardwood paneling?

Hardwood paneling goes out style so below are a couple of various other approaches to upgrade it. Paint is the preliminary selection, yet you can still see the hardwood panels, they are just a new color presently. Some rotating ideas are:

2. Wallpaper Over the Hardwood Paneling

A “simple” approach to hide your hardwood paneling is to wallpaper over it. Nevertheless there is a strategy to it because regular wallpaper will absolutely still expose the grooves in addition to you call for a degree area for ideal wallpapering.

The secret is to make use of a wallpaper cellular lining (comparable to this) at first. The wallpaper cellular lining will absolutely hide any kind of kind of imperfections on your wall surface surface areas in addition to it makes your wall surface area excellent in addition to degree for visualizing.

Below are standards if you select to go this course:– nonetheless, ensure to transform their activity 4 (Prime the hardwood paneling) with my wallpaper lining method. You do not call for to prime in addition to you’ll acquire way better end results.

Below is a new video I construct (with a GoPro strapped to my head in addition to a helpful pet dog feline) showing exactly how basic it is to make use of the wallpaper cellular lining to cover the hardwood paneling. Similarly, in this video, I presently tried painting the paneling white, yet I still had actually not been pleased with it, so visualizing is my second to last resort before definitely tearing it out in addition to drywalling.

Materials/Tools used:

Some factors I learnt:

  • Eliminate all steel side beading before you start! The wallpaper cellular lining will absolutely NOT remain with it
  • I used an instead large Grasscloth wallpaper. I perhaps truly did not call for the wallpaper cellular lining to hide deep spaces in the wall surface area paneling, yet I’m assuming it helps the wallpaper remain with the wall surface area better. At $100/ roll, I truly did not desire to take any kind of kind of chances.
  • Establishing the wall surface area cellular lining was genuinely basic! Backgrounding with Grasscloth was a bit difficult.

3. Hardwood Paneling to Wainscoting

This tip consists of painting the lowered 1/3rd of your hardwood panel wall surface area white. Afterwards you wallpaper the leading 2/3rds of your wall surface area. In in between your paint in addition to wallpaper, you consist of a chair rail to separate them.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

This selection can give you a classier intend to your location without requiring to invest for pricey wainscoting boards. Evaluation Similarly: Wainscoting Recommendations

Below is an internet link to my Ideabook on Houzz for a lot more Hardwood Paneling to Wainscoting conversions.

4. Modification it

You can frequently transform your hardwood paneling with drywall. This is the a whole lot a lot more intricate in addition to messier solution due to the fact that you’ll call for to identify precisely just how to do drywall. Similarly, the mud fining sand treatment is genuinely messy in addition to you’ll have fining sand dust on whatever.

This is just one of one of the most specialist approach to do away with hardwood paneling. Your wall surface surface areas will certainly not truly feel slim in addition to inexpensive. As well as additionally the location will certainly not appear like as a lot due to the fact that hardwood paneling genuinely mirrors the sound a great deal.

Permit me identify what you decided to do in addition to send me photos. I would absolutely such as to see precisely just how you tackled your hardwood paneling task.

Wallpaper can be comfortably established over hardwood paneling. Evaluation our standards to ensure efficient configuration of your wallpaper.

Install Wallpaper Over Paneling

  • If the grooves in paneling are 1/4 inch deep or a whole lot a lot more, lots them in with caulk.
  • Tidy away the overflow of caulk by running a putty blade along the groove.
  • When caulk is totally dry, prime the paneling with a stain-blocking latex overview. Permit overview totally dry completely.
  • Layer wall surface surface areas with an acrylic-emulsion sizing or one recommended by the lining manufacturer.
  • Hang a resilient wallpaper lining level.
  • Hang wallpaper backwards and forwards over the lining according to the manufacture’s standards or our “Simply exactly how To” Location.
  • If using paintable wallpaper, wait till the paper is completely completely dry before repaint. We encourage paint over paintable wallpaper with 2 layers of latex paint.


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Old wall surface surface areas are sometimes better given up. If you try to do away with layers in addition to layers of old wallpaper, you could find that it produces a whole lot a lot more concerns than you required to start with.

Seal the area, usage beadboard precisely in addition to the wallpaper with a number of nails in addition to some structure as well as building and construction adhesive, in addition to shield a few of the old character of the area.

Sure up the area of the old wall surface area by paint over it with an oil-based overview sealer on a roller to give the beadboard something solid to remain with in addition to to quit the wallpaper tones from hemorrhaging through on any kind of kind of areas you paint. Permit the sealer totally dry thoroughly for the time recommended by the vendors before trying to place any kind of kind of beadboard.

Discover the best placement on the floor covering as well as later on identify up from there to where you desire to hand your beadboard. Mark a straight horizontal line after that in addition to break a chalk line to acquire a straight line, especially if your residence is old with a little unequal wall surface surface areas in addition to floor coverings.

Eliminate the wall surface molding so installing the beadboard can start at the floor covering level. Penetrate the painted joints with a power blade as well as later on tear it up carefully with a five-in-one scrape in addition to a hammer so you can transform it after the beadboard configuration. Tap out the old nails in addition to developed the trim apart.

Mount the beadboard sheets by utilizing a lines of structure as well as building and construction sticky every 6 inches. Toe nail each panel ready at each side in addition to in the center of the top side. Action as well as later on lowered the products to fit, specifying openings for receptacles.

Reapply the wall surface as well as later on make use of the leading cap molding using trim nails. Caulk any kind of kind of joints with paintable latex caulk.

Paint the wall surface surface areas in addition to the beadboard as liked.

This article could have associate internet links. Please see my marketing expert disclosure for a lot more info.

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In my Storage Renovation introduction article, I described the COUNTLESS (penalty, you can count them– 5) choices we considered worrying our synthetic hardwood paneled wall surface surface areas in our storage.

We ended up going the course of paintable wallpaper, in addition to I can not begin to educate you precisely just how delighted we are with the end results! (P.S., We bought our paintable wallpaper from listed below.)

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard Once we selected paintable wallpaper, I called 3 local wallpaper company that I uncovered on Angie’s listing.

  • The preliminary provider essentially satirized our pointer through email, specifying that that wallpapering over paneling would absolutely not work.
  • The second provider at least seen to provide a quote. He asserted that he could wallpaper over the paneling, yet that we would absolutely still require to finish the grooves with spackle or drywall mud. As I reviewed in the previous article in this collection, that would absolutely have actually been an unbelievable amount of time in addition to task. I notified the provider that I thought the wallpaper would absolutely cover the paneling grooves okay, yet he asserted that it would certainly not work. Whelp, that had actually not been inspiring.
  • A third provider saw to provide a quote. He asserted that he had in fact never ever before handled paintable wallpaper, yet he wished to give it a shot. Thinking about that, as element of our renovation, we were meaning on eliminating our storage bar which furthermore had hardwood paneling, he made use of to set up a product of wallpaper right there on bench. If it truly did not look excellent, it would certainly not make a difference due to the fact that bench would absolutely be gotten in a number of days anyways. He damp the wallpaper in our cleaning sink, waited a number of mins, as well as later on fastened a little strip to the hardwood paneled bar. “Wow,” he asserted, “this is remarkable points.” We could quickly educate that it covered the grooves just fantastic. We decided to wage this provider. He took some measurements of the location in addition to notified us the variety of rolls of wallpaper to buy.

It should have bearing in mind that we had this task done in September2015 So, because the minute of developing this, we’re presently 17 months past the wallpaper configuration. As well as additionally it still looks similarly as outstanding as when it got in!

There are a great deal a whole lot a lot more “in the past” photos in our intro article, yet listed below are a few of the paneled wall surface surface areas once more, just for suggestion:

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Afterwards, the wallpaper configuration began.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboardCan you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

It was an incredible renovation to witness. Likewise before the wallpaper was painted, our storage resembled an entirely new location.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboardCan you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

I doubt precisely just how needed this activity is, yet just thought I would absolutely share it in scenario others are considering the precise very same selection. After the wallpaper was up, the installers decided to cover the joints of the wallpaper with a little of caulking. I presume this was to help in scenario the wallpaper lowered a bit as it dried.

The standards on the wallpaper asserted to give it 72 humans resources to totally dry before making use of paint. So, 3 days later the company exposed back up to paint the wallpaper!

Can you put wallpaper over beadboardCan you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

Like I reviewed at the beginning of this article, it’s presently been practically 18 months due to the fact that having this task done, in addition to it still looks so outstanding. Just for straight-out disclosure though, there is one teensy little component of paneling that turns up under the wallpaper. So, I never ever before had in fact looked truly very carefully at our paneling, yet obviously paneling is established in products that are countless feet wide. Where these products “register with,” there is a rather larger groove than the regular element of the paneling. THAT thicker groove, every 5 feet or more, is in the past so a little recognizable under the wallpaper.

Below’s our initiative to picture the much deeper groove:

Can you put wallpaper over beadboardCan you put wallpaper over beadboard

Nevertheless seriously nevertheless, that’s perhaps simply recognizable to us because we comprehend it exists. It still does not change our mind that the paintable wallpaper was one of the most practical in addition to many cost effective selection (for the style result it has) for our storage! As well as additionally we have actually not had any kind of kind of trouble with the wallpaper clearing right into any kind of among the typical grooves.

Below is the instance that the provider established on our hardwood paneled bar before we removed it. We furthermore afterwards used that location to identify paint instances we would certainly at some time dream to make use of on the wall surface surface areas.

Can you put wallpaper over beadboard

If anybody stays in the DC/ Northern Virginia area in addition to would certainly enjoy to seek this selection, message me in addition to I can send along the provider’s info. They were remarkable.

Again, listed below is an internet link to the paintable wallpaper we used.

Update. Because I have in fact had a number of people ask about the paint tones, we used Behr Woven Straw in addition to Behr 7 Seas, both in eggshell finish. I find it extremely basic to buy paint instances from House Depot online in scenario you desire to trying numerous tones.

Do you have a 1970 s age hardwood paneled location in your house? Did you do anything to cover or transform the paneling? What selection did you make use of?