Do 6×9 speakers sound better in a box

Number of points are as swiftly relatable to car audio fans as those wedge-shaped 6 × 9 sound speaker boxes. The image of a collection of them in the back residence window of an ’81-84 Monte Carlo is something that market specialists joke relating to continually. If you remember our blog post relating to audio speaker arrangement, you recognize that a specific amount of air needs to be in the area or in the location behind the audio speaker for it to run properly. Permit’s look at what these little systems do to the effectiveness of the ever-popular 6 × 9 sound speaker.

A Peek at 6 × 9 Sound Audio Speakers

The standard 6 × 9 sound speaker supplies an exceptional balance of efficiency as well as likewise bass result in a rather slim (in one dimension) design. They were the exceptional solution for automobiles with shallow back parcel shelfs. While great deals of individuals quit at the principle of an oval sound speaker cone, the truth is, their uneven type help to stay clear of cone resonances. Relying upon the trademark name, these audio speakers are conveniently offered with high quality formats that consist of rubber verge on the woofers as well as likewise silk dome tweeters. Most of make use of 2 tweeters, in many cases in different measurements, to use enough result to remain on top of the significant cone area taken care of by the huge woofer. Stating cone area, a 6 × 9 sound speaker supplies a similar sending out area to an 8-inch round woofer at about 220 square centimeters.

Most Of 6 × 9 sound speakers have no fear replicating audio consistencies to 50 Hz at functional result levels. Due to this, they call for to be managed as a woofer in relation to providing them with enough air location behind the car chauffeur. For this blog post, we acquired a PowerBass S-6902 T 6 × 9 sound speaker from our friends as well as likewise BB Flow in Oakville, Ontario. This car chauffeur is from their step-up S-Series, as well as likewise it contains a two-layer healed paper woofer cone as well as likewise a silk dome tweeter. The PowerBass S-6902 T is a two-way 6 × 9 sound speaker collection that supplies exceptional efficiency as well as likewise smooth sound, numerous thanks to the silk dome tweeters.

We’ll start by using the Smith & Larson Woofer Tester 2 to evaluate the Thiele/Small requirements of the woofer so we can make its effectiveness in BassBox Pro 6.

A peek at the numbers reveals that this is a moderate-compliance car chauffeur with a Vas of just over 27 litres as well as likewise has an effective uniformity of 63.2 hertz. The woofer design has a high Q-factor of 1.3 to help it create an exceptional bump in the bass comments. Permit’s fill up the numbers right into BassBox Pro 6 as well as likewise run some simulations.

The software application suggests that an optimum protected area would definitely have a net indoor amount of 1.35 cubic feet to achieve a Q-factor of 1.306 The cut-off uniformity in this area is 58.81 hertz. Enhancing the area amount or placing the car chauffeur in a routine endless baffle location like the door of a car or the back deck of a vehicle does not affect the result dramatically. he BassBox Pro area software application anticipated uniformity comments in a 1.354- cubic-foot area.

Things Them in the 6 × 9 Boxes

Complying with, enable’s look at the 6 × 9 boxes we have right below to exam. They are developed from medium-density fiber board (MDF) as well as likewise have an exceptionally slim mobile lining of insulation. The wall surface area thickness is 0.5 inch, as well as likewise most especially, my calculation exposes they have an internal amount of 0.133 cubic foot. We chose these up from a flea market-type store, as well as likewise they show up a bit much deeper than most of on the industry.

What occurs when we established the PowerBass sound speakers in these sensibly little systems? Permit’s see what the BassBox software application expects.

There can not be a far better circumstances of an audio speaker packed right into too little of an area. The limited airspace brings about the -3 dB variable jumping to a 130.8 Hz, as well as likewise the system Q is a godawful 2.42 With a perfect scholastic Q being around 0.717, this is instead a lot from ideal. Permit’s see what the established uniformity comments looks like. The uniformity comments of our 6 × 9 sound speakers in our 3 cubic-foot exam systems (blue) contrasted to the 0.133- cubic-foot 6 × 9 systems (red).

If in the past there were a scenario of maths anticipating an outcome, this is a perfect circumstances. Not simply exists relating to 15 dB added result at 60 Hz in the larger area, nonetheless the 7 dB bump concentrated around 150 Hz is also gone. While the emphasis in this range can be pleasurable to bring drums or bass guitar shows up to life, the rise, in this circumstance, is caused by the woofer cone resounding with the air in the area. It’s full of distortion. The bump in second-order distortion (red) as well as likewise full harmonic distortion (black) in between 100 as well as likewise 200 Hz is caused by the woofer cone resounding in the little area.

It’s Not the Sound audio speaker’s Error

Before you presume, “Person, is that audio speaker harmed?” enable us assure you that it isn’t. The comments in the huge exam area replicates what you would definitely pay attention to if the audio speaker were set up in a well-sealed door or the parcel shelf of a cars and truck. Really, the comments is incredibly degree with the midbass location.

Sound Audio Speakers Required Correct Installation

Amongst the vital elements to think about throughout the car stereo design phase is to ascertain that each sound speaker that will definitely play consistencies listed here 300 Hz is established on a baffle or in a large appropriate area. Tiny treatments on the A-pillars for 4-inch audio speakers soft-pedaling to 150 Hz or little treatments in the kick panels for 6.5-inch audio speakers trying to minimize to 80 Hz do not work. The top in comments you get would definitely be exacerbated with moderate- to high-Qts sound speakers.

See your area specialized mobile renovation vendor today as well as likewise consult with them relating to the different selections for upgrading the audio speakers in your car, as well as likewise make sure to examine where they’ll be set up as element of the design treatment.

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I do what I prefer

I wouldnt problem nonetheless thats just me

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– Mid Amp: Mosconi AS2004 _________________ – Mid Amp: ^ ^ ^

05 pioneer

k33 p groaning kid:)

just silence your doors


Fnt & Back Spkrs: 8 Neo-Pro-v.2 swiftly

Mid Amp: Sax-504 & Sax-2004

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batts:, xs2500, xs3000 x20

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alt: 3 HO alts from. from mechman or singer?

Do 6x9 speakers sound better in a box


SketchUp Master

Most of door sound speakers are developed to be in a large air location that isn’t air restricted, so leaving them free-air in the back deck higher than more than likely isn’t probably to be a trouble.

2,500+ formats since March 2011


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I am audio deadening as well as likewise securing the entire tourist location with RAAMmat. Nevertheless, not the trunk.

So my thought with the systems would definitely be for a lot more audio privacy from the trunk area from street audio. Nevertheless, I do not plan to make the sound of the audio speakers also worse. So, that is my questions. Exists an element not to use them?

Bassin Buick


This is true when you are not running a below. In my circumstance i seriously call for to divide my back sound speakers from the trunk area, the anxiety from my belows makes my back sound speakers audio terrible at high amounts, yet the front ones (running away the precise very same networks) audio great.

My entire system cost a lot less than your control panel established BISH.

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Nevertheless, exist any kind of type of disadvantages? Is the audio much much better without 6X9 systems?

No listed below, nonetheless I’m thinking about street audio from the uninsulated trunk whereas the entire tourist location will definitely be numbed as well as likewise secured with RAAMmat.


not a conciliator

Primarily, you will definitely higher than more than likely discomfort the effectiveness of the 6×9’s by placing them in (most likely) little safeguarded systems. Most of car audio audio speakers (mids) are developed to be placed in car doors or back parcel shelfs. As a result, the audio speakers are developed to run endless baffle (a substantially huge location behind the audio speaker with a baffle whose simply goal is to divide the front as well as likewise back acoustic wave emitted by the audio speaker). Acoustic consistency corresponds as running the audio speaker free-air (no area whatsoever).

This recommends when you placed the audio speaker in a little protected area, resistance to cone excursion increases past what the audio speaker was developed to work together with. The result is a lot less cone excursion, which will definitely damage superhigh frequency comments. Those back parcel shelf 6×9 systems you can by at Pep Boys to just remaining in the back residence window, typically have a tendency to make the audio speakers audio shallow as well as likewise nasally.

No sound speaker, behind-the-scenes of audio speakers, has really in the past been blown by poor power. Ever. I uncommitted what your friend notified you, he’s a dirty phony.


Orangevale, Ca. USA

An audio speaker in an exceptional developed box will definitely replicate much much better (louder) bass. When you have an audio speaker in a box, you will definitely not drop the midrange. You will definitely just get a lot more bass, as well as likewise subsequently it may smother some midrange, nonetheless it is stll there none-the-less.

Stockbridge, GA USA

truly most car sound speakers are developed for use in larger air location, such as the door cavities. do not presume a box will definitely have an affect on a tweeter though.

for most of applications, door area will definitely be terrific.


Stockbridge, GA USA

do not find out about AM, nonetheless i recognize with FM, changing over from an Alpine HU to a Panasonic, the feature is a great deal much much better!

the Tweeters must not blow if they have their actual own crossovers unless you either over power them or clip them to casualty with adverse signals.
if you wire the kappas as well as likewise tweeters in parallel, that’ll be a 1.33 ohm loads.
not specifically particular what you are going over taking the “cord converter off the kappas.”

Orangevale, Ca. USA

Supply HU are impressive when it worries radio feature. They beat the aftermarket HUs hand down when it worries radio feature, nonetheless they shed in virtually whatever else.

Your problem may be caused by a variety of different factors.

Examine to see if different other automobiles have exceptional feature in the area you stay in.

I would definitely also recommend a signal booster or upgraded antannae. This may help your aftermarket HU boost feature.

When it comnes to resistence loads, tweeters have exceptionally little outcome on the amp. Tweeters simply develop to 25-30% dating your system. The significant loads is drawn in by the woofer/sub. This results from the truth that it takes a good deal added power to push a bigger magnet/mooving mass of a woofer/sub than it does a tweeter.

When you have a 2 ohm 6X9 as well as likewise you consist of a 4 ohm tweeter, you still have 2 ohm.

Considering that the tweeter is simply playing the highs, not the whole array. The 6X9 is playing the rest of the consistencies, as well as likewise those that require a lot more power to push anyways. The full lots of a 2 ohm 6X9 as well as likewise a 4 ohm tweter is still 2 ohms.

Numerous high-end sound speakers have 8 ohm woofers as well as likewise 6 ohm tweeters some likewise have 4 ohm tweeters. Their full resistence loads is still thought about 8 ohm as a result of the fact that the woofers bring in higher than the tweeter.

” simply exactly how would definitely you wire the 2 kappas as well as likewise the 2 tweeters to a 2ch 1ohm protected amp?”

Just wire the tweeters in parallel with the 6X9 (one tweeter for every single 6X9) as well as likewise make use of an easy crossover. This will definitely preserve the resistence the methods I reviewed it.

If you get a 4 network amp as well as likewise run the 6X9s each to guide 1 & 2 as well as likewise run the tweeters to networks 3 & 4, afterwards your resistence loads would definitely change from what I reviewed above. Networks 1 & 2 would definitely have a 2 ohm loads as well as likewise networks 3 & 4 would definitely have a 4 ohm loads each.

Considering that presently the tweeters jump on a various circuit. They presently bring in the entire loads by themselves.

If you wire the tweeters along with the 6X9’s as well as likewise make use of a simple crossover for the tweeter as well as likewise a simple crossover for the 6X9’s afterwards it would definitely be definitely safe.

Just do not make use of the amplifiers created in crossover as well as after that effort to make use of a simple crossover as well. That would definitely generate a mess.



Orangevale, Ca. USA

Use a 2 network amp. Wire each of the 6X9’s with a tweeter to every network. Use a passive crossover. Yes a simple crossover is amongst those you see that included the component collections.

The difference in between a passive as well as likewise an incorporated in crossover is that an incorporated in crossover can simply cross one variable simultaneously. So if you have a mid/6X9 as well as likewise a tweeter you can simply cross the mid/6X9.

A very easy crossover is hand created as well as likewise customized, so you cross it at the elements that you call for. You may plan to acquire an audio speaker dish publication such as one by David B. Weems as well as likewise make use of the crossover tables inside to configure what worth capacitors, resistors, as well as likewise coils you will definitely call for to create your customized crossover.

This will definitely cost you a good deal higher than if you just went out as well as likewise purchased an overall component developed from It will definitely however notify you completely, as well as likewise you will definitely save numerous dollars from right below on out by acknowledging this activity, as well as likewise not acquiring deceived by salesmans that market you points they make much more cash money on. Overview pertains to $15 plus S/H. The crossover parts you will definitely find at a do it on your own electronic store in your area or online.

Right Right here are a number of places to consider;

I would definitely preserve the aftermarket HU as well as likewise get a signal booster and/or a far better antannae. Supply stereos are simply valuable for the radio feature as well as likewise supply look.

I would definitely not capitalize on the Kappa crossover, although it may have a tweeter in it. If you capitalize on the tweeter crossover circuit of the 6X9, it will definitely change the resistence lots of the tweeter as well as likewise you will definitely change the crossover knee. Keep the 6X9 various, nonetheless cord the tweeter together with it. You will definitely still be terrific.

If I would definitely recommend a tweeter it would definitely be a soft dome. I would definitely recommend the sticking to trademark name.

Seas (budget/higher end)
Vifa (budget/higher end)
Unequaled (budget/higher end)
Morrel (better end)
Dayton (budget strategy trademark name)
megabytes Quart (better end)
Dynaudio (better end)

what takes place if they are 2 methods audio speakers so not using for bass

counting on simply exactly how the system is developed
the below will definitely re carry out the precise very same bass that the 6by 9 reproduces

or the listed below takes all minimized end signal much from the 6by nines so they have a lot less of a signal to replicate( much much better)

The autophiles about will certainly most certainly point out that it’s not an air-tight area neither is it geometrically right. nonetheless my sound speakers more than likely price me $25

also much better think about the terminals or tabs as well as likewise one will definitely be
one red one black red pos as well as likewise black neg
or + as well as likewise- + pos – negitive
or the bigger tab proclaims one
if you angle notify afterwards the batt exam

does not release the quantity of watts your amps can do
or the quantity of caps you put in line
your altenator is the power element
as well as likewise a 10 watt amp will definitely blow a 1000 watt sound speaker easier than
a 1000 watt amp will definitely blow a 25 watt sound speaker
as well as likewise all audio speakers have a spl
audio anxiety level
established at 1 watt at 1 meter away
on my house system my audio speakers greater than 100 db at 1 watt
a train is around 120 db
if i crank it about 10 watts i require to leave the area
i cant change it about the variable of distortion without devastating my ears
as well as likewise great deals of producers will definitely show off incredible situations relating to electric power
as well as likewise there are peak as well as likewise rms
rms is the number to look for
nonetheless you may get a lot more rms
nonetheless a lot less of the audio array recreated (adverse) ie 150 to 2000 htrz
or what sound is developed is modified ie 5% as opposed to.05%

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Viewpoint on 6×9″ sound speakers?

Hey males, just a program of hands, that suches as/ delights in/ disapproval 6×9″ sound speakers?

Educate us what you consider them as well as likewise why.

Straight, I such as to see them taken advantage of where you just cant fit an audio speaker, as they typically have a tendency to be reputable sound speakers for bass, plainly counting on the trademark name yet also susceptible to distortion, thus I am not a fan as well as likewise more than likely never ever before will definitely be.

What do you presume?

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Elongate sound speakers aren’t valuable for as specific sound/audio entertainment contrasted to round sibling or sis mainly.

They really do not use any kind of type of extra feature afterwards whatever audio speakers you have in various other locations or whatever develop they are different other afterwards the fact that when upgrading normally most hassle-free to maintain the measurement.

There’s absolutely no variable to upgrade state a 6.5″ round sound speaker to 6×9″ mainly, it would certainly simply use some visual feature.

That pertains to all I lug them.


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They are audio speakers, if you have a vehicle that has 6×9 openings afterwards go for it, otherwise why problem? I obtained some simply lately because of the truth that my car has actually 6×9 created openings that called for audio speakers in them. The real only variable I acquired them is that they were $20 added per collection than the 6.5″ audio speakers yet were 3 suggests so they had actually an included sound speaker in them contrasted to the 6.5″ rounded ones I was having a look at.

You can get terrific round sound speakers, simply exactly how is squashing them probably to boost them? If my within was developed for rounded sound speakers I would definitely not have really likewise bothered. An 8″ most certainly cant be that a great deal bigger than a 6″ x9″.