How do you install an above range hood vent

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Range hoods air vent smoke as well as additionally heat from the stove utilizing an indoor fan as well as additionally filter. Range hoods are usually acquired in tandem with a cooktop, yet they can furthermore be acquired individually. While it is routine for significant tools to be installed by professionals, it is viable to connect your variety hood without assistance with the best tools. Use these activities for establishing a selection hood.

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

If you are transforming an old vented variety hood with a new one, you will absolutely not call for to install ductwork or pierce a rectangle-shaped form for your air vent. Yet if you are establishing an airing air vent variety where none existed in the past, or after doing away with a recirculating variety, you’ll require to do a little extra research study.

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

Deane Biermeier is an expert expert with practically 30 years of experience in all type of home repair, maintenance, as well as additionally renovation. He is a competent lead woodworker along with furthermore holds a certification from the EPA. Deane comes from The Spruce’s Home Improvement Review Board.

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How do you install an above range hood vent

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  • Working Time: 3 – 5 personnels
  • Total Time: 3 – 5 personnels
  • Capability Level: Advanced
  • Estimated Expenditure: $100 to $175

Range hoods work improvements to cooking area locations for clearing out varieties as well as additionally cooktops of smoke as well as additionally gasses. As quickly as you install a selection hood, you can bid goodbye to misted cooking oil or smoke alarm going off at the least idea of smoke.

Codes as well as additionally Guidelines

If this is a one-for-one alternative, a consent could not be required in your community. Regularly identified a like-in-kind replacement for tools such as dishwashing makers, ovens, commodes, or sinks, this kind of restoration could not ask for admitting the identical location if no modifications are made to gas, pipelines, or electrical lines. Make sure to contact your local enabling department at first, though. The configuration therapy laid out in this article will likely ask for obtaining a consent. Permitted or otherwise, the configuration of the variety hood will absolutely frequently experience local structure regulation, along with any type of type of homeowner’s company constraints.

Basics of Establishing a Range Hood

Range hoods are located directly over a countertop-based cooktop or a cooktop. Range hoods have a significant downward-facing hood to gather the smoke or hefty vapor as well as additionally urge it far from your home with a multi-speed fan with a lightweight light weight aluminum filter. Ductwork usually does not have the side of your house– over the level of the variety hood– or straight upwards with the roof.

A range hood removes air over a cooking surface as well as additionally could have lights also. Typically it attaches to the base of a cabinet. Lowest level of the hood should involve 24 inches over the cooktop.

Range hoods are rated for the amount of air they can transfer CFM (cubic feet per minutes). Duct above a number of feet long or that make a variety of seek to reach the outdoors reduced the flow. Consider purchasing a ductless tool, which filterings system the air as well as additionally sends it back right into the cooking location.

To transform a selection hood, shut off power as well as additionally remove the existing hood. Take the hood with you when you obtain a new one to make sure the ductwork align.

What You Needed

  • Voltage tester
  • Drill
  • Extensive little
  • Drywall saw
  • Jigsaw
  • Hammer
  • Fish tape
  • Long-nose pliers
  • Screwdriver
  • Post Dancers
  • Tin clips
  • Electrical contractor’s pliers
  • Range hood
  • Cable as well as additionally secures
  • Duct
  • Duct tape
  • Sheet steel screws
  • Wall surface area cap
  • Caulk
  • Wire nuts
  • Electric service provider’s tape

Duct Alternatives

Run ductwork in among one of the most straight course viable. If you can not go right out the wall surface area, course the duct up with storage rooms and also afterwards either out the roof or the wall surface area.

Activity 1: Make Cuts

At first, turned off power.

Eliminate the variety hood electrical cover as well as additionally punch out the kos for the duct as well as additionally for the electrical web link. Hold the hood prepared as well as additionally note the wall surface area for 2 openings. Cut an opening in the wall surface area for the duct.

Activity 2: Locator Holes

If called for drill an opening for the cable. With an extensive little, drill locator openings with to the past your house.

Mean a Stud stays in the Method?

If a stud stays in the technique of among one of the most straight course for the duct, effort operating around it with flexible ductwork. Another option is to decrease a wall surface area opening up significant adequate to install a header yet little adequate that it is covered by the variety hood as well as additionally the cabinet over it. Cut the stud as well as additionally install a header built from 2 2X4s with 1/2-inch plywood in between them.

Activity 3: Slit Home Exterior Siding

Connect the locator openings to keep in mind the intermediary. Make sure the opening is the perfect measurement for your duct. Slit house house siding utilizing a jigsaw, reciprocating saw, or rounded saw.

Activity 4: Run Cable

Shut off power to the circuit. Connect cable to a resource of power as well as additionally run it up with the cable opening. You could use the intermediary for the duct to assist get to as well as additionally care for the cable, yet make sure the cable is not in the technique of the duct.

Pointer 5: Affix Duck as well as additionally Finish Cap

Action from the outdoors to the within wall surface area as well as additionally minimized a product of duct to fit. Attach the duct throughout cap. Make use of a grain of caulk around the opening outdoors as well as additionally move the duct as well as additionally cap with the wall surface area. Attach the cap with screws.

For Vent Opening in Cabinet

If the duct runs upwards, remove the ko along with the hood as well as additionally install the damper tool. Cut storage rooms thoroughly to consist of the duct.

Activity 6: Secure Cable to Hood

Points insulation right into the tooth dental caries around the duct. Strip as well as additionally secure cable to the variety hood.

Activity 7: Mount Hood

Establishing the variety hood so the duct fits more than the hood’s damper tool. Attach the hood with screws boosted right into the cabinet over and/or right into the wall surface area studs.

Activity 8: Last Electric Electrical Wiring

Connect the properties, containing the pigtail, to the hood realty. Mate the hood’s lead cables to your house cables. Reattach the electrical cover.

Discover specifically just how to position, air vent, as well as additionally cable the hood over a cooktop.

Security And Also Safety And Security Alert: A great deal of hoods aren’t substantial yet they’re unwieldy, so acquire help establishing one.

Range hoods are usually screwed to the base of a cabinet or set up straight to a wall surface area. A regular hood is set up in between 24 as well as additionally 30 inches over the variety, though it’s perfect to evaluate the configuration manual as well as additionally your local structure regulation for information needs. The ducting that broadcasts air vent a hood should leave your house as straight as viable. As you prepare your duct course, use a stud finder to discover studs in the wall surface area behind the stove or with ceiling joists over. The duct run should entrust the house house siding or the roofing system covering. To discover the opening for the ductwork, level the hood as well as additionally center it over the variety.

Setting up as well as additionally Ducting a Range Hood

Cut an opening in the wall surface area or ceiling as well as additionally position a thimble– a specialized installment that establishes an opening with a wall surface area or ceiling right into which the duct fits. If there presently is a thimble ready, position the duct from the variety hood up right into the thimble 3 in. to 4 in. over its last positioning 1 Massaging should hold the duct ready.

PRO IDEA: A well-sized hood should lengthen relating to 3 in. past the variety on both ends.

Level the hood, center it over the variety, as well as additionally screw it to the wall surface area 2 Mount the hood in a minimum of 2 elements: If the studs behind the hood are 16 in. o.c., you could require to screw one side of the hood to a stud 3 as well as additionally guard the reverse of the hood with a toggle screw. After the hood is set up, move the duct down over the separation atop the hood 4 Tape each of the joints with self-adhering steel tape.

Electric Electrical Wiring a Range Hood

Great deals of variety hoods have distinctive electrical joint boxes with kos right into which you position cable clamps as well as additionally cords. In the circumstances exposed right below, the darkness that boundaries the duct operates as a joint box. The lead cables from the fan as well as additionally light occur with a bushing on the top of the hood as well as additionally link to cables in a Romex supply cable, which occurs from the wall surface area tooth dental caries.

Strip as well as additionally splice like cable collections utilizing cable adapters. Mate the ground cables at first– ensure there’s a basing pigtail to the hood itself– afterwards neutral cables, and also afterwards cozy cables 1

To decrease weight as well as additionally remain free from ruining shiny trim products, numerous pros install the fan filters, trim, as well as additionally different other attributes after the hood covering is set up. A great deal of the elements just damage best into area– just follow the standards provided 2 Afterwards, if your hood has a reduced situation, screw it right into area 3 Eventually, fit the darkness over the ducting as well as additionally the cable web link– they’re usually maintained in area with one collection of screws on the top as well as additionally an added collection near all-time low 4

How do you install an above range hood vent

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This write-up is moneyed by Lowe’s. All suggestions & perspective are our really own.

Remember this making we shared of the #pearlround 2 cooking location design? (If you truly did not, you can record up right below as well as additionally acquire the DL general work right below).

How do you install an above range hood vent

Well friends, the storage rooms as well as additionally floor coverings were installed, as well as additionally we are appreciating them! The storage rooms are Ruby trademark name as well as additionally they are SOLID. We’re really pleased with the premium quality as well as additionally are so delighted we chose that trademark name.

How do you install an above range hood vent

The crafted timber floor coverings we selected are furthermore installed as well as additionally look additionally better one-on-one than we expected. They’re hand scuffed as well as additionally truly feel rustic & fine-tuned at the identical time, as well as additionally are reasonably valued, also (just under $5 per square foot). It’s our really very first time ever going light on the floor coverings, as well as additionally we’re so delighted we determined to try something new.

How do you install an above range hood ventHow do you install an above range hood vent

In our production, you could have uncovered that there’s no variety hood. Not to stress, it exists, yet it’s hidden in the cabinet over the variety! Today, we’re probably to disclose you specifically just how we got ready for & installed our insert to make it look like it’s not additionally there.

1. Select the perfect insert

Prep work is incredibly necessary when concealing a selection hood or creating an individualized one … maybe among one of the most necessary activity in the whole treatment. There are different inserts on the industry in different measurements, so when doing our search, we comprehended we called for to uncover one that would absolutely fit inside our information cabinet. We showed up on the GE 30- in Undercabinet Range Hood Insert from Lowe’s.

How do you install an above range hood ventHow do you install an above range hood ventHow do you install an above range hood vent

Not simply does this one have 10/10 5-star assessments, yet we saw that the dimensions outlined in the Spec location of the product listing stayed according to what we called for. The insert is 11.125 ″ deep x 9.625 ″ high x 20.44 ″ large, which is a finest ideal for our 12 ″ deep x 15 ″ high x 30 ″ large cabinet over the variety.

How do you install an above range hood vent

After we uncovered our variety hood insert, we sent it over to the Lowe’s cooking location team we’re working together with to verify that it would absolutely work before resolving our cabinet order.

PS– Lowe’s has a really informative Range Hood Buying Introduction on their site that is worthy of looking at if you continue to be in the industry for a new variety hood or hood insert.

2. cabinet install

The team at Lowe’s installed our storage rooms in this cooking location, which was a great modification of rate for Bryan that usually does it himself. (Sidenote: did you comprehend that Lowe’s has install options as well as additionally can as a matter of fact do entire remodels & care for consents? We truly did not before this work!) Each of the structures were developed & protected before we started our variety hood insert install, yet the team left the doors off on the minimized price storage rooms for easy get to.

How do you install an above range hood vent

3. establish the insert opening

We explained the individual’s guidebook on specifically just how significant to make the opening in the cabinet.

How do you install an above range hood vent

We placed the insert where we wanted it to go (concentrated in the cabinet) as well as additionally mapped a line around it with a pencil.

How do you install an above range hood vent

Once we had our lines drew in, we could begin decreasing the opening.

5. cut

A number of different type of tools may be used to decrease the opening. Bryan used a rounded saw for the straight lines as well as additionally an oscillating multi-tool for the sides. You could furthermore use a jigsaw. We attached Bryan’s Dewalt faves listed here (he appreciates the cordless ones!)

Before decreasing, he used a price square to make sure that the hood was square with the side of the cabinet.

How do you install an above range hood ventHow do you install an above range hood ventHow do you install an above range hood vent How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent


Once the opening was removed, we protected the variety hood with the screws provided.

How do you install an above range hood vent

How do you install an above range hood vent

7. Air Vent

This insert is a vented insert, so we will absolutely be venting it up over the storage rooms as well as additionally over to the outdoors wall surface area on the right. Right right here’s an image of specifically just how it’ll work.

How do you install an above range hood vent

We comprehend this will absolutely eat numerous of paradise cabinet location over the insert, yet because of the truth that paradise leading storage rooms are all 24 ″ deep, we’ll still have a great deal of valuable storage space location prior to the duct. As quickly as we have it broadcast air vent, we will absolutely consist of some trim to conceal the air duct over the storage rooms as well as additionally you’ll never ever before comprehend it exists.

Have you ever installed a covert variety hood before? Do you like the look? Share in the statements listed here!