How much does a 1993 jeep grand cherokee weigh

1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 Restricted Quadra-Trac computerized (aut. 4).

Exactly how a great deal horse power? What engine dimension? What measurements? – Specifications Workdesk

Recognition understanding

Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 Restricted Quadra-Trac computerized (aut. 4 speed)
as attended to the year 1993 considering that mid-year 1993 in Europe


Manufacturing/gross sales period of autos with this particular specifications:

mid-year 1993 – mid-year 1994

Country of beginning:


Grand Cherokee first age (ZJ-series)

Grand Cherokee ZJ-series 4WD

J (E) (sporting activity energy autos and also off-road automobiles – stage E – govt)

J-E-4WD (4 wheel drive govt sporting activity energy and also off-road automobiles)

mid-size off-road/ SUV (sporting activity energy automobile)

sport-utility wagon

4×4 full time (Quadra-Trac NV249, 48/52 torque separate worldly differential in normal scenarios, thick combining system)

Key measurements

4489 mm/ 176.7 in

1790 mm/ 70.5 in

1708 mm/ 67.2 in

Peak with roof covering rails or antenna:

2690 mm/ 105.9 in

Asserted EPA traveler amount:

Determined EPA traveler amount:

87 litre/ 23 united state girl/ 19.1 rascal. girl

Drag coefficient (Cw-Wert):

Cd approximated by a-c:

Inside and also outdoors measurements, transforming circle, screen, trunk, freight amount, frontal and also drag area, abilities, and more. – click the switch under:

Aesthetic weight (without motorist):

1775 kg/ 3913 pounds

Weight circulation f/r (%):

Aesthetic weight approximated:

Gross automobile weight ranking GVWR:

2495 kg/ 5500 pounds

720 kg/ 1587 pounds

Gross sales markets

Markets, the area autos with this particular specifications have actually been acquired:


Engine specifications

Chrysler Magnum 5.2 L

spark-ignition 4-stroke

fuel (gasoline)

fuel oblique shot

normally aspirated

Shutoffs per cyndrical tube:

Multi-point fuel shot

3-way driver, Lambda-Sensor

5210 cm3/ 318 cui

158 kW/ 215 PS/ 212 hp (ECE)

375 Nm/ 277 ft-lb

Car power to weight proportion net:

89 watt/kg/40 4 watt/lb

Car power to weight proportion gross:

Car weight to power proportion net:

112 kg/kW/ 8. 3 kg/PS/ 18.5 lbs/hp

Car weight to power proportion gross:

Complete engine understanding: horsepower/torque rpm, and more. – click the switch under:

Transmission specifications

Chrysler 46 RH (TorqueFlite)

Selection of equipments:

Complete transmission understanding: equipment proportions, shutting drive, and more. – click the switch under:

Exactly how quickly is that this vehicle? What prime speed? Exactly how a great deal fuel? – Performance Info

Production system proclaim

180 km/h/ 112 miles per hour

0-60 miles per hour (sec):

0-100 km/h (sec):

0-1/ 4 mile (sec):

Gas intake:

ECE 90/120/ metropolitan area (comb.):

11/ 14.9/ 19.6 (152) l/100 kilometres

257/ 19/ 14.4 (186) mpg (rascal.)

214/ 15.8/ 12 (156) mpg (UNITED STATE)

9.1/ 6.7/ 5.1 (6.6) km/l

EU NEDC/Australia ADR82:

UNITED STATE EPA metropolis/freeway (combined):

UNITED STATE EPA (after 2008) metropolis/freeway:

© automobile-catalog. com ProfessCars ™ evaluation
( the vehicle with basic visual weight, complete fuel storage tank and also 90 kg (200 pounds) lots)

190 km/h/ 118 miles per hour

( theor. with out speed guv)


0-100 km/h (sec):

0-60 miles per hour (sec):

Complete performance understanding, velocities graph, velocity on equipments, speed differ on equipments, surpassing components and more. approximately regarding include this vehicle to comparability – click among lots of switches under:

Gas intake

extra-urban(as long as 62 miles per hour/100 km/h) / metropolitan area/ highway(as long as 87 miles per hour/140 km/h) / typical combined:

116-139/ 19-228/ 13.5-162/ 15.8

203-244/ 12.4-149/ 17.4-209/ 17.9

169-203/ 10.3-124/ 14.5-174/ 14.9

7.2-8.6/ 4.4-5.3/ 6.2-7.4/ 6.3

Driving differ

( kilometres/ miles on storage tank)

extra-urban (as long as 62 miles per hour/100 km/h):

625-750 kilometres/ 385-465 miles

380-460 kilometres/ 235-285 miles

highway (as long as 87 miles per hour/ 140 km/h):

535-645 kilometres/ 335-400 miles

552 kilometres/ 342 miles

R e m a r ok s

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To watch workdesk with complete performance understanding and also technological specifications (along with shutting drive and also tools proportions, powertrain summary, measurements, velocities graph and more.) and also added picture, or to match as long as 5 autos side-by-side – click among lots of the switches under: © The whole magazine of autos considering that 1945 ©

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Instances of the straight rivals of Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 Restricted Quadra-Trac computerized in 1993:

( all performance understanding from ProfessCars ™ simulation, prime speed theor. with out speed guv)

The similar course autos with relevant type of fuel, power and also type of transmission:

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Exactly how a great deal is a 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo worth?

The well worth of an utilized 1993 Jeep Grand Cherokee varies from $179 to $1,114, based primarily on automobile circumstance, gas mileage, and also selections. Obtain a cost-free assessment right below.

What’s the difference in between a Jeep Cherokee and also a Jeep Laredo?

The initial difference in between these 2 trims is that added remarkable knowledge is available on the Limited than on the Laredo. However, the majority of this technology comes as add-on selections, so that vehicle drivers can pick and also pick the costs knowledge choices they require.

What variety of miles can a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo last?

Something over 300,000 miles is thought about extreme gas mileage for the Jeep Grand Cherokee. They’ll normally last round 200,000 miles, though some house owners have actually reported that they’re however driving this mannequin SUV after the odometer has actually passed on 300,000

Exactly how a great deal does a 93 Jeep Cherokee evaluate?

2850 pounds.
Made Use Of 1993 Jeep Cherokee Sporting Activity Specifications & Options

Freight ability, all seats in position 356 cu.ft.
Aesthetic weight 2850 pounds.
Flooring clearance 8. 8 in.
Top 63 8 in.

What makes a Jeep Cherokee an XJ?

The Made Use Of Jeep Cherokee XJ styles to avoid It’s a Jeep Cherokee age that was made from 1983 to2001 They have actually been described as SportWagens, due to the fact that the forerunner to sporting activity energy automobiles (SUV) earlier than that time duration was made use of. What does XJ suggest for Jeep? It suggests speculative Jeep.

Is a Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo an excellent vehicle?

The 2021 Jeep Grand Cherokee is a reliable SUV in a classification of all-stars. The Grand Cherokee has a premium inside, it’s really succesful off road, and also it might tow hefty hundreds easily. Its infomercial system is straightforward as correctly. Altogether, the Grand Cherokee is a reliable option, just not a prime pick.

What year is the greatest for Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee is the greatest year to purchase. These styles are reliable and also have less problems than various equaling years. Aside from 2010, getting a Jeep Grand Cherokee from the years 2009, 2011, and also 2015 should offer the intention pressure wonderful excellent quality at a moderately priced worth.

Exists a cost-free manual for the Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Each Overview available internet– found by our team and also shared free of cost. Get a kick out of! The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-sized sporting activity energy automobile (SUV) generated by Chrysler’ s Jeep Department considering that1993 Acquired over 3.6 million versions within the United States in between 1994 and also 2013, this is most likely among one of the most well-known American automobiles.

When did the Jeep Grand Cherokee appear?

Get a kick out of! The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a mid-sized sporting activity energy automobile (SUV) generated by Chrysler’ s Jeep Department considering that1993 Acquired over 3.6 million versions within the United States in between 1994 and also 2013, this is most likely among one of the most well-known American automobiles.

Discover exactly how to obtain alerted when brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee documentation are included?

We’ll deliver you a rapid email when a brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee doc is included. Spam complimentary, max one email a month. Never lose out: Obtain alerted when brand-new Jeep Grand Cherokee documentation are included. Certain!

Is the Jeep Grand Cherokee body on body?

Whereas one more SUVs have actually been made with body-on-frame structure, the Jeep Grand Cherokee has regularly made use of a unibody framework. They give alleviation, along with security and also resistance to difficult surface.

This age of Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ has actually been generated from January, 1993 to May,1999 We will certainly offer information regarding 4 adjustments of this age. The vehicle has actually been generated entirely with all 4 wheel (4×4) drive.

This Jeep is available with 3 gasoline engines with variation from 4. No to 5.9 litres and also power of from 184 to 237 horse power un one diesel motor with variation 2.5 litres and also power of 116 HP
The vehicle is available with entirely with electronic transmission.

Jeep Grand Cherokee ZJ typical fuel intake in combined cycle for gasoline engine is from 14 8 to 17.9 litres per 100 kilometres, nevertheless for diesel motor – approximately 9.9 litres per 100 kilometres The most cost-effective Jeep Grand Cherokee gasoline engine design is Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 i, consuming14 8 litres per 100 kilometres.

Among the most effective velocity from No to 100 km/h – 9.5 secs has Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 i V8 design, alternatively the tardiest one is Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 TD reaching this speed entirely in 12.5 secs.

Lenght of Jeep Grand Cherokee is 450 centimeters, it’s initial price dimension vehicle. Jeep Grand Cherokee gross weight is from 2300 to 3500 kg (relying upon adjustment), this vehicle has to do with 7 p.c larger than the typical for this age and also class of automobiles.

This Jeep is somewhat affordable – it might be acquired (in Latvia) for round 2200 EUR. In reaction to customer viewpoints, typical Jeep Grand Cherokee bring back rates are 70 EUR per year. Clients determined Jeep Grand Cherokee worth of ownership for this age, obtained typical 2500 EUR worth per year and also 0.36 EUR worth per one kilometer. Gas rates have actually been approximated at round 52%, whereas bring back and also maintenance rates – round 23% from whole. Currently we have an outstanding vehicle worth calculator, compute ownership rates of Jeep Grand Cherokee on your circumstance and also driving practices right below! Under you’ll uncover added comprehensive information regarding Jeep Grand Cherokee expenses and also rates.

In customer viewpoints Jeep Grand Cherokee obtained typical quality 8.2(from 10) – greater than typical cost for comparable years autos (7.6 ). Ratings are relatively questionable, each useful and also never ever so great, discover added within the viewpoints under. All writers of viewpoints would certainly recommend Jeep Grand Cherokee to the friend.

Jeep Grand Cherokee adjustments

Alteration Engine Power Gas disadvantages.
Jeep Grand Cherokee 2.5 TD Mar 1997– Mai 1999 2.5 Diesel 116 HP 9.9 l/100 kilometres
Jeep Grand Cherokee 4.0 i Jan 1993– Mai 1999 4. Absolutely No Gasoline 184 HP 148 l/100 kilometres
Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 i V8 Jan 1993– Mai 1999 5.2 Gasoline 211 HP 157 l/100 kilometres
Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.9 i V8 Nov 1997– Mai 1999 5.9 Gasoline 237 HP 179 l/100 kilometres

Jeep Grand Cherokee expenses

Jeep Grand Cherokee crossover worth in Latvia is from 700 EUR to 6000 EUR
Assessing to analogical automobiles Jeep Grand Cherokee worth is under typical – Jeep Grand Cherokee is approximately for 30 percents less expensive after that typical crossovers of this age (review crossovers 1993 – 1999 expenses).

12 months Most affordable worth (EUR) Typical worth (EUR) Greatest worth (EUR) Accessibility
1999 2800 3700 5000
1998 1100 1300 1700
1997 1400 2100 2700
1996 1400 2100 3000
1995 1100 1900 2500
1994 700 2500 6000
1993 1300 1800 2200

Jeep Grand Cherokee entire rates of ownership

Exactly how a great deal in fact rates to individual Jeep Grand Cherokee? Clients determined Jeep Grand Cherokee worth of ownership for this age, obtained typical 2500 EUR worth per year and also 0.36 EUR worth per one kilometer.
To compute the Jeep Grand Cherokee entire operating rates, along with the purchase, insurance policy protection, maintenance rates along with tax obligations and also various rates, click year of production
19931994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999

Jeep Grand Cherokee gas mileage

To estimate approximate Jeep Grand Cherokee gas mileage, please pick production year
19931994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999

Specifications Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS

Various engine technological details
Torque electric motor get ˜ 18 %
Certain power ˜ 0.24 kW/cm ²
Entire birthed area ˜ 619.7 centimeters ²
Brake suggest reliable tension ˜ 9 bars
Imply reliable tension ˜ 8. 4 bars
Imply piston speed ˜13 3 m/s
Engine optimization ranking ˜ 53 %

Longitudinal Entry Engine 8 cyndrical tubes in V

5210 centimeters ³ “>centimeters ³ 16 shutoffs a variety of shot
Power: 215 PS (158 kW/ 212 bhp) at 4750 rpm (Max rev 5150 rpm)
Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS -> jeep-grand-cherokee-5-2-v8. htm 178.7624151
Torque: 375 Nm (382 mkg/ 277 lb-ft) at 3050 rpm (

163 PS)
Ratios: 41 PS/L (30 kW/L) – 72 Nm/L

Transmission: Four-wheel drive
Transmission: electronic 4 equipment
Tires: 225/70/15
Brakes Entry: Aerated discs (279 mm)
Brakes Back: Drum (254 mm)

Measurements: 176.7 x 70.5 x 67.2 inches
Wheelbase: 105.9 inches – Screen: Entry 58 inches/ Back 58 inches

Weight asserted: 1775 kg/ 3913 pound (CACOPHONY) 1850 kg (EU)
Weight (EU): 1916 kg/ 4224 pound ( heaviest confirmed in running order)
Weight/Energy proportion: 8.9 kg/PS = 19.9 lbs/hp = 83 kW/T
Torque/Weight proportion: 196 Nm/T

Gas intake monetary system: 15.2 L/100(155 mpg) – sporting activity: 27.7 L/100(8.5 mpg)

A measure base worth:

Introducing year 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996 coating of production

The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 has actually a normally aspirated 8 cyndrical tubes in V longitudinal entryway engine providing a most torque of 375 Nm available from 3050 rpm and also a most power outpup of 215 PS available at 4750 rpm sent to the 15 inch four-wheel drive by an electronic 4 speed transmission.
Exactly how a great deal power does a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 have? The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 has 215 PS /212 bhp /158 kW. What’s the maxium torque of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS? The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS has a most torque of 375 Nm /277 lb-ft What’s the asserted weight of the Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS? The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS asserted weight ( CACOPHONY) is 1775 kg /3913 pound. What’s the asserted prime speed of a Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS? The Jeep Grand Cherokee 5.2 V8 215 PS asserted prime speed is 180 km/h /112 miles per hour.
if a requirements seems incorrect, please educate us

23 inquiries from our clients

what is mosting likely to my v6 gasoline mannequin tow

I would love to buy a spy engine for my v8,2003 WG jeep.Auto..1 is available in QLD.Does anyone understand if it could match my Overland jeep?Provider specified “should match”. Any type of suggestion might be valued.

All v8 are the similar

I do understand this send is previous nevertheless for lots of that do not understand !! Seems like like someone led you astray. The overlands have a HIGH RESULT 4.7 Electric Motor in them. The others have an impact technology electric motor. lower HP and also are entirely various,, In addition entirely various connections relying upon years.You can likewise make them function nevertheless the sensing units are entirely various. the fuel injectors are entirely various, entirely various pistons, entirely various webcam shafts. entirely various heads.

Generator is overcharging on 2000 WG Jeep. I tried to match outside regulatory authority nevertheless with out success. Generator is Bosch. Any type of suggestion on figure out exactly how to fix the problem might be valued.

Sorry friend, cant help you keeping that. Better of good luck.

I have actually just acquired a Grand Cherokee 2004 V8 it has an issue fuel wise can any person help and also the exhaust lights light up

Hello There,
Presently my 2004 overland appears as if the electric motor has actually gone, its entirely finished 180,000 and also its the 4.7 lt gasoline. I have actually preserved it considering that having it from 2006 so I am a bit disappointed provided its been relatively reliable mechanically wise this whole time. Regarding the similar time last year I had the timing chain altered at a worth of $2500
Any type of ideas what a refurbished engine would certainly value? Or the area biggest to go, I remain in Victoria.

Hello there mark, I would certainly be obtaining a consultation on the engine earlier than binning it. They do not appear to be the greatest on fuel or most likely one of the most extremely reliable nevertheless in case you deal with them, due to the fact that it appears you could have they’re RELIABLE. It might quite possibly be lifters or a drawn-out listing of tiny repairs that might seem incurable. An alternate quick engine might run you $2500 for second hand as long as $5500 rebuilt. After that the cost of auto mechanics to do something major on a jeep is typically two times that of Toyota or Nissan. So my suggestion is validate appropriate right into it, you might discover on your own with some outstanding information.

l have a grand Cherokee 2001 4 litre loredo the problem im having is when increasing it can miss out on fire place arbitrarily may someone please offer me an idea?

I have actually entirely had diesel styles, nevertheless, a buddy of mine has the 4 litre and also informs me that having actually invested virtually all his partners ton of money in storage space settlements, he last but not least altered the coil pack as there was absolutely nothing delegated interchange which secured the consistent miss out on fire place

2.7 diesel does it have a gas mix screw on fuel pump?

My 2001 2.7 crd has an intermitent mistake, I can start the engine -no worry- place it right into drive and also it wont transfer. Had it hauled home and also the following early morning its reliable. this has actually happened currently two times. Is it a problem with the TCM?

appears similar to the component this strikes mine

There’s a protection minimize out which stops the automobile from shifting/being pressed if the coolant level within the resivour is wail a certain level.

Will a 2 inch left effect the entryway drive shaft curriculum vitae or trigger diff turning?

does a diesel desire a tow pack to tow a 3000 kg campers

I would certainly suggest you talk to a Jeep supplier or the campers manufacturer.

I’m not specific what you suggest by a tow pack. I have actually a normal jeep tow bar fitted and also utilize the” easylift drawback and also level flights” for lugging a 3000 kg campers.

I’m not specific what you suggest by a “tow pack”. I have actually a normal Jeep 3500 kg ability tow bar fitted to my 3L diesel and also I make the most of a Hayman Reece weight circulation drawback to pull my 2700 kg atm machine campers. I think the trouble of diesel or gasoline should not be a factor to consider if you wind up wanting to regarding coming to be a tow pack.

Does anyone understand the round weight of a Grand Cherokee diesel?

I suggest that you simply Google “tow round weight” and also evaluation the diverse short articles available on this issue. As an example, the following link uses some details:

The lots that your tow round can legitimately suit is ruled by the tow automobile requirements and also the ability of the tow round.

fine many thanks for that information.

Hello There,
The Jeep Grand Cherokee has a many round weight of 350 kg. Remember this has to be consisted of in your haul.

is Quadra-drive typical in diesels acquired in Australia?

My understanding makes sure for WJs and also WGs. If you ticked the diesel option it obtained right here with Quadradrive. That is currently not the situation with existing mannequin.

Anyone had problems with the WG series towbar installs?

Entirely WG/WJ I ever before saw with tow bar install factors have actually been attributable to a mix of improperly tensioned tow bar screws, and also a lot of klm’s of lugging a hefty campers, with the Jeep having back air bags fitted included in the coils pumped as long as a too much tension (to take the drawbar weight of what might have been a campers with added in advance weight predisposition).

The van practically certainly shivered and also hammered the tow bar installs (with back suspension trip being limited as an outcome of ‘limited’ air bags), a great deal that the tow bar eventually obtained right here complimentary and also hammered the placing elements on the subframe of the Jeep. This caused the tow bar placing openings to begin lengthening, eventually becoming so complimentary it fractured the below body & near tore the tow bar off the automobile. Not an excellent circumstance and also one requiring some extreme design job, nevertheless not an overwhelming work to obtain finished & have the Jeep tow bar installs undoubtedly greater than making system (relying upon the bring back job excellent quality). I am relatively specific that Jeep was fixed and also continues to be to be visiting today.

The aspect to do if lugging consistently hefty with an auto is to regularly climb up underneath & validate your tow bar placing screws, and also remove the air luggage, as a choice have proper weight aftermarket coil springtimes & great excellent quality shocks fitted. The air luggage work, provided they aren’t so filled with air they affect the back coating trip of the automobile.