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Group 65 batteries are an extremely chosen BCI group measurement. It can be irritating as you attempt to comparison in addition to identify what is one of the most reliable brand in addition to style for your application. Normally chatting these batteries will definitely differ in between 56 amp human resources (Ah) in addition to 69 Ah, 700 freezing cranking amps (CCA) in addition to 930 CCA in addition to 120 publication capacity (RC) in addition to 150 RC. It relies upon whether it is a thick plate deep cycle or slim plate stop/start battery or a twin feature mix. The dimensions need to be around 11.85 x 7.30 x 7.40 inches.

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Every auto needs a numerous power outcome, battery measurement, in addition to added. Because of this, every auto battery will definitely have a numerous weight.

The common weight for a 12 V lead-acid battery is 41 added pounds. Batteries could review basically depending on their measurement, BCI group, in addition to age.

Popular Cars And Also Vehicle Battery Weight Chart

A cars and trucks as well as vehicle battery’s weight relies upon simply exactly how big it is. Below is a chart of auto battery weights according to their group measurements:

Vehicle BCI Group Weight
in kg
in added pound
Honda Accord Group 47 181 42
Toyota RAV4, Subaru, Toyota Corolla Group 35 177 39
Ford Tourist Group 65 213 47
Ford Focus, Chevrolet Malibu Group 48 212 467
Chevrolet Impala Group 94 R 243 536
Honda Civic Group 51 122 27
Mercedes, Volkswagen Group 94 R 243 536
Nissan Altima Group 24 F 204 45

Why Are Cars And Also Vehicle Batteries Heavy?

Vehicle batteries are substantial as an outcome of what they are made from. Numerous auto batteries are still lead-acid batteries. This suggests that inside the instance is a mix of lead in addition to a water-based electrolyte solution. While this solution makes the battery heavy, it’s still one of the most reliable resource of power for numerous vehicles.

However, there are options to lead-acid batteries. Below are a number of circumstances of various battery options:

Lithium Batteries: These work ideal in electric or hybrid-electric vehicles. They are lighter than lead-acid batteries, in addition to they are added trusted.

Nevertheless, lithium batteries can also be a whole lot extra expensive than a standard auto battery. There could be certain safety worries gotten in touch with lithium batteries additionally, particularly at minimized temperature level degrees.

LiFePO4 Batteries: This is another kind of lithium battery. They have a longer life cycle, suggesting they can last a lot longer than a lead-acid battery. Comparable to different other lithium batteries, they review a lot less than a standard battery, yet they are a whole lot extra expensive.

Simply Just How To Find Out The Weight Of A Vehicle Battery

There are a number of fashion ins which you can develop the weight of your auto’s battery. It’s not frequently possible to review the battery by itself, so amongst these different other strategies is suitable.

Examine Battery’s Tag or Item product packaging

Originally, you can take a look at the tag or the item packaging on the battery. The tag will normally notify you simply just how much the battery examines in added pounds, along with different other vital information.

If the tag has really been diminished, you can frequently take a look at the auto’s owner’s manual. Usually, there is information worrying the production center battery in the owner’s manual.

Checking The Battery Measurement

On the other hand, you can believe the weight of the battery based upon the measurement. In the chart over, you can see that each BCI group has an equivalent measurement in addition to weight. Checking the BCI group of your battery versus the traditional measurement can assist you develop the battery’s weight.

BCI Group Popular Vehicle Weight
in kg
in added pound
Group 47 Honda Accord 181 42
Group 35 Toyota RAV4, Subaru, Toyota Corolla 177 39
Group 24 F Toyota Corolla, Nissan Altima 204 45
Group 65 Ford Tourist 213 47
Group 48 Ford Focus, Chevrolet Malibu 212 467
Group 51 Honda Civic 122 27
Group 94 R Mercedes, Volkswagen 243 536

The measurement of the battery can also notify you simply just how much it examines. The bigger a battery continues to be in measurement, the bigger it will generally be.

It is really crucial to take into account age if you pick to review the battery. A new battery will definitely be significantly bigger than a battery that has really stayed in a vehicles as well as vehicle for countless years. If a battery is dead, it will definitely be lighter than a new battery.

Last Idea

It’s clear that the weight of your auto’s battery is very vital to your auto’s performance. When transforming your auto battery, considering the old battery’s weight is vital to choosing one of the most reliable new battery. While there are different other facets at play, the battery’s weight is a superb place to start.

Simply just how much does a vehicles as well as vehicle battery cost?

The cost of a vehicles as well as vehicle battery relies upon the premium. A normal lead-acid auto battery can establish you back in between $50 in addition to $120 depending on the measurement in addition to group.

Prices lead-acid batteries could establish you back as high as $200 Lithium auto batteries can establish you back as high as $1700 occasionally.

The size of time is a vehicles as well as vehicle battery life span?

The common lead-acid auto battery is expected to last in between 4 in addition to 6 years. There are different other facets that develop just how much time a battery will definitely last. The weather, what kind of automobile you drive, in addition to your driving actions can all affect the life of the battery.

What are the signs that your auto needs a new battery?

Your auto will definitely notify you when the battery needs to be altered. Dim fronts lights in addition to different other electrical worries could be a sign of a failing battery.

If the engine is slow-moving to start or crank, maybe time to take a look at the battery price. If you pay attention to a clicking sound when you change the technique, a new battery is more than likely in your future.

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Searching For the suitable group 65 battery? Perfect! You continue to be in the most effective place!

In this Tooling Geek introduction, you’ll find:

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  • Different kind of group 65 batteries
  • Precisely just how you can pick one of the most reliable one
  • Leading 10 group 65 batteries
  • In addition to a whole lot extra!

Quick Comparison

Photo Product Method Features Price
★ Our No # 1 Choice ★

1. ODYSSEY 65- COMPUTER SYSTEM1750 T Automotive Battery
● The voltage is 12 V.
● Ideal with almost all kind of vehicles.
● Actions 1 x 1 x 1 inches.
● Features AGM modern-day innovation.
● Non-spillable mounting flexibility.
Inspect Price
2. NORTHSTAR Group 65 Battery NSB-AGM65 ● Created from advanced plastic items.
● The dimensions are 11.8 x 7.32 x 7.44 inches.
● Full of AGM modern-day innovation.
● Heat-resistant.
● Quick fee capacity.
Inspect Price
3. ACDelco 65 AGM Professional Battery ● Supplies high cycling abilities.
● Leak & spill-proof750 Cold Crank Amps.
● The weight is around 42.5 added pounds.
● Features air vent cap design.
Inspect Price
4. XS Power D6500 XS Collection AGM Battery ● High-performance.
● M6 incurable components.
● The weight relates to 58.3 added pounds.
● Shutoff managed assessed & validated.
Inspect Price
5. Delphi BU9065 AGM Automotive Battery ● Quick payment.
● A maximum power supply is 2600 amps.
● It examines 47.5 added pounds.
● Wonderful well worth for cash money.
● Pleases OEM battery replacement.
Inspect Price
6. Deka 9A65 AGM Intimidator Battery ● 750 freezing crank amps.
● Actions 12 x 7.375 x 7.625 inches.
● Battery publication capacity is 150 minutes.
● Spill-resistant.
● Useful design.
Inspect Price
7. Mighty Max Battery ● Practical to contribute to countless area.
● 12 V approximate voltage.
● Prolonged lifetime.
● Substantial selection of compatibility.
● Require definitely no maintenance.
Inspect Price
8. Full Throttle Feet930-65 ● It includes 930 freezing crank ampsInternal resistance is 3.1 mΩ.
● The weight is basically 54.90 extra pounds.
● 2000 w costs premium AGM battery.
● Reduces the problems of shock & vibration.
Inspect Price
9. XS Power Super Capacitor Banks ● Operating temperature degree varies from -40 to 150 ̊ F.
● The weight relates to 11 added pounds.
● The dimensions are 13.7 x 8.66 x 10.94 inches.
● Maximum power is 4,00 0W, 500 Farad.
● High-performance
Inspect Price
10 NorthStar ELT-AGM65 AGM Battery ● Broad applications.
● Problem-free function.
● Reliable & resistant.
● High-rated CCA & publication capacity.
● Enhances cycling capability.
Inspect Price

Suitable Group 65 Battery Assessment

1. ODYSSEY 65- COMPUTER SYSTEM1750 T Automotive Battery

The ODYSSEY 65- COMPUTER SYSTEM1750 T Automotive Battery is developed to supply big start power. It utilizes quick recovery & an unique deep cycling capacity that a vehicle requires. Besides, this group 65 battery guards versus mechanical vibration or severe shocks.

The battery attributes 950 Cold Crank Amp that allows it to start an engine in freezing temperature level degrees. While typical batteries are made from lead alloy, its plates are made with pure virgin lead. Additionally, it provides a lot more power as it has a number of plate surface.

It utilizes 145 minutes battery publication capacity, suggesting that it will definitely supply 65 amps of existing for this period additionally under high whole lots. This battery can sustain -40 ̊ F to 113 ̊ F temperature degree. The company utilizes 3 to 4 years of product replacement facility & a longer lifetime for 3 to 10 years.

Contrasted to different other typical batteries, its cycle life is 70 percent higher. Additionally, it supplies to 400 deep cycles at 80 section deepness of discharge, a high protected voltage for a lot more long term periods.

If you’re looking for a selection of performance from your vehicles, you can find this excellent group 65 battery. These batteries have really an incorporated absorbed glass flooring covering, which reduces acid spills in addition to increases conductivity. It includes an incurable seal that makes the gases inside recyclable.

It consists of an electronic safety and security shutoff & long lasting fire repeated cell containers to quit possible vibration problems. This battery requires 4 to 6 humans resources to bill totally. The basic measurement of the product is 1 x 1 x 1 inch. The outdoors place is offered in a cleaned up design & it examines basically 58 added pounds.

Precisely just how do you comprehend which battery is best for your automobile? Below are a few of the vital facets you need to take into account. If you are unsure of the demands in any kind of among these places, analyze your automobile manual or talk to your grease monkey for the preliminary tools (OE) manufacturer’s references. Similarly, look for a very easy warranty that contains a free-replacement quantity of time.

Discover the most effective battery for your automobile with our Vehicle Battery Selector.

Battery Modern Modern Technology: Deep Cycle vs. Starting Battery

Different vehicles in addition to driving styles can place varying demands on your battery. It is really crucial to really initial develop whether a standard overloaded battery will definitely accomplish your automobile’s needs, or whether a deep-cycle or AGM battery is asked for. Learn about the difference in between Deep-Cycle in addition to Starting Batteries listed below.

Battery Group Measurement

This defines the battery measurement that will definitely best fit the physical dimensions, incurable locations in addition to kind required for your automobile. Group measurement is typically based upon your automobile’s make, style in addition to engine kind. Discover extra worrying Battery Group Sizes.

Cold Cranking Amps (CCA)

CCA is a ranking taken advantage of in the battery field to define a battery’s capability to start an engine in freezing temperature level degrees. Ball game defines the range of amps a 12- volt battery can supply at 0 ° F for 30 secs while protecting a voltage of at the minimum 7.2 volts. Discover extra worrying Cold Cranking Amps (CCA).

Battery Obtain Capacity (RC), Amp Human resources in addition to C20

Obtain Capacity is a fundamental indicator of just how much time a new, totally billed battery can continue to be to run essential tools if the automobile’s generator quits working. Amp human resources in addition to C20 capacity are indications of simply just how much power is maintained in a battery. Discover extra worrying Battery Obtain Capacity (RC) Amp Human resources in addition to C20

Battery Applications

In addition to lorry batteries, we have batteries to power all your needs including water, backyard & backyard, powersports, long lasting lorries, farming in addition to golf auto. Discover extra worrying different other battery applications

by Jerry Ford|Last Updated September 15, 2021

Group 65 batteries are simply among among one of the most typical battery kinds taken advantage of in vehicles today. They are utilized as traditional start/stop batteries, as deep cycle batteries or as a crossbreed product in between both kinds. There are basically great deals of different Group 65 batteries, yet simply a few of them should have purchasing. Below is an intro of preferred in addition to popular product options, in addition to what each demands to supply.


What Does Group 65 Mean?

Group 65 is a specific battery measurement that’s developed by the Battery Council International (BCI). These batteries are around 11.85 ″ x 7.30 ″ x 7.40 ″ in addition to they will definitely match vehicles developed to take Group 65 batteries. These batteries are generally in between 56 aH (Amp Humans resources) in addition to 69 aH in addition to in between 700 CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) in addition to 930 CCA. They need to also have a publication capacity (RC) of in between 120 in addition to 150.


With a great deal of different things conveniently offered in the Group 65 form-factor, it can be discouraging to pick one from the adhering to. Below is an intro of a few of the leading options in addition to what develops them along with the different other Group 65 batteries.

Odyssey Extreme

How much does a group 65 battery weight

  • Cold Crank Amp– 950
  • Obtain Capacity Minutes– 145

The Odyssey Extreme is a high-performance Group 65 battery created to start vehicles in a lot more serious issues. The battery supplies 950 freezing cranking amps in addition to ensures a superb 2250 amps over 5 secs for significant starting power. It ensures deep-cycle discharge performance in addition to is made to be minimized maintenance.

Uses the AGM Form-Factor

The Odyssey Extreme battery is created using the AGM (Soaked Up Glass Flooring covering) which suggests it can be placed on its side in addition to there is no liquid solution to watch on. There’s no need to consist of water, in addition to the battery is made to require a lot less maintenance than an overloaded battery does.

Pure Lead Structure

The layers taken advantage of in this battery are made from 99.9% pure lead for trusted power storage room.

400 Discharge Cycles

The battery ensures as high as 400 discharge in addition to price cycles with as high as an 80% discharge for decent long-term performance. By handling as high as an 80% discharge this battery can run as a deep-cycle battery, making it a great option for running tools off of additionally when the automobile isn’t running.

Quick Facts

  • 2250 amps for 5 secs
  • 400 charge-discharge cycles to 80% deepness
  • Home layers made from 99.9% pure lead
  • AGM Kind Element
  • Tin alloy split brass terminals
  • 4 year marginal total replacement warranty
  • 3-10 year lifetime
  • Can be maintained for 2 years before calling for payment
  • -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 113 degrees Fahrenheit without a steel layer
  • -40 degrees Fahrenheit to 176 degrees Fahrenheit with a steel layer

Overall the Odyssey Extreme is a superb battery with a considerable price. It’s created to start vehicles in serious temperature level degrees in addition to can also care for a number of price in addition to discharge cycles that enhance to 80% of the battery’s capacity, something that a number of traditional lead-acid batteries can not care for.

NorthStar NSB-AGM65

How much does a group 65 battery weight

  • Cold Cranking Amps– 930
  • Obtain Capacity Minutes– 135

AGM Design

This Northstar battery benefits from the AGM (Soaked Up Glass Flooring covering) spiral design making it denser in addition to much less made complex to maintain than overloaded batteries. The battery is made up of layers of lead in addition to fiberglass absorbed an electrolyte solution to generate an operating battery. It can be tipped in addition to does not require added water.

High Expense in addition to Launch Cycles

This battery is placed at over 900 price in addition to discharge cycles with as high as a 50% drain. This makes it a great deep-cycle battery in addition to a resistant solution for introducing a vehicle. The Odyssey Extreme over offers credible performance as high as an 80% discharge contrasted to 50% with this, yet it simply utilizes 400 cycles, while this supplies more than dual that number.

Quick Facts

  • Cycles 900+ times 50% deepness of discharge
  • Faster recharge rate
  • Made in the USA

Last Idea

When choosing batteries it is really crucial to decide whether cold-cranking amps, publication capacity minutes or discharge in addition to price performance is among one of the most vital to you. Both batteries given over supply a great mix of impressive crank power in addition to wonderful price in addition to discharge reliability, yet each differ from the different other for sure variables additionally. Select the battery that’s mosting most likely to accomplish among one of the most vital needs at first, in addition to focus on the extra features after for the absolute best results.