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Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

The angel wing begonia (Begonia coccinea) is a form of houseplants that fully lives as a lot as its determine. The polka dot heart-shaped leaves really do resemble folded wings – it’s uncanny!

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Easy to develop indoors, the cane stemmed plant produces clusters of flowers in purple, orange, pink or white. Nonetheless it’s that exact foliage that draws primarily probably the most consideration.

Sadly, if the plant isn’t totally happy with its circumstances, these implausible decorative leaves are liable to shedding.

The greater than seemingly trigger for an angel wing begonia dropping its leaves is overwatering. A lot much less often, leaf drop can occur attributable to factors with humidity, mild, repotting or simple outdated age. Checking off your plant in opposition to the file beneath and in the hunt for completely different indicators ought to help you to diagnose it.

5 causes of leaf drop in angel wing begonias

1. Overwatering

As a begonia proprietor (try saying that 5 situations quickly), you’ll rapidly realise how easy it is to overwater them.

They like widespread, even watering, so a feast and/or famine technique is liable to make them sulk. That sulking often takes the kind of falling leaves, along with leaf droop.

To steer clear of points, maintain compost consistently moist whereas your plant is actively rising, between spring and autumn.

Now that doesn’t indicate you’ll should water your begonia daily. You solely should water when the ground of the compost feels barely dry to the contact.

Throughout the winter months you’ll uncover the plant makes use of loads a lot much less water, so that you probably can prime up a lot much less often. Giving the plant additional water than it needs, whatever the time of yr, will solely saturate the soil.

Sitting in soggy compost will starve the fibrous roots of oxygen, and make root rot an an infection additional seemingly.

Other than leaves dropping off, seek for completely different indicators. Are a couple of of the leaves turning yellow or brown? Or possibly going limp or comfy, notably the petioles (stalks)?

Keep once more on the watering and make sure the pot has passable drainage. If leaves are going comfy, you may also want to confirm the roots for indicators of rot.

If any roots are comfy/brown, take away with a transparent sharp knife and repot into modern clear potting soil.

FUN BEGONIA FACT – the begonia was named after Michel Bégon, patron of botany and one-time Governor of French Canada.

2. Not ample mild

Angel wing begonias like a vivid spot with a great deal of indirect daylight. That is relevant all yr spherical. A variety of hours of morning or evening photo voltaic in winter will really revenue the plant.

In case your plant is in a shadier spot, it is likely to be that it isn’t getting the sunshine it should photosynthesise. An absence of energy may probably be the reason in your plant’s leaves dropping.

Take a look on the place the plant is now. Is it bathed in vivid indirect mild, or could it is moved to a brighter spot?

Has it not too way back been moved throughout the room, or to a model new room altogether? Your plant may very well be dropping its leaves as a response to the change in mild ranges.

If it has, it’s pretty seemingly that it’ll proceed to drop leaves until it has acclimatised to its new place.

Given time the plant will positioned on new leaves to make up for the leaf loss. This new improvement shall be larger tailor-made to its new location.

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3. Lack of humidity

An angel wing begonia, like all begonias, prefers humid (though not stuffy) circumstances. The crops are native to South America, so naturally tailor-made to tropical and subtropical climates.

Conserving your plant in a room with warmth, dry air (as many centrally heated rooms are) may probably be parching the leaves. Over time, this may set off leaves to fall.

There are a few strategies you probably can cope with this. Essentially the most inexpensive strategy is to place cash into an atomiser/ misting spray and spray the air spherical your plant with tepid water every day.

Stay away from getting it on the leaves in case you’ll be able to as they don’t like their leaves moist. The very final thing you need is another reason for the plant to sulk!

If you’re unsure about your misting talents, a additional managed strategy to up the humidity is by sitting the pot on a pebble tray.

All you need do is periodically prime up the tray with water. Evaporation will preserve the rest.

In case you’ve got a few humidity-loving plant and are on this plant mum or dad issue for the prolonged haul, you’d go one larger.

Forking out on a humidifier will maintain your crops constantly surrounded by moist air – and supplies them one a lot much less trigger to complain!

4. Repotting

Indoor begonias are inclined to tolerate – in actuality thrive on – being barely pot-bound, so it’s intelligent to solely repot when fully very important.

This may very well be if the plant is wanting lacklustre, possibly with yellowing leaves, which suggests an absence of nutritional vitamins.

Or possibly the best improvement is simply too heavy for the dimensions of the pot, and retains tipping over.

In one other circumstances, repotting your begonia can do additional damage than good. The stress of the switch may probably be what’s bringing regarding the dropping leaves.

If you’ve used a pot that’s loads better than its earlier pot, or repotted when it’s in peak improvement, this may be the issue.

The easiest time to repot is in early spring, sooner than the plant has really acquired its rising boots on. It’s positively biggest prevented when the plant is in bloom.

If the leaf fall is all the way in which right down to repot shock, give the plant time to settle and it ought to control to its new home.

5. Earlier age

If it’s solely on the bottom of the plant that the leaf loss is going on – good news. There’s most likely nothing it’s important to deal with.

There’s solely liable to be a problem if it’s healthful new leaves bigger up the plant which could be dropping.

As angel wing begonias age, in widespread with quite a few crops, they’ve a pure tendency to lose their lower leaves.

This may depart bare stems lower down on the plant, which isn’t harmful the least bit nevertheless will not be the aesthetic you’re going for!

If you really can’t keep alongside along with your bare-legged begonia, it’s a wonderful various to propagate some modern new crops.

Using a transparent sharp knife or snips, take a couple of cuttings spherical 4-5 inches prolonged from the best of the plant.

Goal to cut barely under a leaf, and ideally choose leggy leaf strategies which have sprung up in spring. Take away any lower leaves from the cuttings so that you simply’ve measurement of bare stem.

You can apply rooting powder to the decrease ends to rush points alongside when you want to, nevertheless it will work merely high-quality with out.

Push the decrease ends into modern compost, sustaining it good and moist until the cuttings take root and start to develop.

A quick recap

Leaf drop can seem to return out of nowhere, notably with begonias, nevertheless hopefully this pointers affords you one factor to work with. Management these moisture and humidity ranges and make sure the plant is having enjoyable with vivid indirect mild. If you’ve not too way back repotted, give it time to settle. And if it’s outdated leaves dropping off, take some cuttings and get your self some mannequin new bushy begonias completely free!

I purchased this beautiful plant from an outside greenhouse.
I launched it home, found a pleasing place in entrance of my sliding glass door, warmth and sunny
(Washington State)
The leaves have been falling off, it is nonetheless beautiful inexperienced vivid purple beneath the leaves, nevertheless the leaves are nonetheless falling off, HELP.

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

That’s the picture of my Lucille is her determine, positive the inexperienced dwelling was out side the place I purchased her, I launched her home and put her on this spot and have not moved her, I would be sitting on the couch and proper right here a leaf drop, so I assumed probably to dry so I watered proper this second is the first day a leaf has not fallen since I purchased Three weeks prior to now she has misplaced oh about 9 or so.

Thanks loads for the replys

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Thanks all so very loads, makes me actually really feel loads higher of my take care of her.

My husband moreover had acknowledged that probably the change she did mot like to begin with, she seems to be getting use the the change.

Thanks as soon as extra loads appreciated.

It is reacting to the huge change in mild from the surface photo voltaic to indoor mild. It may most likely proceed to drop additional of the current leaves as a result of it supplies new leaves that shall be tailor-made to their new indoor location.

You will wish to water it completely as rapidly as a result of the ground of the soil feels dry.

The longest stem has already misplaced plenty of its leaves and is an efficient candidate for pruning. On account of new improvement is often on the tip ends of the stems and since it is the lower leaves that will drop off, your Begonia will flip into leggier. The one antidote for legginess is to prune once more the leggy stems. New improvement will emerge on any stem starting on the extent the place you make the pruning decrease. The cuttings can be rooted in water or damp soil, when you want to try that.

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Questions About Angel Wing Begonias

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Q. Pruning angel wing begonia

How can I maintain my plant to a bushy shrub like look? I’ve numerous stalks that merely develop straight as a lot as 5 ft.

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

You can encourage your begonias to show into bushier and additional compact by pinching them. The subsequent article will let you understand how:

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Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Q. How do I get my begonia to bloom?

I’ve two angel wing begonias, from the an identical producer. One has beautiful foliage and blooms prolifically. The other has beautiful foliage and by no means a bloom. Every are side by side, get the an identical mild, related care. Blooming one is in clay pot, non-blooming in plastic. has not been scorching ample til this earlier week, prolonged after the first one bloomed for the plastic to be too scorching. What can I do?

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

This is not an unusual event; two equal crops within the an identical rising circumstances preforming in one other method.
You possibly can probably add phosphorous to the plant to promote flowers.
This is a hyperlink with good rising care data.

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Q. Slicing once more big angel wing begonia to convey inside

I’ve an enormous angel wing begonia on my porch. It is in a 5 gallon pot and is so big that I have never obtained room to convey it inside for the winter. When and the way in which loads can I prune it once more?

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

It’s a must to to convey your Angel Wing indoors to winter over, it will not survive outside in temperatures beneath about 45 ranges.
Angel Wings do not go dormant and may need quite a few mild to winter over. If the plant is leggy you probably can trim it once more to a manageable and pure kind.
Maintain the soil evenly moist and supplies the plant a lightweight fertilizer feeding every 4 to 6 weeks.
I would ask for help to maneuver the plant indoors.
Listed below are some hyperlinks for you.

Begonias are widespread in properties and outdoors gardens. There are better than 1000 species and assorted types and hybrids.

Begonia is offered in completely completely different shapes, sizes, and colors, which makes it less complicated for folk to look out the acceptable begonia for his or her properties.

Some people favor crooked, patterned, and vibrant foliage, whereas others love the fibrous type with their beautiful colors.

Different types of begonia embrace rhizomatous, tuberous, and cones.

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Nonetheless, an identical to a different plant, begonia may develop points akin to dropping leaves.

Totally different widespread begonia factors embrace curling leaves, flowers turning brown, leaves turning brown, and leaves turning yellow.

There are a variety of practices that you simply simply’ve to carry out to be sure that your begonia is healthful and highly effective.

In case your begonia has been dropping leaves and likewise you don’t know why or what to do, you’re within the appropriate place.

To simplify points for you, we’ve highlighted the first causes of begonia dropping leaves and what that you must do.

1. Overwatering

The precept trigger why begonia leaves drop is because of overwatering.

Though widespread watering is important for crops, begonia needs even watering.

And that’s one of many essential troublesome parts about rising begonia indoors in pots or containers.

As a substitute of watering begonias every day – for instance, every morning or evening; that you must confirm soil moisture.

This can be carried out by using your finger or a tensiometer to look out out the extent of moisture inside the soil.

Watering your begonia every day would possibly make the soil terribly moist, which is ready to make the leaves to rot and drop.

That’s why it is on a regular basis suggestion to plant your begonia in a container with drainage holes so that water doesn’t keep stagnant and suffocate your worthwhile plant.

The idea is to get the soil barely moist advert not muddy.


Your begonia leaves will drop off in case you over water and even underwater them.

What To Do

Add the obligatory water wished in your begonia plant. It should not be excessive or a lot much less. If there could also be additional water, that you must cast off it.

Moreover, don’t starve your plant by not watering it as wished.

2. Worm Infestation

One different issue that will set off your begonia to drop leaves is assault by worms. A worm infestation will not solely make your leaves dry nevertheless even kill the whole plant.

So, watch out for worms in your plant and take away them as rapidly as doable.


Worms attacking your begonia. The worms which could be liable to feed in your begonia plant are cutworms.

What To Do

Get rid of the worms sooner than they set off excessive hurt to your plant. These can be detected by inspecting your plant’s foliage and stem. Worms are energetic at dusk as soon as they get out to feed.

3. Lack Of Humidity

Crops need humidity to make meals or photosynthesis. That’s not an exception for Begonias.

Since they’re tropical crops, they need loads of humidity to develop healthful and highly effective.

If you’re rising begonia outside, this shouldn’t be a problem. Nonetheless, in case you’re rising them indoors, then it’s important to be apprehensive.

It’s as a result of as you warmth up your personal dwelling, you dry the air, which is trouble for the crops.

In consequence, this would possibly set off the leaves to dry and drop s they lose loads of moisture.


If you uncover that your indoor begonia plant is dropping leaves in winter, this shouldn’t come as a shock.

It’s a signal that the extent of humidity may very well be very low.

Most people warmth their houses in winter with out understanding that they are killing their crops.

What To Do

To alleviate your crops from this stress, that you must get a humidifier to keep up the air moist.

Alternatively, you’ll get a mini-greenhouse the place you probably can develop your plant.

4. Repotting

Have you ever ever repotted your begonia solely lately? Maybe it’s the reason your plant is dropping leaves.

Improper repotting of your begonia plant may trigger the leaves to drop.

One among many widespread errors begonia growers make is repotting all through winter or summer season.

It’s steered to repot your plant all through spring when it’s not too scorching or too chilly. One different mistake is repotting inside the incorrect pot/container dimension.

If the plant has outgrown the pot, that you must select a much bigger dimension pot for straightforward improvement.

The most effective pot in your begonia should have a drainage hole inside the bottom.


The leaves of your begonia plant will drop in case you repot on the incorrect time and inside the incorrect pot dimension.

What To Do

Repot all through spring and put the plant in a barely larger pot. Don’t repot if it’s pointless as it should make your plant to wrestle to develop.

5. Lack Of Light

Light is important for the growth of any plant. They need it for photosynthesis.

For that cause, that you must be sure that your begonia will get the right amount of sunshine for it to flourish.

Nonetheless, begonias don’t need loads of mild as they may endure from additional mild.

Nonetheless some varieties need additional mild than others. Most begonias don’t need loads of mild.

That’s why it’s important to protected your plant from the sturdy afternoon daylight rays. This may increasingly often burn the begonia leaves and make them drop.

In the event that they’re outside, put them in partial shade. In the event that they’re indoors, put them the place there could also be vivid, indirect mild.

East, West, or South coping with dwelling home windows is the perfect for indoor begonia rising.

In case the leaves appear scorched when positioned near the South coping with window, then switch the plant away from the window.

In case your begonia leaves are pale, then this is usually a sign that they are burning.

And if their stems flip into weak as they develop in path of the side of the window, then this can be a signal that they are not receiving ample mild.


Being positioned in direct daylight rays the place the leaves get burnt. Alternatively, being denied mild, which is important for photosynthesis.

What To Do

Place your begonia crops correctly, whether or not or not indoors or outside. Ensure that they get hold of ample daylight, nevertheless not direct mild.

All through winter, you probably may even use develop lights to help them get hold of ample mild for improvement.

Bottom Line

Now that you simply already know why your begonia plant is dropping leaves, that you must amend the difficulty instantly.

To steer clear of comparable points in the end, assure to watch the correct practices for planting and caring in your begonia plant.

Guarantee your plant is within the appropriate pot dimension, receives ample humidity, water, daylight, and fertilizer.

When repotting, just be sure you obtain this inside the spring sooner than crops flip into energetic as soon as extra.

If all these parts are saved correct, your plant will develop healthily and with none downside.

Doing this stuff every day would possibly sound tiresome, nevertheless they might help you to to have peace of ideas understanding that your magnificent begonia plant is healthful and rising sturdy.

We would like you all the perfect as you try and revive your begonia plant.

Why are the leaves falling off my angel wing begonia

Of the entire begonias I’ve had – and there have been plenty of them – primarily probably the most attractive one to me has been the angel wing begonia.

I uncover the leaves and their colours to be merely great! To not level out the attractive flowers which could differ from white to orange, pink, and purple.

Begonias won’t be that troublesome to develop nevertheless I’ve found that there are some points that maintain them glad and completely different points that depart you with a tragic wanting plant.

These crops are perennial shrubs which can be planted all yr spherical. They like moist nevertheless correctly drained soil or potting mix, and so they’re fully fitted to rising indoors.

Why is my Angel Wing Begonia Drooping?

There are primarily solely two reason your angel wing begonia is drooping, particularly:

  • Underwatering
  • Overwatering

As quickly as their soil or potting mix dries out the begonia will start to droop.

Conversely in the event that they’re overwatered and their roots are left in excessively moist soil they might develop root rot and likewise start to droop.

There are completely different causes to wilt akin to transplant shock, excessive extreme temperature, and sickness. The greater than seemingly is to be attributable to an extreme quantity of or too little water when these fairly leaves start to droop.


In case you’ve got let the soil dry out you will uncover in a extremely fast time that your plant is drooping and wilting.

Dig down into the soil alongside along with your fingers and see how dry it is. If the best two or additional inches are dry then your plant needs water.

Your begonia needs numerous drops of water. It needs soak until the excess water runs out of the drainage holes on the bottom of the pot.

Try this slowly to supply the soil time to take in what it needs. Inside a day or so you’ll discover that your plant has miraculously come once more to life!


That’s one issue that will actually kill your begonia and sadly it might probably happen in a short while, so it is best prevented.

Soil which is regularly sodden shall be a breeding flooring for an an infection and the roots will most undoubtedly rot.

There are some tell-tale indicators that your plant is overwatered akin to leaves which flip yellow, leaves which droop and actually really feel soggy, and the stems breaking merely.

It is easy to overwater your begonia if the plant is positioned in an house with low mild because of the soil will maintain moist for longer.

It’s essential to additionally make sure that the pot has passable drainage holes beneath, and the drip tray in case you utilize one, is emptied recurrently.

The soil should be of the type that drains correctly and is not like clay which is ready to preserve the water.

If you want help watering your plant, try using this computerized drip irrigation package deal.

Why is my Angel Wig Begonia Shedding Leaves?

On account of begonias are weak to root rot you will notice that they allow you to already know rapidly ample that they are not glad. They’re going to do this by dropping their leaves

In case your plant is waterlogged or overwatered it will droop after which drop its leaves.

On account of begonias are classed as succulents you will notice, in case you look intently, that the stems are largely water so being too moist merely encourages fungus and mildew. Finally the leaves will rot and drop off.

Why are my Aangel Wing Begonia Leaves Curling?

The precept causes for angel wing begonia leaves curling are:

  • Incorrect lighting
  • Overwatering
  • Underwatering
  • Pests
  • Sicknesses

Except for being affected by illnesses, curling leaves are merely rectified. Often, all it’s important to do is to confirm the lighting circumstances and regulate the watering routine.

In case your plant is struggling attributable to mild, trying using this to help regulate the lighting.


Aphids are the biggest danger to your begonia. They feed on the plant’s leaves, stealing essential nutritional vitamins from it.

After that they depart a substance on the plant which conjures up mildew to develop.

You’ll notice tell-tale indicators of aphids, in actuality they’re seen to the naked eye. Washing up liquid mixed with water can be sprayed on to remove them.

If the infestation is massive it is attainable you will wish to buy an insecticidal spray out of your yard centre.

The Begonia Biller – Fungal Sickness

Stem and root rot in begonias is the first offender proper right here. This is usually a fungal state of affairs which impacts them.

It is unfold by moisture akin to damp soil and chilly local weather. Which is why they’re so often grown indoors in a warmer native climate.

You will know that your begonia has been contaminated with a fungal sickness if the leaves start to twist and the stem begins to droop to the aim of collapsing.

For any lover of begonias this is usually a exhausting place to look out your self in because of the plant would not get higher from it. Your biggest movement is to cast off it and start as soon as extra with a healthful plant.

Totally different Widespread Angel Wing Begonia Points

Like most houseplants angel wing begonias have some widespread factors which are additional of a nuisance than a hazard.

  • Powdery mildew
  • Mealybugs
  • Whiteflies

Powdery Mildew

You will recognise this instantly because it’s exactly what it says. It’s a grey or white powder which sorts on the leaves, stems, and flowers.

It could be troublesome to cope with nevertheless a industrial fungicide will preserve it. You can cease it by not having too many crops too shut to 1 one other so that air circulation is restricted


If you look on the underside of the leaves you could even see an house which seems to be like like a piece of high-quality cotton.

Often pesticides are usually not any help proper right here so you’ll want to buy some insecticidal cleansing cleaning soap spray and apply it often to be environment friendly.


These are often big ample to see with the naked eye, they depart a waxy house on the leaves.

Sadly, you can’t administration them with pesticides so it is attainable you will want to use and insecticidal cleansing cleaning soap spray to keep up them away. Simply keep in mind to drench all of the plant.

Closing Concepts

As with each crops you convey into your personal dwelling, it’s important to be cautious the place you place them. It’s essential to additionally educate your self as to which are harmful to children and animals, and which are protected.

With angel wing begonias all parts of the crops are fairly toxic so this might dictate the place you place your plant.

The roots of this plant are considerably toxic so make sure to keep up your cat away from them.

This plant is simple to take care of and with barely bit of information about what it likes there shall be no trigger as a way to ask why your angel wing begonia is drooping.

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