Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Whether or not or not its mounted inside the wall or in a mantle, there’s nothing as stress-free as sitting with the one you like in entrance of your fireside on a cold night at dwelling talking about the whole thing and one thing. Sadly, it might be an precise bummer when your gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit because of placed on and tear of parts or improper repairs.

When this happens, there’s no should panic, as a result of the attainable motive behind the difficulty is maybe one factor merely mounted without having the help of a technician. Try the subsequent DIY restore at dwelling for a hearth that gained’t preserve lit.

Sooner than You Begin: Is Your Pilot Delicate Lit Inside Fireside?

The very very first thing you could do when confronted with fireplaces that gained’t preserve lit is to make sure your pilot mild is lit. You is maybe amazed to hunt out out that in all probability the simplest restore for that’s to mild your pilot. The pilot is often located inside fireplaces on one side close to the wall. if in case you could have gasoline logs it must be located within the similar area as a result of the logs

Pilot Delicate Coloration

Apart out of your pilot being lit, the flame ought to preserve a gradual blue. Your pilot must be about 90 p.c blue, with little or no yellow. It additionally must be touching the encircling sensors such as a result of the thermocouple and thermopile. If the color of the flame turns yellow or pink, it’s a sign of gasoline contamination.

The Restore: Pilot Delicate to Gasoline Fireside Obtained’t Hold Lit

So that you simply’ve checked your pilot mild and even reset it, nevertheless nonetheless, it wont preserve lit. This can be an indication that your fireside thermocouple is each unhealthy or worn out. However, in case your pilot is lit nevertheless the gasoline fireside isn’t, then there’s most likely a problem collectively along with your thermopile.

Devices Needed

  • Digital multimeter
  • Excellent-grit sandpaper
  • Stainless Steel Brush

What is the Distinction Between a Thermocouple and a Thermopile?

The thermocouple form of acts like a sensor for gasoline circulation and supplies gasoline to the pilot mild by way of the gasoline valve. The thermopile, nevertheless, opens up the gasoline valve when the fireplaces are turned on.

The Thermocouple and the Thermopile carry out the identical carry out of adjusting heat to electrical vitality, nevertheless the thermopile generates additional electrical current compared with the thermocouple.

Step 1. Check Your Thermopile Output with the TH/TP Contacts

Your thermopile output will likely be examined with a multimeter using the TH/TP Contacts to check the amount {of electrical} vitality it’s producing. Sooner than working the check out, ensure that your pilot mild has been on for two minutes or additional, then change off your fireside.

Uncover your predominant gasoline administration valve, and discover the thermopile sensor then uncover the Electrical Contacts labeled TH/TP and TP respectively on the valve. You need to make the most of your producer’s data to search out these.

Take the multimeter leads, placing one on the TH/TP terminal and the other on the TP terminal.

The multimeter should study 300 millivolts or additional. If it reads decrease than 300 millivolts, it may be set off that your gasoline fireside wont carry out, subsequently, you could alternate it.

Diagnosing a Thermopile Downside

Equivalent to the thermocouple, the thermopile will likely be study with a multimeter to check if it’s the explanation for the difficulty. 300 millivolts or bigger voltage is a sign of a superb thermopile. A finding out beneath 300 millivolts would require you to interchange the thermopile.

Diagnosing a Thermocouple Downside

It’s on a regular basis suggestion to verify your thermocouple with a multimeter to rule out the potential of it being the rationale behind your gasoline fireplaces not staying lit. In case your thermocouple stays to be in good state of affairs, you could have the power to study 25 millivolts of voltage or bigger, however when it reads decrease than 25 millivolts, your thermocouple have to be modified.

Step 2. Don’t Change Your Thermopile or Thermocouple Correct Away

On account of carry out of your thermocouple and thermopile, it’s solely logical that they’re going to assemble up carbon deposits from burning regularly. This build-up can very properly limit their effectiveness. Although it’s low price to interchange every probes, it’s far cheaper to clean them first.

Step 3. Cleaning the Thermopile

To quickly clear your thermopile, flip off the gasoline present. With the help of a stainless-steel brush and fine-grit sandpaper, you presumably can scrub off as rather a lot piled up soot as attainable.

Step 4. Re-test the Cleaned Thermopile

Everytime you’re pleased with one of the simplest ways the thermopile appears to be, go ahead and re-ignite the pilot mild. After a few minutes, flip off the hearth and take one different finding out with the multimeter.

Step 5. Change if Cleaning Did Not Work

After cleaning, should the pilot mild nonetheless not preserve lit, it is most likely time to get new gear. Take out the faulty thermocouple and thermopile and alternate them with new ones.

Completely different Causes for Gasoline Fireside that Obtained’t Hold Lit

Checking your thermopile for a fault is a simple DIY decision as to why your gasoline fireside wont carry out, however when the above steps don’t work you would possibly should title a technician to restore your drawback. Apart from a faulty thermopile and thermocouple, completely different attainable causes embody:

Incorrect Gasoline Service Pressure

In case your gasoline pressure is not appropriately set, then gasoline fireplaces gained’t preserve lit. You’re going to get a technician that can assist you to make the required modifications.

Faulty Gasoline Valve

Although not a typical fault with gasoline fireplaces, much like every completely different half, it is matter to failure. When this happens, you could title educated to get it modified quickly to steer clear of a fire incident.

Moisture inside the Drip Loop

One different attainable set off might very effectively be moisture inside the gasoline line. That is ready to diluting the pure gasoline, making the sunshine go off.

Clogged or Dirty Burner Ports

When your burner ports are clogged, the flame tends to be uneven and should in all probability go off. Cleaning dirty burner ports infrequently might help resolve the difficulty.

Cleaning and Right Maintenence

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Irrespective of whether or not or not the restore labored or not right gasoline fireside repairs will forestall plenty of stress eventually and guarantee your fireside stays functioning. When the hearth is evident and undergone right repairs, it burns evenly and prevents filth from destroying its mechanisms. With a hand brush, rag, and vacuum cleaner, you’re going to get your gasoline fireside glowing clear as soon as extra.

Right repairs of your gasoline fireside may additionally assist cease factors collectively along with your fireside much like hassle sustaining the unit lit.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Why Obtained’t My Picket Fireside Hearth Hold Lit…or Delicate inside the First Place?

You may be all ready for a snuggly fireside fireside, nevertheless the fireside inside the fireside gained’t mild! Or presumably your wood-burning fireside fireside gained’t preserve lit. Each technique, use this take a look at report to diagnose why your wood fireside fireside refuses to happen.

Is the firewood dry?

In case you’re getting smoke nevertheless not flame, your firewood may have an extreme quantity of moisture. Unseasoned firewood has twice the inside moisture that well-seasoned firewood has. Perhaps your firewood has been immediately uncovered to rain or snow. Merely as it will likely be troublesome to ignite a moist rag, it is onerous to get moist wood to catch on fireside.

Once you’ve obtained entry to well-seasoned firewood, use it. Within the occasion you don’t, take away the firewood from the grate. Place the firewood that won’t mild to the edges of the hearth grate, nevertheless nonetheless all through the fireside firebox. Place a composite wax and sawdust fireside log on the grate and check out lighting it. Do not , nonetheless, add a man-made fireside log to an current, burning wood fireside.

Is your firewood freezing chilly?

In case your firewood has merely been launched inside from the freezing chilly, it might be more durable to get it to mild.

Convey a couple of of your firewood inside sooner than you intend to utilize it. Set it by the hearth so it’s going to presumably warmth to room temperature sooner than you use it to assemble your fireside.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Would you like additional or greater small gadgets of tender?

It’s nearly unattainable to get logs to mild in a fireplace with out first getting the hearth started with rather a lot smaller bits of wood.

Embody newspaper, twigs and smaller gadgets of kindling in your fireside, nevertheless notably embody just some sticks fatwood . Using resinous fatwood makes even a novice fireside starter seem like a fire wizard!

Is your damper open all one of the simplest ways?

The damper is the “doorway” between your fireside and the chimney’s flue. If the damper is closed or solely partially open, your fireside may not be getting ample air.

It is attainable you may should stage a flashlight upward to see in case your flue is open completely. Seek for the take care of and switch it until the damper is completely open. (See The way in which to Open the Damper. Or in case your damper is caught inside the closed place, see The way in which to Restore a Caught Fireside Damper.)

Is your fireside affected by Chilly Chimney Syndrome?

Within the occasion you fireside fireside gained’t preserve lit, notably in case your chimney is on an exterior wall, you Why does my fireplace not stay litmay have Chilly Chimney Syndrome. If the air inside the chimney is chilly, you will have a column of chilly air “blocking” warmth air from going up and out the flue. When the good and comfortable air can’t go up, different air isn’t drawn into your fireside. You end up with a fire with not ample air, so it each gained’t mild or refuses to stay lit.

Preheat your chimney. Warming up the air inside the firebox up by the damper begins the heated air rising. As a result of it rises, it supplies oxygen to your fireside by pulling different air out of your room by way of the firewood and up the flue.

Essentially the most safe technique to preheat the chimney is to utilize a hair dryer. Attain contained within the firebox and stage the hairdryer upward. Flip it on extreme heat for not lower than 10 seconds. Flip the hairdryer off sooner than you start to remove it from the hearth, in any other case you run the possibility of blowing fireside ashes!

The additional standard methodology of preheating the chimney is to create a torch by rolling two or three sheets of newspaper. Delicate the torch and keep it up extreme inside the firebox. Drop it onto the firewood sooner than the flame reaches your hand.

Is there enough resupply of air for the hearth?

Stylish homes are constructed to be energy surroundings pleasant. Doorways and residential home windows are sealed to cease any chilly air from coming into the house. Nevertheless your fireside is using air and sending scorching smoky air up and out the flue. So your fireside needs entry to additional air to take care of the hearth going. In case your personal house is sealed too tightly, it might be troublesome to start out out or keep a fireplace fireside.

Start by together with oxygen to your fireside with a bellows or blow poke . It which can be all your fireside should catch and keep itself.

If air from the bellows or blow poke helps, nevertheless the fireside fireside gained’t preserve lit when the extra air is eradicated, air resupply may be the difficulty.

The most effective decision is to crack a window inside the room with the hearth. A additional long-term decision is to place in an air resupply ventilator inside the room. It goes by way of the wall, has noise and air filters, and allows you to regulate the amount of air to the minimal you need.

Is your chimney not lower than 10 ft tall, not lower than Three ft above the roof, and never lower than 2 ft taller than one thing inside 10 ft of it (much like an addition, dormer, neighboring dwelling)?

In case your chimney was not properly designed initially – or if dwelling additions have subsequently interfered with its functioning – you would possibly uncover it troublesome to get a fire transferring into your fireside because of poor drafting. Usually this could current itself by sending smoke into the room (instead of up the chimney) in the event you try and have a fire.

In some situations, a flue extender (a chimney cap with a 22” or 34” tall base) can proper a chimney prime deficiency. Completely different events, a chimney exhaust fan much like an Enervex fan is the one issue which will overcome a chimney with a poor-drafting design.

Is your chimney obstructed?

A chimney with an obstruction couldn’t have the power to drag ample air by way of it to take care of a fire going. The whole thing from a crumbling flue tile to an animal’s nest might very effectively be obstructing your flue. A chimney cap will maintain critters out of your chimney, nevertheless solely a chimney inspection can reassure you that there’s nothing inside the flue blocking the circulation of air.

Have a licensed chimney sweep conduct not lower than a Diploma One (seen) if not a Diploma Two (video) Chimney Inspection.

It is every irritating and disappointing when you will have your coronary coronary heart set on a soothing time by a fire, and the hearth merely refuses to spring to life or the hearth fireside gained’t preserve lit. Make sure you start with dry firewood and fatwood. Moreover, be certain that you will have a superb draw of warmth air flowing up the chimney, thereby pulling ample resupply air into your fireside.

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On a cold winter night, you have to have the power to flip in your gasoline fireside and settle in with a superb e-book. It could be a soothing ritual merely sooner than bedtime or a great way to warmth up the house very very first thing inside the morning. Sadly, what can you do when your gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit?

Numerous the potential causes for this drawback will likely be solved by your self with out the help of educated. It is a good suggestion to try a couple of of those DIY solutions sooner than you title a repairman to take a greater look.

However, if it continues and your gasoline fireside nonetheless gained’t carry on, it is on a regular basis suggestion to have an expert technician research your fireside. In any case, messing with gasoline traces may very well be a dangerous enterprise for anyone who lacks technical expertise.

Check your pilot mild

Sooner than you go too far in your attempt to unravel the difficulty, you could take a look at to make sure your pilot mild is lit. That’s the solely restore for when your gasoline fireside gained’t carry on.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

It truly will likely be as simple as checking your pilot mild and turning it on. Perceive that the instructions to reset your pilot mild shall be completely completely different for every make and model of gasoline fireside. Make certain you take a look at your instruction handbook for additional particulars on learn the way to flip your pilot mild once more on.

What if the gasoline fireside pilot mild gained’t preserve lit?

You checked your pilot mild and reset it, nevertheless the fireside nonetheless gained’t run repeatedly. If this happens, ensure you take a look at your pilot mild as soon as extra. Chances are you’ll uncover that you will have a superb bigger draw back collectively along with your unit. What does it indicate in case your gasoline fireside pilot mild gained’t preserve lit? It could very effectively be an indicator of quite a lot of numerous issues, nevertheless it principally is introduced on by an issue collectively along with your thermocouple.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

The thermocouple is a small metallic sensor or rod that is positioned immediately in entrance of the pilot mild. It’s designed to search out out whether or not or not the pilot mild is lit after which subsequently alerts the gasoline valve to open.

After years of use, your thermocouple may have a buildup of carbon deposit, which impacts its talent to carry out. In case your pilot mild gained’t preserve lit, cleaning the carbon off the thermocouple might help.

The most effective technique to type out this dwelling endeavor is to abrade the rod with fine-grit sandpaper calmly. If this nonetheless doesn’t resolve your draw back, you would possibly want to hunt the recommendation of educated.

Gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit, nevertheless the pilot mild does

If the pilot mild stays lit, nevertheless the gasoline fireside doesn’t, it seemingly signifies an issue collectively along with your thermopile. That’s one different comparatively small piece of your fireside that converts heat to electrical vitality, lastly opening the gasoline valve in the event you activate the hearth. A thermopile is essential to sustaining your fireside going, nevertheless it’s going to presumably moreover develop essential carbon deposits over time.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

Very like cleaning the thermocouple, you might want to start by cleaning your thermopile. Calmly sand away the carbon deposit until it appears to be clear as soon as extra. Try to try your fireside and see if the gasoline fireside will carry on this time. If not, then your full piece may ought to be modified, otherwise you could be going by way of a definite drawback altogether.

Improper gasoline pressure

The thermocouple and thermopile are the two most common reason why a gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit. However, there are completely different potentialities available on the market. One different widespread offender is incorrect gasoline pressure.

As a result of the seasons cross, you would possibly uncover that your gasoline pressure drops beneath the place it have to be. This generally is a straightforward restore nevertheless does require expert help to control it appropriately.

Unhealthy gasoline valve

As your fireside ages, there is a threat that your gasoline valve is solely worn out. Every tools lastly reaches the tip of its lifespan, and the weather of your fireside are not any completely completely different. Factors with gadgets of the ignition system, like your gasoline valve, can cease your fireside from working simply.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

These parts will lastly attain some extent of breakdown and ought to be modified. Not like cleaning the thermopile and the thermocouple, it’s a job that should positively be left to educated.

Checking your fireside fully

Homeowners who’ve factors with their fireplaces might have the power to sort out among the many restore work themselves. A useful home proprietor can positively proper a gasoline fireside that gained’t carry on all through these prolonged, chilly nights. With just a few straightforward devices like fine-grit sandpaper, you will have the power to restore the issue completely. Optimistically, you’ll have the power to steer clear of the worth of bringing in educated.

However, you could nonetheless keep in mind hiring educated if in case you could have any doubt in your ideas about your private talent to proper the issues. Participating in with gasoline will likely be terribly dangerous for you, your family members, and your personal residence. It’s on a regular basis greater to be protected than sorry when dealing with a gasoline fireside that gained’t preserve lit!

Have you ever ever ever tried nevertheless have been unable to take care of the hearth in your fireside going? Or perhaps you couldn’t get the hearth started inside the first place. That is known as a typical situation, and there are solutions. Once you set up what exactly have to be addressed, in plenty of situations, you could have a fire blazing in a short time. The subsequent solutions may additionally assist.

Use Seasoned Firewood

In case your firewood is smoking nevertheless not getting fired up, it might very effectively be because of the firewood isn’t seasoned. Not all firewood is ready for the hearth. When wood is current decrease, it’s brimming with moisture. In the most effective setting, it often takes between six months and a 12 months for wood to sufficiently dry out to be acceptable for use as firewood. When the wood has an extreme quantity of inside or exterior moisture, smoking occurs.

Choices: Use seasoned firewood, if in case you could have entry to some. If solely inexperienced wood is accessible, try a definite technique. Place unlit logs to the edges of the grate. Place a sawdust and composite wax fireside go browsing the grate and light-weight it, nevertheless not at all add one among these artificial log to an current wood-burning fireside. It could very effectively be that your firewood is seasoned nevertheless has gotten too chilly exterior. To resolve this drawback, convey your firewood within the residence in anticipation of using it, so that the logs can warmth to room temperature by the purpose you’re capable of burn them.

Use Tinder

Usually lighting a fire is troublesome, notably in the event you don’t have the most effective parts for fire-starting. The issue with lighting your fireside might very effectively be a shortage of tinder. That’s the a part of fire-building that can get flames going.

Reply: Use newspaper, dryer lint, or small twigs for tinder. Kindling catches fireside subsequent, which is huge sticks or skinny gadgets of lower up seasoned firewood. Don’t forget that air might be wished to get a fire going. Moreover, please discover: On no account use flammable liquids to create combustion in your fireside.

Open the Damper

In case you’re lighting a fire and smoke begins pouring into your personal residence, it might very effectively be because of the damper is each unopened or partially opened. With out an open damper and an unobstructed flue, combustion byproducts can’t exit by way of the chimney as they’re purported to.

Reply: Open the damper all one of the simplest ways. If it gained’t completely open, restore as wished. Contact a chimney sweep, if it seems there may be completely different obstructions stopping the chimney from working appropriately.

Warmth the Flue Air

In case your chimney is on an exterior wall and your fireside gained’t start, it might very effectively be because of there is a chilly column of air contained within the chimney flue. When this occurs, the good and comfortable air is prevented from escaping by way of the chimney.

Choices: What’s required is to your chimney to be “pre-heated.” There are completely completely different approaches for reaching this. One is to utilize a hair dryer. Plug the hair dryer in and aim the brand new air upward contained within the chimney flue for not lower than 10 seconds. The usual method is to create a newspaper torch, mild it, and keep it up in direction of the damper, cautious to drop the torch sooner than burning your self. It’d in all probability require additional time than 10 seconds with the hair dryer or a number of torch, must you use lit newspaper. Each technique, your heated flue might make the entire distinction in being able to get your fireside started.

Contact us at FyrePro for a model new fireside or wood vary or for chimney suppliers much like placing in chimney liners and chimney caps. Our specialists shall be fully happy to answer questions, as properly, to help assure that you’d be capable of maintain the warming fires burning in winter.

Why does my fireplace not stay lit

In case your fireside isn’t staying lit, among the finest place to start out out wanting is the thermocouple. A thermocouple is a metallic rod with a semiconductor disc on the end. It is used to sense how scorching your gasoline fireside has flip into, and it’s associated to a safety system much like an automatic shut-off valve or pilot lamp which will routinely flip off the gasoline present if one factor goes mistaken.

In case your gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit, there are some stuff you presumably can try and do your self sooner than calling educated fireside service restore agency. Since there are a number of important points which will set off your gasoline fireside to not preserve lit, listed beneath are just some choices that you could possibly be uncover useful all by way of frequent repairs.

Faulty Pilot Delicate

A faulty pilot mild could be the offender in case your gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit and completely different steps don’t work. If that’s what’s occurring collectively along with your fireside then all you may need to do is alternate the thermocouple or regulate its place in an effort to make issues higher up as soon as extra! Chances are you’ll as effectively take away your Thermocouple and clear the inside area using cleansing cleaning soap and water or rubbing alcohol to restore any factors you may be having.

To cease a doubtlessly hazardous situation, make sure your pure gasoline pressure is about at 10 psi when wished. One thing larger than which will create an extreme quantity of oxygen and lead once more to a unique drawback: blocked burner ports introduced on by filth or clogs manufactured from mud particles left over from burning logs. The Propane Gasoline – Majestic 10002265 OEM Various Three Strategy Pilot Assembly for Propane Gasoline Fireplaces gained in all probability essentially the most evaluations on Amazon.

Dirty Thermocouple

It’s commonplace for the thermocouple to assemble carbon deposit buildup after a season of use. In any case, your thermocouple is sitting in direct flame its full life. It’s important that this half works because of it will cease gasoline from flowing into your personal residence if there’s an issue with the pilot mild.

It’s time to clean the burner ports when your fireside doesn’t put out a sturdy, even flame. Dirty port pipes will set off uneven flames and can in all probability result in an extinguished fireside! Don’t forget that fireplace needs oxygen so a unclean chimney may trigger the hearth to dim correct after being lit.

Everytime you uncover that it’s onerous to your chimney fireside to stay lit or isn’t producing as scorching of a flame, as typical, these clogged fireside burners are most likely the offender. By cleaning them infrequently with wire brushes we’ve found success at fixing this draw back: no additional chilly winter nights with out good warmth fires blazing on our hearthstones! The Resideo CQ100A1013/U Not Obtainable Honeywell CQ100A1013 24-Inch Various Thermocouple for Gasoline Furnaces, Boilers, and Water Heaters, quot, Copper gained in all probability essentially the most evaluations on Amazon.

Concepts for Cleaning the Thermocouple:

Management your thermocouple and assure that it stays clear. You will discover instructions proper right here for learn the way to remove the connector from the hearth, nevertheless you’ll desire a pipe cleaner dipped in cleansing cleaning soap or rubbing alcohol if there’s any mud buildup throughout the connection.

Incorrect Gasoline Pressure

In case your gasoline fireside gained’t preserve lit then setting the gasoline pressure appropriately to your fireside is important to sustaining it lit. It could be tough must you’re not an expert, that’s why we recommend getting educated like those who use manometers to take care of this job instead.

Faulty Gasoline Valve

Gasoline valves are a purposeful a part of gasoline fireplaces, and it’s attainable for them to fail. That’s the following most common failure we see in our fireside service agency! Whereas they often ultimate until your hearth has reached its life expectancy, faulty gasoline valve replacements can create too many risks if anyone with out experience makes an try one among these restore themselves. It’s best to not take any prospects: title anyone as shortly as you uncover that your fireside is being unusual.

Clogged Burner Ports

Usually, clogged burner ports will set off your gasoline fireside to have uneven flame distribution. More often than not the hearth will perform poorly, not fail to stay lit. However, in my thirty years as a fireplace technician, I’ve seen it happen.

The next steps to take fluctuate counting on the issue.

Have you ever ever noticed your fireside doesn’t look like heating up the similar technique it used to? Most likely, that is because of a unclean thermocouple. To restore the difficulty and assure that every one flames are lit evenly as soon as extra, clear off any filth in your pilot mild area by way of the usage of cleansing cleaning soap and water or rubbing alcohol if essential. Do not use liquid near the place the vary meets with its baseboard as this might set off {{an electrical}} hazard in your self or anyone spherical you!

Faulty Thermopile

One of many essential widespread points which will set off your gasoline fireside to not preserve lit is a foul thermopile. A difficulty with this half might allow electrical vitality from the pilot mild area to circulation once more into completely different parts of your personal residence, inflicting safety hazards and stopping vents in attic areas or crawlspaces from letting air out when it should. The thermopile might be crucial part of the hearth.


This weblog submit has lined the best 5 most common points which will set off a fireplace to refuse to stay lit. Within the occasion you’ve run into any of these factors, don’t give up! We propose taking a look at our completely different guides for additional suggestion on learn the way to troubleshoot your fireside and get it once more in working order as quickly as attainable. You would possibly be capable of restore the difficulty your self or get financial financial savings by contacting an expert who’s conscious of what they’re doing. Don’t let faulty gear spoil your winter!

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